The 9 Best Halloween Podcasts for a Spook-tacular Celebration for 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to get into the spirit of things! If you're looking for some good scares, why not check out one of the many horror podcasts out there? We've compiled a list of the nine best Halloween podcasts for a spooktacular celebration in 2022. Whether you're looking for creepy stories, terrifying tales, or just some good old-fashioned horror entertainment, we've got you covered. So curl up in a dark corner, launch your podcast app, and get ready for a Halloween celebration like no other!

1. Lore

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Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a podcast about the dark historical tales that fuel our modern superstitions. It's based on topics such as folklore, ancient or urban legends, and historical events that portray the dark side of human nature. Throughout its run of 208 episodes, Mahnke tells stories in a style that makes you feel like you're sitting around a campfire on a dark night in the middle of nowhere. If you're looking for some creepy tales to get you in the Halloween spirit, Lore is a great choice.

2. The NoSleep Podcast

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The NoSleep Podcast is a horror podcast that features some of the best scary stories from Reddit's NoSleep community narrated in an audiobook style. Every episode is a collection of short stories told by different voice actors. The stories are usually about supernatural entities, creepy experiences, and other things that go bump in the night. They are rich with atmospheric music and sound effects that enhance the impact of the frightening tales. The NoSleep Podcast is sure to send a chill down your spine if you're looking for some truly terrifying tales.

3. The Scaredy Cats Horror Show

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The Scaredy Cats Horror Show is a horror podcast hosted by horror fan Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, a scaredy cat. The show's premise is that the two hosts watch horror movies and then discuss them in the podcast. What sets this podcast apart from other movie discussion shows is that they don't just talk about the good parts; they also dissect the elements that didn't work for them and why they think a movie failed. If you're looking for thoughtful discussion about horror movies, The Scaredy Cats Horror Show is worth a listen.

4. Uncover: Satanic Panic

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This investigative podcast tells the story of a moral panic that swept across North America in the 1980s. It was a time when fears of Satanism and child sacrifice were rampant, and innocent people were caught up in the hysteria. Though no solid proof of such events is recorded, host Justin Ling aims to uncover what really happened. If you're looking for a thought-provoking and disturbing podcast, Uncover: Satanic Panic is a must-listen.

5. Welcome to Night Vale

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Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast about a small desert town where strange things happen. It's part horror, part comedy, and wholly original. The podcast is narrated by Cecil Baldwin, who does an excellent job of painting a picture of the weird and wonderful world of Night Vale. Welcome to Night Vale is worth a listen if you're looking for something different this Halloween.

6. Haunted Places

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Haunted Places, hosted by Greg Polcyn, is a podcast about the history and hauntings of some of the most famous haunted locations worldwide. Each episode features different locations like hotels, restaurants, cemeteries, and more. The storytelling, narrated by Polcyn and accompanied by creepy sound effects, is usually a mixture of true history and scary legends. If you're looking for a podcast that's both educational and scary, Haunted Places is a great choice.

7. Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked

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Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked is a podcast about people's real-life paranormal experiences, hosted by Glynn Washington. Each episode features different stories from people who have had some sort of contact with the supernatural. The stories are often creepy, sometimes disturbing, and always fascinating. If you're looking for a podcast that will give you goosebumps, Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked is sure to do the trick.

8. Dr. Death

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Dr. Death is a podcast about the surgeon nicknamed "Dr. Death" after he killed and maimed dozens of his patients. The podcast, hosted by Laura Beil, tells the story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a once-promising neurosurgeon who turned into a dangerous madman. It's a chilling tale of ego, power, and greed gone wrong, leaving you both horrified and disturbed.

9. Jim Harold's Campfire

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Tuning into Jim Harold's Campfire is like, well, gathering near a campfire. The podcast features ghost stories and tales of the eerie kind encountered and told by real people. The stories are usually about paranormal experiences, such as hauntings, strange encounters, and more. The storytelling is often very personal and intimate, which makes the stories all the more chilling. Dare to look for a podcast that's centered more around personal stories than fictional scary tales? Jim Harold's Campfire is definitely worth your listen.


These are just a few of the best Halloween podcasts out there. So whether you're looking for a laugh, a scare, or something in between, there's sure to be a podcast on this list that will fit your needs.
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