The Best Paranormal Podcasts in 2024

If you’re a fan of old-school gothic fiction, are a sucker for horror films, or love a good ghost story, this podcast roundup was written for you.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best paranormal shows haunting your favorite podcasting app, from fact-based investigations to dramatic retellings of the scary and unexplained.

Ready to get your spook on? Keep reading… If you dare!


1) Uncanny

Currently in its fourth season, BBC Sounds’ Uncanny investigates real-life paranormal encounters, from poltergeist sightings to run-ins with cryptids.

The premise is simple: you join comedy writer Danny Robins as he interviews a witness with an uncanny story. But what sets this podcast apart is the two experts who chime in throughout with theories about what could have caused the experience, with one looking for rational explanations and the other drawing parallels with similar cases.

2) Strange Studies of Strange Stories

Strange Studies of Strange Stories is a must-listen for those curious about the paranormal’s influence on literature and modern media!

In each episode, hosts Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey dissect the historical and cultural context behind a piece of genre fiction. Expect to dive deep into the myths, legends, and folklore that have inspired some of the world’s most famous stories, from Snow White to Frankenstein!

3) The Cryptid Factor

What do you get when you cross three best friends with a podcast about cryptids? The Cryptid Factor podcast, of course!

If it’s weird, Rhys Darby, David Farrier, and ‘Buttons’ are all over it. This podcast is 50% funny and 50% creepy, with its hosts trying (and occasionally failing) to take themselves seriously while covering tales of the unknown and unexpected.

4) The Paracast

The Paracast is one of the longest-running radio shows in any genre, with almost 1,000 episodes for you to dive into! Its first episode was released back in 2006, with host Gene Steinberg, a paranormal writer and researcher, continuing to release episodes almost 20 years later.

Each episode is around two hours long, making this podcast a great starting point if you love long listens. Expect commentary on mysteries of extraterrestrial phenomena, UFO sightings, hauntings, and more from a range of brilliant co-hosts. The interviews with experts, eyewitnesses, and researchers are sure to capture your attention, whether you’re a skeptic or a believer.

5) The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back, and Stephen Belyeu, host of The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories, knows this well.

In this paranormal podcast, our host and his team explore true ghost stories from Austin, Texas, and beyond, diving into the mysteries that surround haunted places and people. Listen in as Belyeu interviews people with real experiences of the supernatural, bringing a relatable curiosity to his investigations.

6) The Paranormal 60 with Dave Schrader

Looking to take a quick dip into the pool of the unknown? The Paranormal 60 with Dave Schrader is the perfect podcast for you.

Helmed by Dave Schrader of the Travel Channel’s The Holzer Files and Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, this fast-paced, investigative show blends spooky tales, guest interviews, and humor to create a unique listening experience. Whether you’re fascinated by supernatural media or old-time legends, Schrader’s got you covered with explorations of some of the most compelling paranormal stories ever recorded

7) Real Ghost Stories Online

You’ll want to sleep with the lights on after tuning into an episode of Real Ghost Stories Online!

Hosted by Tony Brueski, Real Ghost Stories Online posts a couple of short-form episodes almost every day, covering firsthand tales of supernatural happenings. These listener-submitted stories may be short, but they’re full of suspense.


8) MonsterTalk

Here’s one for the non-believers — or those looking to have their anxieties soothed by a little bit of science.

MonsterTalk is a bit different from other titles on this list. Listen in as hosts Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow critically examine the science behind the legendary monsters and paranormal phenomena that continue to captivate adults and children alike, including werewolves, Bigfoot, and more.

9) And That's Why We Drink

If you want to partake in the paranormal fun with minimal heebie-jeebies, we think you’ll love And That’s Why We Drink.

This funny (and boozy) podcast combines true crime and paranormal investigation to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Join hosts Em and Christine as they sit down with a beverage to share tales of chilling hauntings, murders, crimes, and mysterious happenings from this scary world we all call home.

10) The NoSleep Podcast

Tuning into The NoSleep Podcast is the adult version of telling ghost stories around the campfire.

This award-winning anthology series kicked off its twenty-first season in 2024, boasting professionally voiced fictional horror stories that’ll have you shaking in your boots. And with over 600 episodes to tide you over, you won’t be sleeping for a while.

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