Yoga Bliss: The 15 Best Yoga Youtube Channels

Ready to dive into the world of yoga from the comfort of your own space? In this blog post, we're exploring some of the best yoga YouTube channels that make yoga easy and fun. Whether you're a pro or just starting, these channels are perfect for embarking on a journey toward holistic well-being through yoga and mindfulness practices.

1) Boho Beautiful

We’re opening our list of the best yoga youtube channels with the Boho Beautiful yoga channel.  Founded by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk, Boho Beautiful Yoga stands out for its diverse range of free tutorials covering yoga, travel, fitness, vegan food, and mindful living. With a subscriber base of over 2.36 million on YouTube, the channel offers content centered around body, mind, and earth, filmed at breathtaking locations worldwide.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, Boho Beautiful provides a variety of yoga and pilates videos. The library includes morning yoga flows, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga-inspired poses, and more.

The channel also offers premium content through the Boho Beautiful app, allowing enthusiasts to explore even further.

With their commitment to health and mindfulness, this channel will make you fall in love with yoga, improve your physical and mental health with beautiful flows and stay in the present moment.

2) Yoga with Bird

Yoga With Bird earns its spot on our list due to its extensive array of videos and diverse options for practitioners. As a certified yoga instructor residing in Canada, Bird provides a wide range of video lengths, difficulty levels, and focuses on her channel.

Whether you seek relief from period pain, assistance with digestion, or want to ease tension in your lower back, Bird offers dedicated sessions for various needs. With over 800 yoga videos, she has meticulously organized them into playlists, ensuring easy navigation to find the practice that aligns with your preferences and goals.

To start with, try out her quick 6 minute morning yoga routine for stress and tension relief.

3) Charlie Follows

Charlie is a professional yoga teacher and YouTuber, focusing on creative sequencing, functional anatomy, and personal development. Explore her Charlie Follows yoga channel, suitable for all levels of yogis. Charlie stands out by offering specialized series, like yoga for injuries or dedicated videos focusing on arm balances.

She also recently launched an amazing rest and recovery yoga session with a restorative sound bath experience which you should definitely give a try!  

4) Yoga with Kassandra

Yoga with Kassandra is another one on our list of the best yoga youtube channels which stands out as a well-organized channel, offering a diverse array of options and categories for yoga enthusiasts. Kassandra, with over 14 years of yoga experience, specializes in Yin yoga, a slow-paced style with longer holds, providing over 70 videos with a Yin focus.

The channel boasts more than 280 beginner-friendly, over 200 intermediate, and 25+ advanced classes, catering to practitioners of all levels. Kassandra's clear and precise teaching style makes the channel a valuable resource for those seeking variety, clarity, and an inclusive approach to yoga.

For those into astrology, Kassandra offers a unique focus on nature and spirituality, offering classes dedicated to the summer solstice and the needs of different zodiac signs. This distinctive touch adds a personalized and holistic element to her extensive collection of yoga practices.

5) Yoga with Adriene

Explore a transformative yoga journey with Adriene Mishler's YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene. Boasting a community of over 12 million subscribers, these yoga sessions cater to diverse yoga practitioners  worldwide. Adriene's high-quality yoga and mindfulness practices are rooted in traditional yoga philosophy, blending tradition with developmental movement.

For those looking for the best yoga YouTube channel for weight loss, Adriene’s channel is definitely worth checking out! Her Yoga for Weight Loss series will help you get in shape with powerful and pleasant yoga flows.

6) Breathe and Flow

Breathe and Flow, a rapidly growing yoga channel, blends feminine and masculine energy with professional guidance from teachers Bre and Flo. Despite changing environments, which make the videos even more engaging, the videos maintain high-quality standards with clean and minimalistic settings.

Emphasizing simplicity, their yoga style focuses on increasing mobility and strength, incorporating push-ups and plank holds. While not heavily focused on advanced poses, the channel provides a range of beginner-friendly classes. Bre, who was recently pregnant, also shares valuable prenatal yoga classes on the channel.

7) Travis Eliot Yoga

Experience the essence of an in-person yoga class from the comfort of your home with Travis Eliot's YouTube channel. Whether you're into vinyasa, slow flow, or Yin, Eliot's style is characterized by a slow and intense pace, creating a distinctly meditative atmosphere enhanced by his tranquil voice and well-timed insights from Buddhism.

Offering a variety of formats, from 20-minute Yin sessions to 90-minute power yoga, Eliot brings the feel of an actual class to your screen. Don’t forget to also try Eliot’s short meditation practices when you’re feeling the need to reconnect with yourself and find your inner peace.

8) Akshaya Agnes

The next one on our list of the best yoga youtube channels is Akshaya Agnes. Akshaya offers a wide variety of yoga practices you can try at home, catered to specific needs. One of our personal favorites is Akshaya’s yoga flow designed specifically for those struggling with hormonal imbalances and irregular periods. Hundreds of women have loved this PCOS practice and claimed it remarkably effective.

Akshaya is also on our list of the best yoga youtube channels for weight loss. Her 30 minutes yoga for weight loss practice is perfect for burning fat and boosting your metabolism.

9) Yoga by Biola

Unlike most channels on our list, Abiola Akanni offers a more relaxed approach towards yoga, making it the perfect channel for those looking for a quick, 15-minute session to practice during their lunch break.

Her practices aim to make yoga accessible and comfortable, ensuring you feel empowered and at ease during the session. You'll also notice an overall improvement in how you feel, leaving you with a sense of calm when you finish and relax in Savasana.

We highly recommend giving her "7 Yoga Poses for the 7 Chakras" series a try. It's a great way to explore and understand chakras while working on opening yours!

10) Bright & Salted

Arianna Elizabeth’s yoga channel is on our list of the best yoga Youtube channels for beginners. So for those of you who consider themselves a beginner or intermediate yogi, the Bright & Salted yoga channel is a perfect fit!

Arianna shares free videos every Monday and Wednesday, ensuring a continuous flow of content. With offerings ranging from 10-minute meditations to 20-minute yoga sculpt classes, there's something for everyone on her channel.

11) Five Parks Yoga

Another one on our best yoga youtube channels for beginners list is Five Parks Yoga. Particularly suitable for beginners, Erin provides a thorough introduction program, guiding participants through basic yoga postures with clear and precise instructions. The channel also  features playlists categorized by length, focus areas, and tailored classes for various athletes, ensuring easy navigation for viewers.

So whether you're looking for a lengthy, robust, or demanding yoga session, Five Parks Yoga will meet your preferences.

12) Tara Brach

Yoga is more than just practicing poses: it’s about exploring yourself and connecting with your environment. So for those interested more in the meditation and mindfulness practice, we suggest exploring Tara Brach’s channel.

Coming from the west, Tara Brach emerges as a mindfulness expert and guide, delving into various topics, emphasizing the importance of introspection and well-being in personal journeys. Tara's soothing voice resonates in online YouTube lectures, meditations, and talks, often conducted in her home base in Bethesda, Maryland.

Through her engaging online presence, Tara Brach continues to be a source of insight and inspiration, inviting individuals to explore the realms of mindfulness and self-discovery.

13) Yoga with Allie Van Fossen

Explore the chakra system with Allie Van Fossen's Yoga channel—perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners. Allie provides a diverse playlist featuring chakra yoga, meditations, affirmations, and more.

With over 78 beginner-friendly classes, her holistic approach to yoga considers the body, mind, and soul. Allie's expertise in chakra yoga, along with high-quality instruction, makes her channel appealing for practitioners at all levels. Additionally, she offers excellent prenatal yoga classes, ensuring quality for expectant mothers seeking gentle yet effective sessions.

14) Yoga with Tim

Yoga with Tim offers a simple and gentle approach to yoga, featuring 30-40 minute flows with various focuses. Tim guides the class while demonstrating or lets different students perform the yoga asanas.

With excellent verbal guidance and high-quality sound and video, the channel caters to beginners with slower-paced flows. Tim's 7-day beginner program provides a perfect introduction for those new to yoga, making the channel an ideal starting point for a gentle and effective practice.

15) Yoginimelbourne

Finally, we’re concluding our list of the best yoga YouTube channels with Yoginimelbourne, led by Paula Lay. Consistently offering excellent sound and video, these well-composed classes are tailored to their specific purposes. The channel provides 26+ top-notch beginner classes, characterized by a light and easy-going flow that instantly uplifts the body.

Paula's simple guidance adds a relaxed vibe to each class, making them ideal for repetition. While advanced classes are not offered, the channel presents great options for intermediate practitioners. Additionally, there are over 40 videos catering to pregnant women, featuring Paula Lay's authentic knowledge gained from teaching during her own pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

And that's a wrap on our online yoga adventure! These 15 YouTube channels will be your friendly guides on your yoga and mindfulness journey. No matter if you're a beginner or looking for a challenge, our list has something for everyone! So, keep enjoying the soothing words and gentle poses, turning your virtual yoga time into a peaceful retreat. Namaste :)

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