Your Halloween Treats: Top 10 Scary podcasts

What are your plans for this Halloween?

Are you going to carve a pumpkin and invite guests, dressed like a Squid Game character?… or maybe just stay home and enjoy a lazy weekend? If you’ve chosen the last option and don’t feel like doing something special for Halloween, but still don’t want to lose the spooky spirit, this blog is just for you! We bet you’re going to like this list of scary Halloween podcasts that we have gathered for you.

WARNING: Shows included in the list contain horrifying materials.

#1 The Last Podcast on the Left

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Want to get your portion of demons, slashers, and serial killers? Then press play on “The Last Podcast on the Left.” The three hosts of the show share both real-life or made-up horror stories.

The show does not revolve around a specific topic. Each episode is about a new scary phenomenon that surrounds people in life: werewolves, haunting, war crimes, and more.

#2 The Creeping Hour

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The three hosts behind this podcast have listened to so many horror stories that they turned into monsters themselves. “The Creeping Hour” is probably the least scary podcast in our list, as it’s allowed for children aged 8-14. Though it’s in the horror genre, a lot of the show will make you laugh.

#3 Murder in Oregon

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“Murder in Oregon” discusses the decades-long events between two people; Frank Gable and Phil Stanford. The origins of the story go back to1989 when the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections was killed in his office. Since then, there are many hypotheses of who really killed Mr. Franckle, many of which are discussed in the podcast.

#4 Bloody Good Horror

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If you are a horror movie fan and want someone to update you on the latest film releases of your favorite genre, follow the “Bloody Good Horror.” Each episode is dedicated to premieres of horror movies and introduces different contradicting opinions to the listeners. New episodes come every week and discuss one movie at a time.

#5 The NoSleep Podcast

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“The NoSleep Podcast” is a multi-award-winning anthology series of horror stories. Every episode is enriched with all the elements you need to feel the blood-chilling atmosphere - music, sound effects, professional voice actors, etc. Add it to your iTunes or Google podcasts if you’re up for some gore.

#6 The Black Tapes

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“The Black Tapes” is a true gem for fans of autobiographies, as the whole podcast is about the life of a journalist, who fights for the truth, and overcomes literal and figurative ghosts. It’s a mixed story of real and paranormal, so if you like the supernatural and believe in spirits, you are going to love it.

#7 Lore

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“Lore” was the winner horror podcast on iTunes in 2015 and 2016 years, which unravels real-life horrors, considering that sometimes the truth can be more frightening than fiction. You can access a new episode every Monday, and join the community of the 325 million loyal listeners of the show.

#8 Dr. Death

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“Dr. Death” has launched three seasons so far, with a new doctor every season. The show refers to horror stories connected to doctors and hospitals, and how they can really help or hurt their patients. Listen to how patients felt after back surgery, or how a person with a cancer diagnosis tried to overcome his struggles.

#9 Unsolved Murders

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Do you like crimes, investigations, and mysteries? This is what  “Unsolved Murders” is all about. You can never get bored, as each episode includes surprising plot twists to get you highly-engaged in an entertaining journey of discoveries. Every Tuesday there is a new episode, taking you to a new crime scene.

#10 Archive 81

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To picture what is “Archive 81” picture horror, cities, and the subconscious. It's a found-footage horror podcast discussing different rituals and stories. The show is currently on its third season with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. Check out some of the popular categories such as Left of the Dial, Out of Universe, etc.

Well, we think your Halloween weekend is pretty much organized.
Happy listening!

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