The 10 Gardening Podcasts You Must Follow

Interested in discovering more about the art of gardening or want to learn how to keep your garden plants alive, or maybe be a part of interactive gardening shows? There are a bunch of podcasts for you. Our list of the 10 gardening podcasts is recommended for both beginners and experts to take you all over the gardening world.

1. Roots and All

If you are looking for a podcast to help you in creating a successful garden, then the Roots and All podcast is right for you. This award-winning podcast is hosted by UK-based Sarah Wilson. The show gives insider knowledge and honest information on how to get results focusing on planet-friendly gardening. She is having wide-ranging and in-depth interviews with a range of expert guests in this field, covering all garden-related topics from soil science to design, from flowers to trees. Among the guests, you'll find biologist and author David Goulson, ecotherapist Stephen Batorijs, Norway-based kitchen gardener and forager Stephen Barstow, and other fascinating guests.

2. Epic Gardening

The Epic Gardening, hosted by an urban gardener, plant lover, and hydroponics enthusiast Kevin Espirit, is a daily podcast with a huge dose of gardening wisdom. Kevin gives gardening advice and tips through daily episodes to his listeners interested in learning how to grow plants, simultaneously answering their questions. The show covers a wide range of topics from winter fruit tree care to benefits of ecosystem landscapes to edible ecosystem design and more. He helped 10 mln people worldwide to learn how to grow anything by now.

3. Cultivating Place

The Cultivating Place is a weekly gardening podcast hosted by Jennifer Jewell, exploring what we mean when we garden. She brings to her listeners’ thoughtful conversations with growers, gardeners, scientists, and naturalists, illustrating the direct connections with the dynamic processes of the plants, soils, climate, seasons, animals and how these relationships support the places we cultivate.

4. Let's Argue About Plants!

The Let's Argue About Plants! by the editors of Fine Gardening is a fun and informative gardening podcast for plant lovers on almost every topic in gardening. Hosts Editor-in-Chief Steve Aitken and Senior Editor Danielle Sherry give listeners insights on various horticultural subjects on a deeper level. They invite various experts in the field to share their knowledge and wisdom about what listeners might want to grow in their gardens. Topics vary from native plants to ornamental grass, to favorite plant pairings, and more.

5. In Defense of Plants

The In Defense of Plants gardening podcast is hosted by American botanist, plant fanatic, and blogger Matt Candeias. This weekly show is designed to cure plant blindness around the globe, covering everything from cryogenic conservation, the thorny subject of plant poaching. It attempts to resurrect extinct species to the sex life of yuccas. Matt interviews expert guests from the Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens, and botanists from around the globe to shed light on the work done to promote plant conservation.

6. Away to Garden

The Away to Garden gardening podcast is hosted by journalist, bestselling author, former garden editor for Martha Stewart Livin, and garden writer Margaret Roach. Though some of the topics she discusses during the show are only relevant to US-based gardeners, like advice on native flora or certain garden pests, others are relatable to Irish gardeners.

7. The Garden Podcast

The Garden Podcast is hosted by its editor Chris Young. It takes a close look at the people and stories featured in The Garden magazine, the Royal Horticultural Society's monthly magazine. Chris gives advice on how to garden for health and wellbeing. He interviews the field's well-known experts from the world of British horticulture, such as garden designer Fergus Garrett and Dan Pearson. The show provides an excellent and wide-ranging mix of practical and inspirational tips and advice.

8. My Garden Podcast

My Garden Podcast is a podcast for gardening lovers hosted by Penny Haslam. She covers topics about vegetables that won't grow, sunflowers that die, tomato trim, raspberry tap shoes, and more. This podcast is recorded in Penny Haslam's garden at home in Cheshire, England.

9. The Beginner's Garden Podcast

The Beginner's Garden Podcast is a go-to podcast with easy-to-understand resources, advice, information and tips, to help beginners in gardening to get the most out of their gardening adventure. Along with providing helpful information, Jill McSheehy aims to explain the gardening lingo as we go. She covers topics about essential indoor seeds, seed shopping, what can go wrong with spinach, etc.

10. Plant Talk Radio

Plant Talk gardening podcast is hosted by "The Ohio Nurseryman," Fred Hower, who has over 50 years of experience as a horticultural consultant, landscape designer and certified arborist. It's an hour-long live interactive radio gardening show. The host is like a walking encyclopedia of horticulture information, also answering his listeners' questions in a friendly and funny way. During the show, he talks about kid-friendly gardening projects, protecting tender bulbs and plants, fall planting, etc.

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