10 Best Free and Paid Podcast Editing Software

The fresh, unedited audio content you record for your next podcast episode has a lot of potential, for sure. However, whether you can make the most of that potential is as much a function of your imagination as it is of the editing software you use to create your podcasts. A simple audio effect, a well-chosen piece of music, or perfectly rebalanced volume are all components that highly affect the success and the chances of your podcast episode to get popularity.

Unfortunately, it’s now as easy as it seems to categorise one specific podcast editing software as the best in the market. People come to the podcasting industry with a variety of backgrounds, abilities, perspectives, commitments, goals, and financial resources. These are just a few aspects to consider when determining which podcast editing software is ideal for you.

But don't worry; we've done the work for you and compiled a list of the best podcast editing tools to help you get started. Let's take a closer look at the details.


This is another fantastic audio editor solution that allows podcasters to produce, edit, and enhance their podcasts for free.

- It lets you divide an audio file into two, three, four, or more sections.
- Cut by specifying a time range or a specific period.
- Edit the fade Intros and outros for your podcast
- Adjust the speed of any audio file or podcast
- With only a few clicks, trim all of your audio files.
- Select from a wide range of high-quality royalty-free music and sound effects.

It also includes superb voice to text software, text to audio software, a text-to-podcast converter, and a variety of other functions, making it an excellent choice for any podcaster who wants to make the process of creating a podcast easy from start to finish.


Most newcomers to the realm of podcasting will find that GarageBand's audio recording capabilities surpass their expectations, as the software has a flexible range of audio recording tools. Despite this, the software's UI is simple to understand, making it an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to learn how to create podcasts quickly.

GarageBand's audio editing tools are almost as remarkable as its audio recording features, allowing users to fix any mistakes they make throughout recording sessions and regulate audio peaks. GarageBand also has an iOS version, allowing iPhone and iPad users to monitor podcasts even if they don't have accessibility to a Mac computer.

- On iOS and macOS devices, recording podcasts is a breeze.
- High-resolution audio recordings are available.
- With a comprehensive collection of audio editing tools
- Users should be able to post their audio recordings on social media.


Audacity, which was first released in 2000, has been used by audiophiles for around two decades. This free and open-source audio editing tool works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and allows users to combine many recordings into a finished composition. Files can be downloaded into a variety of file formats after mixing and editing for easy sharing and posting.

Moreover, this cross-platform podcast editing solution supports a variety of plugins that allow users to add audio effects to recordings made with it. Each podcast you create with this solution can be recorded in 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit quality, allowing you to choose the best option for your purposes.

Sync-Lock, Truncate Silence, Silence Finder, and Silence are some of the other helpful Audacity features. However, there are a slew of other features, such as saveable EQ, fading, exports and imports options, and editing and storing effect chains.

Podcast editing software

This digital podcast editing software is a good option for podcasters who want to save time in the postproduction of their episodes. Alitu increases the overall quality of all audio samples you input into the program by removing background noises. The software also seamlessly merges the audio files, allowing you to swiftly generate a new episode.

The solution has a theme music generator that can be used to construct podcasts intros and outros. You may publish your podcasts straight to podcast hosting sites like Buzzsprout, Speaker, or Libsyn once the editing process is complete.

Power Sound Editor

Power Sound Editor comes with everything you need to make, create, edit, and share podcasts. Users can use additional microphones to record tracks and import audio clips or fragments from CDs, DVDs, media players, or web videos. MPEG, WAV, and Windows Media Audio are among the audio formats supported by this platform.

Power Sound Editor Free comes with easy-to-use editing tools, over 25 audio effects, and compatibility for all major file types. Text-to-speech and batch conversion and merging of audio files are among the capabilities included in Power Sound Editor Deluxe. It'll set you back $29.95.

Some other features also include the following:

- Sound from any source can be recorded.
- Effects and editing tools are available
- Rip and burn audio CDs
- All major audio formats are supported

Studio One

Studio One is a digital innovation tool for podcasters, musicians, and those who deal with sound. It is presently in its fourth version. Its drag-and-drop processing and easy single-window interface make recording and mastering a breeze. PreSonus offers many premium upgrades and packages for additional capabilities in addition to the free software.

The following are the main characteristics of this solution:

- Workplace with a single window
- Drag-and-drop capability is available.
- There are nine native effects plugins available.
- Almost a 1 GB of loop and sample material


This podcast editing software comes with a diverse variety of audio editing tools that make the procedure of audio editing much easier. Fission also works with Audio Hijack, which allows users to upload your podcasts and then modify them in Fission before submitting them to your hosting site.

You may fade, chop, and merge several files without losing quality, and you can even divide your podcasts into chapters. Fission allows you to directly publish all audio files you edit to SoundCloud, making it an ideal solution for all podcasters who use this platform to host their shows.


TwistedWave is a straightforward podcast editing program with audio recording capabilities that lets you record and adjust the latest series of your podcast. To add markers to areas of the recording you want to edit and reduce the amount of time you have to invest in post production, all you have to do is press a button.
The following are some of the major advantages of this solution:

Available on a variety of platforms

- Batch processing features are fantastic
- Support for metadata
- Silence is detected automatically

Adobe Audition

Experienced podcasters don't need a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Audition mainly because it's been the accepted standard in the industry for years. Adobe's famous audio recording and editing software offers everything you'll require to produce or manage a new podcast episode.

You may select from a range of podcast layouts and established multitrack recording sessions if you want to record multiple voices at once or use the software's collection of royalty-free sound effects to spice up your episodes.

Audio mixing and mastering software for professionals

- A large number of royalty-free audio effects are available.
- Templates for podcasting that make multitrack audio recording easier.
- Noise reduction without effort

WaveLab 10

This mastering program was created to assist experts in completing even the most difficult audio editing tasks. WaveLab 10 could be used to edit recordings before they are released in digital or vinyl format.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should try out this tool:

- Capabilities for high-quality audio recording
- Outstanding features for sound design and editing
- Batch-processing techniques that are extremely powerful
- Provides audio analysis features that are unrivalled in the market.

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