15 podcasts for Ultimate Foodies

Food is more than just sustenance and good food podcasts are like sous by a chef. Take a look at our list of the 15 podcasts we've rounded up for foodies. Of course, this list doesn't capture the full breadth of the food podcast world, but you'll find here informative and funny ones.

1. The Splendid Table

This podcast is hosted by an award-winning food journalist, esteemed cookbook editor and former New York Times columnist Francis Lam since 2017. The Splendid Table covers everything related to food and brings surprising conversations to its listeners' attention living up to its name. Tune in and listen for food experts' interviews, get familiar with different cuisines and find out what people are cooking these days.

2. Home Cooking

Co-hosts of Home Cooking podcast Samin Nosrat, a chef, TV host, food writer, and Hrishikesh Hirway, break down concepts and share cooking tips and recipes with simple pantry ingredients listeners have on hand. During the show, hosts also answer questions submitted by listeners, like how to turn broccoli into pesto, what to do for holiday meals and more.

3. The Sporkful

The Sporkful, James Beard Award-winning food podcast, is hosted by Dan Pashman since 2010. As the motto says itself, "It's not for foodies, it's for eaters." This podcast focuses on people behind food, teaches its listeners about food from different angles, and answers food history and science questions. The host serves up interesting interviews and covers topics like who invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos or how Hip Hop inspired Bryant Terry to go vegan, etc. Plus, Pashman spices up the show with his wonderful scene of humor.

4. Gastropod

Gastropod is co-hosted by two journalists, Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley. They answer food-related questions, even those we never thought we had. During the show, they cover topics on palm oil - the most interesting oil in the world, plant-and fungus-based fake meats and more. Tune in to Gastropod if you want to look at food through the lens of history ad science.

5. Green Eggs and Dan

This food podcast is hosted by actor, writer, comedian and amateur chef Dan Ahdoot. The host brings his listeners in on fascinating and funny discussions on food, life and more with his interesting guests. Dan covers a wide range of food-related topics about culinary appropriation like James Hemings - the most influential chef in America who introduced French fries, mac, etc. Tune in to this incredibly funny and informative podcast.

6. Munchies

The Munchies podcast launched in 2014. They are having conversations on the current culinary world's updates, food culture, and digging into season's essentials with famous chefs and other food-obsessed people during the show.

7. Bon Appétit Food People

Each week Amanda Shapiro, the editorial director of Bon Appétit, asks a food-related question and brings in chefs, writers, food editors and culinary world experts to find answers. The Bon Appétit Foodcast covers everything from the restaurant scene across the country to a quick look inside the minds of the world's best chefs, from cooking techniques to tips.

8. Gravy

In this podcast, produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance, the culinary history, culture and landscape of the American South is explored through interesting stories, going beyond the obvious and expected. From orange juice created the sunshine state to the origin story of the Cuban sandwich, each episode of Gravy shows the south's unique intersection of food, people, culture, and more.

9. The Kitchen Counter

The Kitchen Counter is hosted by Roger Anderson, who takes listeners through recipes and discussions on cooking dishes like caramel apple galette, emulsions and vinaigrettes, red-fleshed fish and more. There are episodes dedicated to cooking techniques too.

10. The Food Seen

The Food Seen podcast is hosted by a chef, cookbook author and award-winning photographer Michael Harlan Turkell. Michael captured the inner workings of kitchens for his James Beard-nominated Back Of The House project for four years, documenting the lives of chefs in their restaurant world. The Food Seen podcast searches for intersections of food, design and ideas. Michael takes and presents the conversations with chefs through a fresh lens.

11. Proof

The Proof is a food podcast from America's Test Kitchen hosted by Bridget Lancaster. She shares cooking tips, recipes, kitchen gadget reviews and more. The Proof uncovers mysterious and unexpected behind-the-scenes stories of food and culinary in general.  

12. Recipe Club

Chang and co-host Chris Ying bring to their listeners' attention this irresistibly catchy food podcast. During each episode, Chang, Chris, and their guest pick and cook a dish with their well-known different recipe and discuss. Among the dishes list were Yuca, Instant Ramen, Bloody Mary, spaghetti and more.

13. Radio Cherry Bombe

Radio Cherry Bombe, hosted by Cherry Bombe's founder Kerry Diamond, is a food podcast about women in food, who shape today's culinary world. Among guests are cookbook authors, food writers, chefs, television personalities like Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, Ina Garten, and more.

14. A Hungry Society

This food podcast is hosted by food writer and photographer Korsha Wilson, with the aim to foster more inclusive and diverse discussions on the culinary world. The host, Korsha Wilson, talks to chefs and others from the world of culinary to explore how food is a way to learn about and appreciate all kinds of communities and cultures.

15. Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Radio

The Milk Street Radio, produced by Boston's public radio station, is hosted by Christopher Kimball. During the show, Christopher Kimball answers all culinary questions submitted by listeners, interviewing world-famous chefs and experts, always leaving listeners with new information to digest.

Names for Food Podcasts

Thinking of starting your own food podcast? Here's some ideas for food podcast names, both serious and puntastic.

  1. Culinary Chronicles
  2. Foodie Fables
  3. Flavor Frontier
  4. Gastronomy Unleashed
  5. Palate Pals
  6. Feast & Tell
  7. Cooking Chronicles
  8. The Dish Dispatch
  9. Spill the Beans
  10. Batter Chatter
  11. Grill 'n' Chill
  12. Chewing the Fat
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