Make Your Brain Muscles Work With Top 8 Podcasts to Listen to While Working Out!

Training your body? Perfect! But what about the brain?

Having a dose of helpful information is just as good for you as a healthy portion of physical exercise! That's why we suggest you combine both options - listen to podcasts while practicing your daily fitness routine!

Great idea, isn't it? We're excited too. However, you should be selective when choosing podcasts to listen to while working out. We guess completing squats or push-ups under a political or scientific podcast won't be the best idea. Instead, it should be something light, active, and motivating. Your workout podcast playlist should not overwhelm you with heavy information but rather give you extra energy for finishing your exercises.

So, what are the best motivational podcasts to listen to while working out? Don't bother spending time on research; we've done it for you.

Go pack your gym back, and turn on one of the listed podcasts when you start the workout!

Gilmore Guys

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Get ready because the Gilmore Guys crew has some in-depth analysis planned out for you. The Veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and new-to-the-scene guest Demi Adejuyigbe go deep into each Gilmore Girls episode with their special guests. Kevin and Demi praise or mock whatever event takes place in one of the most famous TV series. So, if Gilmore Girls was or is your favorite TV series, join in for some casual  talk about the series.

Art of Charm

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It's high time to learn how you can conquer the world! Founders of Art of Charm Johnny and AJ share their rich experiences with listeners. They tell stories and share insights from their 11 years of  experience in coaching in Los Angeles. They also tell how they dealt with thousands of international clients who have attended their hosted Bootcamp. Overall, this show provides helpful advice on relationships & human dynamics and allows listeners an inside view into what goes down at these training sessions.

The Right Time with Bomani Jones

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Bomani Jones is a sports and pop culture junkie with a perfect voice. With a razor-sharp wit, he shares his insights on Mondays through Thursdays to all of the listeners who love talking back! Dominique Foxworth comes on the show every Friday. And on Wednesdays you will meet Bomani's friends for some sweet talks!

Mindset Mentor

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Mindset Mentor is one of the best podcasts to listen to while working out, as it gives the needed motivation from the first second of turning on. The podcast shows how to become more mindful by learning how your brain works. When you find your best motivation, no heel is too high for you! The Mindset Mentor podcast guides listeners on their journey towards self-care by providing insights into human nature.

All Fantasy Everything

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Welcome to All Fantasy Everything, where different people and experts come together to share  a moment of pop culture, discussing everything from music to movies. The rules are that anything can be brought up to the table, so get ready for any bizzare topic that comes to mind. Tune in to the most entertaining show, All Fantasy Everything, whenever you feel bored at the gym.

The Friend Zone

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What about a dialogue podcast? You can ask your questions and the hosts will come back to you with answer episodes. From difficulties of staying on track with your spiritual and mental health to tips for avoiding a musty brain, The Friend Zone is the place you can discuss everything! The show should be one of your top podcasts to listen to when working out. However, you can enjoy it once a week, only on Wednesdays.

Put Your Hands Together

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Ask your trainers if it's OK to laugh with tears during the training. This podcast is the best standup show, served up fresh every day by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. They bring up new sets from all your favorite comics in front of a live UCB audience. Join in if you want to get funny stories about everything, such as toilet mice or The Madonna. Tune in once, and it will become one of your favorite podcasts to listen to while working out.

Another Round

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As a closing show for our list of the podcasts for working out, we chose another funny piece - Another Round. From race and gender to pop culture, Heben Nigatu covers it all in her boozy show. She runs the show from the latest news straight out of Washington DC with co-host Tracy Clayton. The Another Round is funny chaos you're going to love.

To Sum Up

Hey! We've done it! Now you know how to have a perfect daily working out routine, combining physical and mental exercise at the same time. Just tune in to the suggested podcasts to make your gym hours more useful and engaging. And, of course, don't forget to drink some water.

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