Why and how to convert articles into audio? Easy tips for beginners

Sometimes it happens that readers find an extremely interesting and catchy article or other pieces of written content but don’t have enough time to read it right at that moment. You know that “now or never” feeling, right? Some readers know for sure that they will not read the article later if they postpone reading. In fact, if they don’t read it now, odds are they will lose it: they will most likely save it as a bookmark, then will forget about it, and later the content piece may lose its relevance.

But there is a great innovative solution to this problem - and it is AI-powered: a text-to-speech tool from Podcastle that helps turn any text into quality audio. If you are creating written content and would like to learn how to keep your audience thrilled even if they don’t have enough time to stay engaged, then we’ve got some easy tips for you on how to convert articles into audio and why you may need this tool in general.

One tool for different purposes

The revoice tool from Podcastle will serve your needs in different cases - whether you are a creator who builds a quality audience or an Internet user who wants to optimize the time spent in front of the screen.

If you are a creator, then the revoice tool will take your content to another level. And we’re not talking only about how entertaining it is to have audio versions of your written content on your website. There are a number of important factors that will help you improve your content in general, so continue reading.

Before we explore how Podcastle does that magic trick, let’s see why you need to convert articles into audio in the first place.

Increase engagement

When you offer audio versions of your articles, your audience will definitely appreciate the fact that you respect their time and help them enjoy your content and multitask. Podcasts have taken over the Internet, and people now listen to audio content more than ever.

Provide your potential audience to have a positive experience with your content. After some time, you will notice the growth of your audience by several times. By the way, some studies show that audio content becomes more and more attractive for people overall.

Think about inclusivity

When you create podcasts from your articles, it gives a great opportunity for people with reading limitations to engage with your content. For example, there may be people with dyslexia who may have some complications reading your articles but will enjoy listening to them. This also applies to people with low literacy, or even visual aids, and converting your texts into speech will be a smart solution for this case. Improve the accessibility of your website!

Increasing your website traffic

Converting your texts into podcasts and thus making your website more accessible will increase your traffic. The thing is, there will always be a big group of people in your audience that will most likely want to listen to your podcasts rather than read the article. And most probably these people will interact with your content, share it, and suggest it to their friends.

More subscriptions to your content

Studies show that people often unsubscribe from a website because they have no time to read long articles. And yes, not everyone will spend too much time reading entertaining content. That’s why content creators usually include audio versions of their articles in the subscription plan packages. It is a way to raise the loyalty of your audience by providing them with accessible and inclusive content for the paid subscription. This will also make your paid subscribers feel special

Long topics? Easy

Imagine you have a lot to say in your article. But you don’t want to lower the readability of your articles and don’t want to take much time from your readers. In such cases, content creators usually shorten their articles which may result in losing much of the valuable information.

In such cases, it would be a wonderful idea to convert your long story to a podcast and save your readers’ time - they will be able to reduce their screen time and multitask easily - drive, walk, and work out while listening to your podcasts. It’s just a few clicks and your audio files are ready. By the way, you can choose between 19 voices available on the Podcastle revoice tool.

All you need is just create a new project, choose the Convert Text to Speech option, and type or paste your text in the field.

To choose from the available voices, just click on the button that shows the first letter of the voice actor. A drop-down list will open, so you can pick whichever you like. The voices are AI-powered, but they sound as natural and lifelike as possible.

You can also create a new voice by choosing this option from the list. Create a digital copy of your voice, edit and create audio files using the text editor, and enjoy a clear, realistic voice to narrate your articles.

Improving the SEO of your website

Because publishing audio content will increase the traffic of your website in an organic way, the SEO of your website will improve. This will happen because the search engines spot the signals of positive user experience from your website. Besides, if you publish audio content, it is possible that your podcasts will become more findable and will be discovered via search from other podcast search engines.

Earn more with audio content

Besides all the useful features that audio content has, you will get another benefit - and we speak about increasing your ad revenue. Having podcasts on behalf of long articles will create more space for advertising which you can sell and earn more than before. You can have higher fees for ad placement or increase your commission rates. This will be extremely beneficial for your advertisers as well because they will get better results from the audio content.

Final thoughts

Converting articles into podcasts is easy and does not require much effort. Start attracting new audiences today, earn money and create quality content.Create a free account at Podcastle.ai and enjoy free features, or upgrade to a premium account and enjoy your premium plan as much as you want.

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