Male Voice Generator — How to Get Started

Podcastle's AI-powered male voice generator lets you easily create diverse audio clips using male AI voices, opening up endless possibilities for your projects.

Hear the Voice Generator in action

Play the clip below to hear a sample of what our male voice generator sounds like.

Hear Our Male Voice Generator

How to Use the Man’s Voice Generator

1) Sign up for a Podcastle account
If you haven't signed up for a Podcastle account yet, simply click the "Sign-up" button at the top of the page. Choose between the Free, Storyteller, or Pro plan based on your audio creation requirements.

2) Add Your Text
Once signed in, navigate to "Create > Project,” then select the “Convert Text to Speech” option. Paste the text you wish to convert into audio or write it directly in the text editor that comes up.

3) Select Your Voice
Navigate to the drop-down menu next to your text and select one of the many male AI voice options, then click “Generate.”

4) Export Your Content
Export your final audio file in your desired format and share it with others.

The Benefits of Using a Male Voice Changer

Male Voice Translator to Female

With our advanced AI technology you can easily change female voices to male, but also male voices to female. It’s quick, easy and sounds just like the real thing. You can use Podcastle for your podcasts, voiceovers, audio books, and more.

Personalized Branding

Does your brand target a 50-year-old male audience? We've got the perfect voice for you with our deep voice generator ! Or perhaps your ideal buyer persona embodies a 25-year-old Australian guy? Guess what – we've got that covered too! Tailor your audio content to reflect your brand identity by selecting a voice that resonates with your audience, helping to strengthen brand recognition and loyalty.

Time Efficiency

Creating audio content does not have to take hours. Streamline your content creation process by generating audio clips in minutes rather than hours, enabling you to produce high-quality content at a faster pace and stay ahead of tight deadlines.

Cost-Effective Solution

Save on hiring professional voice actors or recording studio fees by using AI. It’s a cheap, quick, and yet professional way to bring your scripts to life without breaking the bank.


Can you change your voice to sound like a man with AI?
Yes, it’s really easy to generate audio clips with a guy voice generator. You simply need a piece of existing audio or text that you want to convert; you can then upload that to our tool, select the male AI voice that you want to use, click generate, and before you know it, you’ll have your audio clip ready to export.

How much does it cost to generate male AI voice audio?
As part of our free plan, you can convert up to 10,000 characters of text into audio, that’s around 1500 - 2000 words. Our paid plans let you convert up to 1 million characters in any given month! More than an entire novel.

What is the best male voice generator?
When picking the best AI voice generator, you need to consider different factors like realism, speed, affordability, and choice. We think Podcastle offers the best voice generation software that ticks all of the boxes just mentioned.

What does an AI male voice sound like?
Male voice generators offer a range of different voices for different needs. You might want to sound more upbeat or more serious, have a higher-sounding voice or a deeper one. Try out the different voices available on Podcastle to see which is right for your project.

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