Top 10 Best News Podcasts

Being informed means to be armed. It is mandatory to follow the news as the world is changing rapidly, and you should catch up with the flow. The updates are coming from all sides, and one can be overloaded with information from social media and other platforms. And if you want to follow a particular direction of news you prefer, news podcasts should be the right choice. There are several ways to follow the news today, traditional forms from broadcast television to the latest headlines through your preferred social media feed. Though all methods have their particularities and privileges, news podcasts may offer the best features of it all. One can choose news that is not stressful and confusing. You need to find an appropriate type of news podcast, and you'll have the possibility to listen to the latest updates or discussions while doing your routine works or driving to your work, or just having your lunch.
According to the Reuters statics, only 6% of around 770,000 podcasts make up the news podcasts. The same sources shared that one-fifth (21%) of the most popular episodes were news-related. It means a substantial number of listeners, given the limited number of shows. Bearing all this in mind, we know that you want to discover the most popular news podcasts, and we have picked up 10 as below։

1. The Daily

In the first line, we would like to mention The Daily news podcasts from New York Times. It has a large covering from political debates to vaccine attitudes. The professional editing with good audio clips and appropriate music will attract your attention and keep you interested throughout. The Host Michael Barbaro is an excellent storyteller, which will make your listening more exciting. The episodes usually last 25-45 minutes, each full of important information. It goes every day except Saturday.

2. Up First

Up First is another daily news podcast organized by NPR. Unlike other news podcasts, which provide a profound explanation of each topic, Up First shares a brief overview of each story. It focuses on sharing the stories of the day that are more prominent in a digestible form and gives the possibility to hear the discussions of the host with different experts. It is on every day at 6 a.m. and Saturday at 8 a.m. The professional hosts Noel King, Rachel Martin, Steve Inskeep, and others will present the latest news most amusingly.

3.  Fox News Radio Newscast

Fox News Radio Newscast is another option of a news podcast for brief and hourly news updates. Its form is similar to NPR but with Fox News flavor. It provides hourly news heard on several national radio stations, but it benefits like a podcast that you can listen to at a preferable time for you.

4. The Argument

The Argument is a news podcast that focuses on political discussions and debates, where you can find here the opinions of guests from each party who explain their beliefs. This podcast can make it easy to go deep into the political issues and understand them correctly without listening to shouting matches. It comes out every Thursday and lasts 30-50 minutes.

4. CBS Sunday Morning

This news podcast is a perfect start for a lazy Sunday with a cup of coffee. It happens every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. It covers different spheres like culture, science, history, arts, and entertainment with the help of the host Jane Pauley.

5. NBC Nightly News

NBS Nightly News with the host Lester Holt is for you if you prefer a night recap of the day's news. This news podcast is the audio of all newscasts, presents the same reports and stories of TV broadcasts in a more convenient podcasting way.

7. NPR News Now

NPR News Now is another NPR product for those in a hurry. This 5-minute news podcast, updated hourly, will provide you with the most recently updated and latest stories from NPR. It continuously updates its feed.

8. Planet Money

This news podcast is focused on economics. They cover everything from how economics can help more people wear masks to why oil prices can get negative. Planet Money tells exciting stories with real people. The show pops up serious issues, studying them and suggesting what can be done to solve the situation. New episodes with different topics go every Friday and last 25 minutes.

9. Sustainababble

In case if you are interested in climate changes and crises and want to stay updated, Sustainababble news podcast would be your best choice. The hosts OI and Dave provide updates on climate changes and discuss hows and whys to understand the right solutions. Their guests vary from an actor and climate activist to a philosopher. It is a weekly news podcast, and each episode lasts 45 minutes.

10. Coronavirus Global Updates

The last two years have become a nightmare for all the world because of the global pandemic, and one should be informed what is going on in the world, what vaccines and prohibitions are actual because next can be your country. Coronavirus Global Updates is a news podcast, which provides updates from BBC in 5 minutes. It is excellent to briefly update its essential parts, which cover the global situation. There are multiple other news podcasts, and we just highlighted 10 of the most popular ones. Hopefully, these podcasts will help you learn more about what’s going on in the world and around you! Next time when you are looking for news, you will not have to read an article or watch a broadcast; you can simply download one of those shows in your preferred podcast app, lay down, close your eyes, and listen to the information.

Wish you happy listening!

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