Eye Contact AI

Eye Contact AI

Breaking eye contact when recording a video is easily done, but with our Eye Contact AI tool you don’t need to record over and over again, just fix it with AI!
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AI Eye Contact

How to Use Our AI Eye Contact Tool

With Podcastle, correcting your eye contact in videos is easy, simply follow the three steps below to get started:
Capture the video that you need for your project.
In the Podcastle Video Editor, click the AI Assistant and choose Eye Contact Tool.
Choose which format you want to export in and download your file.
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Record First Time

Having to record videos over and over because of one mistake is a pain. With eye contact AI, you can fix small glances with the click of a button. Save time while making a flawless video.

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Build Better Rapport

Making eye contact is a great way to build an emotional connection with your audience. Our eye contact AI tool ensures constant eye contact, even if you occasionally glance away or look at notes.

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Use a Teleprompter

The Podcastle Recording Studio also features a teleprompter, meaning you can upload your script to the screen read directly, rather than looking off screen at a printout or Google Doc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI eye contact correction work?
AI eye contact tools work by tracking your eye movements during a video recording and then editing the footage to redirect the eye direction towards the camera.
Is eye contact correction effective?
It is! Eye contact correction is subtle and realistic, meaning you can relax and record your video without having to worry about keeping perfectly still or not blinking! Just record your video and any glances off screen will be edited by the AI.
Can I use an eye contact correction tool with my webcam?
Any recorded video can be updated with our AI eye contact tool, simply log in to the Podcastle Recording Studio, record your video and then apply the eye contact tool in the Video Editor. Your video will update in no time at all, correcting any breaks in eye contact.
Why is eye contact important in videos?
It’s said the eyes are the window to the soul and when speaking to someone in person or via video, making eye contact is an important way to establish trust. We express a lot of emotions through our eyes and this non-verbal communication helps build a personal connection and retain your audience’s attention.

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