Trick or Treat: Top 25 Scary Podcasts

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you going to carve a pumpkin and invite guests, dress up as your favorite serial killer, mythological monster or pop culture icon?… or maybe just stay home and enjoy a lazy weekend? If you’ve chosen the last option and don’t feel like doing something special for Halloween, but still don’t want to lose the spooky spirit, this blog is just for you! We bet you’re going to like this list of scary Halloween podcasts that we have gathered for you.

WARNING: Shows included in the list contain horrifying materials.

1) The Last Podcast on the Left

Want to get your portion of demons, slashers, and serial killers? Then press play on “The Last Podcast on the Left.” The three hosts of the show share both real-life or made-up horror stories. The show is a spine-tingling audio experience for horror enthusiasts. Hosted by die-hard fans, this podcast delves deep into the darkest corners of the genre, exploring classic and contemporary horror films, eerie urban legends, and chilling tales of the supernatural. Get ready for a terrifying journey into the unknown.

2) The Creeping Hour

The three hosts behind this podcast have listened to so many horror stories that they turned into monsters themselves. “The Creeping Hour” is probably the least scary podcast in our list, as it’s allowed for children aged 8-14. Though it’s in the horror genre, a lot of the show will make you laugh.

3) Murder in Oregon

“Murder in Oregon” discusses the decades-long events between two people; Frank Gable and Phil Stanford. The origins of the story go back to1989 when the director of Oregon’s Department of Corrections was killed in his office. Since then, there are many hypotheses of who really killed Mr. Franckle, many of which are discussed in the podcast.

4) Bloody Good Horror

If you are a horror movie fan and want someone to update you on the latest film releases of your favorite genre, follow the “Bloody Good Horror” podcast. Each episode is dedicated to premieres of horror movies and introduces different contradicting opinions to the listeners. New episodes come every week and discuss one movie at a time.

5) The NoSleep Podcast

“The NoSleep Podcast” is a multi-award-winning anthology series of horror stories. Every episode is enriched with all the elements you need to feel the blood-chilling atmosphere - music, sound effects, professional voice actors, etc. Add it to your iTunes or Google podcasts if you’re up for some gore.

6) The Black Tapes

"The Black Tapes" is a gripping podcast that weaves a web of mystery, paranormal phenomena, and investigative journalism. Hosted by Alex Reagan, it follows her journey to uncover the secrets behind Dr. Richard Strand's unsolved paranormal cases, known as "The Black Tapes." Each episode unveils disturbing audio recordings, eerie encounters, and chilling stories. As the lines blur between science and the supernatural, listeners are drawn into a world where skeptics confront the unexplainable, making it a must-listen for thrill-seekers and lovers of the unexplained.

7) Lore

“Lore” was the winner horror podcast on iTunes in 2015 and 2016 years, which unravels real-life horrors, considering that sometimes the truth can be more frightening than fiction. You can access a new episode every Monday, and join the community of the 325 million loyal listeners of the show.

8) Dr. Death

“Dr. Death” has launched three seasons so far, with a new doctor every season. The show refers to horror stories connected to doctors and hospitals, and how they can really help or hurt their patients. Listen to how patients felt after back surgery, or how a person with a cancer diagnosis tried to overcome his struggles.

9) Unsolved Murders

Do you like crimes, investigations, and mysteries? This is what  “Unsolved Murders” is all about. You can never get bored, as each episode includes surprising plot twists to get you highly-engaged in an entertaining journey of discoveries. Every Tuesday there is a new episode, taking you to a new crime scene.

10) Archive 81

To picture what is “Archive 81” picture horror, cities, and the subconscious. It's a found-footage horror podcast discussing different rituals and stories. The show is currently on its third season with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. Check out some of the popular categories such as Left of the Dial, Out of Universe, etc.

11) Disturbed: True Horror Stories

"Disturbed: True Horror Stories" by Disturbed Media is a bone-chilling podcast that delves into real-life horror tales that will send shivers down your spine. Hosts present meticulously researched and unsettling stories of true crimes, unsolved mysteries, and paranormal encounters. Listeners are immersed in the darkest recesses of human existence as they explore the macabre and unexplained. If you crave compelling and disturbing narratives that blur the line between fact and fiction, this podcast is your gateway to the unsettling and mysterious.

12) The Magnus Archives

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"The Magnus Archives" is a captivating horror podcast that unfolds a series of supernatural mysteries. As part of the Magnus Institute, archivist Jonathan Sims delves into a vast collection of creepy statements, each recounting a strange and unsettling event. Along the way, he uncovers a web of interconnected horrors and an enigmatic world where fear and dread reign. This podcast offers a meticulously crafted narrative, an eerie atmosphere, and intricate storytelling, making it a must-listen for fans of horror and suspense.

13) Welcome to Night Vale

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"Welcome to Night Vale" is a surreal, darkly humorous podcast that invites listeners into the fictional desert town of Night Vale. Hosted by the enigmatic Cecil Palmer, it explores the bizarre occurrences and supernatural phenomena that are an everyday part of life in this quirky community. Through Cecil's soothing yet eerie narration, this podcast offers a unique blend of the strange, eerie, and absurd, creating a captivating world that keeps fans coming back for more mysterious tales from Night Vale.

14) Knifepoint Horror

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"Knifepoint Horror" is an unsettling podcast that takes listeners on a journey through a world of chilling, first-person horror stories. Hosted by Soren Narnia, the show features narrations of eerie and original tales, often without background music or sound effects, creating an immersive and intimate experience. These stories are designed to invoke a sense of dread and unease, making it a must-listen for those who prefer their horror delivered in a minimalist, spine-tingling fashion.

15) Limetown

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"Limetown" is a gripping audio drama podcast that delves into the enigmatic disappearance of over 300 residents from a small, secretive research town. Hosted by Lia Haddock, an investigative journalist, the show uncovers a web of government conspiracies, clandestine experiments, and the eerie mysteries that shroud Limetown. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, this podcast offers a thrilling, suspenseful narrative that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, making it a must-listen for fans of mystery and suspense.

16) The Wicked Library

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"The Wicked Library" is a podcast that takes listeners on a journey through the dark realms of horror fiction. Hosted by Daniel Foytik, it presents a collection of well-crafted and spine-tingling short horror stories, often accompanied by haunting musical scores. Featuring a diverse array of authors and narrators, this podcast provides a macabre and immersive experience, making it a must-listen for fans of eerie tales, from supernatural encounters to psychological thrillers.

17) Campfire Radio Theater

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"Campfire Radio Theater" is a thrilling audio drama podcast that recreates the magic of old-time radio, delivering modern horror and suspense stories with a classic touch. Created by John Ballentine, this podcast features immersive soundscapes, eerie music, and captivating performances. Each episode offers an enthralling narrative, from ghostly encounters to psychological horror, keeping listeners at the edge of their seats. For a dose of chilling storytelling reminiscent of radio's golden age, "Campfire Radio Theater" is a must-listen for aficionados of audio drama.

18) Everything Scary

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"Everything Scary" is a podcast dedicated to all things spine-tingling and fear-inducing. Hosted by passionate horror enthusiasts, this podcast explores a wide range of topics within the horror genre, from creepy urban legends and ghost stories to in-depth discussions of classic and contemporary horror films. With expert analysis and a love for all things eerie, "Everything Scary" is your go-to source for horror entertainment and a deeper understanding of the things that go bump in the night.

19) Unspookable

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"Unspookable" is a family-friendly podcast that offers a unique and entertaining take on the world of spooky stories and urban legends. Hosted by Elise Parisian, the show explores the mysterious and paranormal in a way that's approachable for kids and their parents. With a combination of humor, curiosity, and a focus on facts, "Unspookable" aims to demystify fear and make the eerie and unknown accessible to a wide range of listeners.

20) Camping Horrors

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What happens in the woods... stays in the woods... if you're lucky! The Camping Horrors podcast tells supposedly true stories of a spooky nature about what goes on when people are in the woods. Lock your tent, hide the firewood and get ready, because when you're in the wilderness, it's not just the bears you should be worried about.

21) Generally Spooky History

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Embark on a captivating journey into the myths and legends of Scotland with Kieran and Eilidh, a Highlander couple who share the myths and legends of their homeland in this weekly podcast.

22) Morbid

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A true crime, creepy history show that's hosted by the unlikely combination of an autopsy technician and a hairstylist?! They blend research into chilling real-life crimes with comedy to create a comfortably spooky podcast.

23) Let Me Tell You a Scary Story

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A captivating podcast that weaves chilling tales to send shivers down your spine. With a unique blend of original horror and folklore, this show transports listeners to a world of dread and suspense, expertly narrated to bring each story to life. If you enjoy the art of storytelling and crave spine-tingling narratives, this podcast is a must-listen for fans of the macabre.

24) Classic Ghost Stories

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A weekly podcast that reads classic scary stories written by some of the greatest horror writers of all time. In this show, it's not just the ghosts and ghouls that are dead... the AUTHORS ARE TOO!

25) Talk Scary to Me

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"Talk Scary to Me" is a podcast that delves into all things horror, offering in-depth discussions about your favorite scary movies, books, and other media. Hosted by horror enthusiasts, this show dissects the elements that make horror truly terrifying and explores the cultural impact of the genre. Whether you're a die-hard fan of horror or just curious about the psychology of fear, "Talk Scary to Me" is the perfect companion for unraveling the mysteries behind the horror world.

Best Scary Podcasts on Spotify

Here's a selection of the best scary podcasts available to stream for free on Spotify.

  1. The Last Podcast on the Left
  2. Murder in Oregon
  3. Bloody Good Horror
  4. The NoSleep Podcast
  5. The Black Tapes
  6. Lore
  7. Dr. Death
  8. Unsolved Murders
  9. Archive 81
  10. Disturbed: True Horror Stories
  11. The Magnus Archives
  12. Welcome to Night Vale
  13. Knifepoint Horror
  14. Limetown
  15. The Wicked Library
  16. Campfire Radio Theater
  17. Everything Scary
  18. Unspookable
  19. Camping Horrors
  20. Generally Spooky History
  21. Morbid
  22. Let Me Tell You a Scary Story
  23. Classic Ghost Stories
  24. Talk Scary to Me
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