8 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

Podcasting is all about killing two birds with one stone. It’s a fantastic alternative to both television and radio. While one may think of podcasting and radio in the same way, these two have some fundamental differences, for instance, the schedule and airtime. If you are into a particular radio program, you’ll need to wait for its broadcast time. Moreover, once a radio program is over, you cannot go back and listen to it one more time. Podcasting, on the contrary, brings more flexibility and convenience into the listeners’ lives. You are free to choose when and what to do while listening to a podcast. Sounds terrific, right?

Why Would You Listen to a Podcast?

Podcasts are a trendy eyes-free and hands-free form of entertainment that will make your daily routine seem much easier and less stressful. Numbers always speak for themselves! According to a study conducted by Listen Notes, there are approximately 2,771,838 podcasts and 125,376,586 episodes in the whole world (the numbers keep updating constantly). That’s a pretty impressive amount to choose from, isn’t that? Find any topic you are fond of, from comedy stand-ups to science, art and business tips. It’s the best option if you don’t have any prepaid satellite tv.

Besides a wide range of various topics, podcasting also offers listeners a practical skill, i.e. multitasking. Simultaneously doing two or more things trains the brain. Moreover, it’s a pleasurable leisure activity, and a unique form of studying that can be combined with any work without interfering with productivity.

What to Do While Listening to a Podcast?

You may now be entirely thrilled to catch the next episode of your favorite podcast but still wonder what to do while listening to a podcast? We at Podcastle highly appreciate your time, so we’ve created a list of things to do while listening to podcasts.

Hit the Gym, Jack!

Listen to podcasts while exercising, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or someone hating the sweat and the hammering heartbeats. Training and simultaneously listening to something that interests and attracts your mind makes time fly. Some upbeat music can truly help you keep the training pace. While podcasts won’t provide the rhythm they can serve as a source of additional knowledge.

Ever dreamt of learning a new foreign language? Try doing that while exercising! Recent studies have shown that while our bodies move and work out, our brains understand and memorize new information several times quicker than in calmer circumstances. Why not use the moments when your brain cooperating with your body boosts its plasticity and learn something exciting!? Check the best podcasts for learning a new language and start exercising today.

Practice Yoga

Continuing the topic of exercising and podcasts, try practicing yoga. It’s a great way to stretch your muscles and prepare you for cardio or core exercises. Listening to podcasts while practicing yoga may help you relax and focus on important things. While you’re on your journey to a stronger body why not boost your spiritual power to become the better version of yourself as well?

Wellyx provides the greatest yoga studio management software since it allows you to control everything from an one location. Your payments, appointments, staff responsibilities, and client portal can all be handled under one domain.

Take a Bike Ride

Do not forget about safety! Riding a bike and listening to a podcast is a fine example of multitasking. However, we strongly recommend you to be cautious. If you are well acquainted with the route you are taking, listening to your favorite show while riding can  be quite a pleasurable activity. Try listening to podcasts that don’t require much attention and are light-hearted talks with no complex information to be absorbed.

The Chores Can’t Wait!

Not many of us are happy about cleaning the house, doing the dishes, ironing etc. Why not develop multitasking skills and combine the unpleasant routine with a fantastic experience. For instance, you can listen to some news podcasts and always be aware of anything going around the world and in your country.

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The Devil Hides in The Traffic!

An average American spends approximately 42 hours staring at the cars in front of them every year. That turns into an impressive number when calculating the time spent in traffic jams during an entire lifetime. If that sounds worrisome to you, then it’s high time to start thinking of means to stop wasting your precious time. For example, you can listen to your favorite singer’s album. Are you fond of crime stories that give you goosebumps? Then the following list of 15 best crime podcasts is a must-listen for you.

Grow Oxygen!

Taking care of plants and seeing how they grow is one of the best therapies. The feeling of damp soil on your fingers can be as relaxing as going for a walk in a forest. Create an indoor garden to give your home a breath of fresh air. Listening to gardening podcasts will teach you a bunch of helpful gardening hacks to help your plants and flowers survive everything that comes their way.

Cook Something Delicious

Cooking is both a necessity and an art form. Cooking podcasts are a great source to draw inspiration from for the next meal and speed up the process of cooking. Join the growing community of cooking enthusiasts, and maybe someday you’ll cook a dish worth Gordon Ramsey’s approval.

Take a bath

Multitasking is amazing! Nonetheless, it is crucial to have time dedicated to yourself. For this occasion, we suggest taking a warm bath with aroma oils to let your body relax and prepare for the next day. Don’t forget to take care of your mental health, too. Listening to podcasts while taking a bath will positively contribute to your self-care routine. Learn the recent news, listen to the audio version of your favorite novel or discover fascinating science facts. You can find anything in the world of podcasting!

Final Thoughts

We would like to remind you that it doesn’t matter when, where and how you’re spending your time as long as you’re doing it wisely and taking care of yourself. Whether you want to learn something new, relax, practice and dive deeper into one of your hobbies, the fascinating world of podcasts always has your back!


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