The Best Conspiracy Podcasts in 2024

Was the moon landing fake? Are we surrounded by reptilian aliens? What is Pepe Silvia? Do Beyoncé and Jay-Z lead the Illuminati? Is the Earth really flat?

As humans, we’re a little bit obsessed with conspiracy theories. Whether you find these theories laughable or roll your eyes at the naysayer, there’s no denying that the world of conspiracy is intriguing.

If you love a good mystery, are open to alternative thinking, or are curious about how conspiracy theories take root in our communities, then these ten podcasts will be right up your alley. Here are the best conspiracy podcasts of 2024.

1) Conspiracy Theories

The aptly titled Conspiracy Theories, created by Spotify Studios, releases new episodes every single Wednesday, covering strange events from across the globe.

From people disappearing under suspicious circumstances and alien sightings to news-worthy bomb threats and major disasters, this enthralling podcast dives into the beliefs behind these conspiracies and the controversy that surrounds them.

2) RedHanded

What’s macabre, creepy, and red all over? The RedHanded podcast, of course!

Hosted by Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire, this long-running podcast doesn’t shy away from the strange. It explores some of the creepiest stories you may have never heard of, including unsolved murders, hauntings, plots, and good old-fashioned mysteries.

3) Who Replaced Avril Lavigne?

One of the biggest and most divisive conspiracy theories of the internet age is that Avril Lavigne died at the height of her fame — and was replaced by a lookalike.

So, was the Sk8er Boi singer really replaced by a doppelganger named Mellisa? That’s the question Joanne McNally sets out to answer once and for all in Who Replaced Avril Lavigne? Listen in as McNally’s investigation takes her from Avril’s hometown to the depths of the internet in this six-episode saga.

4) Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, and Noel Brown are kings in the conspiracy podcasting world. Their pod, Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, has over 1,500 episodes to jump into, covering many of history’s most compelling unsolved mysteries and unexplained goings-on.

Whether you’re interested in learning about the biggest government cover-ups or how technology is changing our lives in unimaginable ways, STDWYTK has something for everyone.

5) Everything’s Canceled

Here’s one for the intellectuals among us! Everything’s Canceled is technically conspiracy-adjacent, with hosts Herman and Lorena analyzing the events that have led people, businesses, and institutions to be #Canceled.

One of the newer podcasts on our list, early episodes have covered the Dan Schnieder saga that’s landed Nickelodeon in hot water, Danny Masterson, and Russel Brand, among other stories that have dominated the #CancelCulture conversation.

6) Marianna in Conspiracyland

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the world of conspiracy theories itself, Marianna in Conspiracyland is a must-listen for you.

In this investigative podcast, Marianna Spring aims to illuminate the motivations behind and culture surrounding the UK’s growing conspiracy theory movement. Listeners can tag along as the BBC disinformation and social media correspondent sets her sights on the creators and readers of the far-right conspiracy newspaper, The Light, traveling from a small town in Devon to Berlin, Germany, in search of answers.

7) Conspirituality

Here’s another one for those interested in how disinformation, cult dynamics, and social media are shaping our world — but with a twist.

Conspirituality is interested in the intersection of wellness, spirituality, and conspiracy. Hosts Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, and Julian Walker explore how new-age conspiracy theories are impacting our health.

If you’ve ever thought your favorite yoga influencer would make a good cult leader or wondered why there are more anti-vaxxers than ever before, you won’t want to miss an episode.

8) Cult of Conspiracy

What do you get when you combine cults with conspiracy theories? You get the Cult of Conspiracy podcast, of course!

This podcast covers all genres of conspiracy, including cryptids, spiritual trends, and time travel. To add to the intrigue hosts Jacob and Jay approach each case with an open third eye and a healthy dose of skepticism.

9) Chiller Queen Podcast

According to host Avery Warner, the Chiller Queen Podcast is for people who trust NO ONE.

With over 50 intrigue-packed episodes to enjoy, this spooky podcast steps into the world of conspiracy theories, true crime, and mysteries, attempting to make sense of the unexplained.

10) American Hysteria

Join Chelsey Weber-Smith down the rabbit hole in American Hysteria — we promise you won’t regret it!

In each episode, Weber-Smith is joined by a guest to discuss how ‘fantastical thinking’ impacts our culture. Between hoaxes, moral panics, and (you guessed it) conspiracy theories, this captivating podcast covers some of the weirdest stories that have rattled communities across America.

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