Learn to Find Podcast Guests that are Top in The Field

It's not a secret that inviting podcast guests helps a show stay on top of the wave. Invited people spice up the content with a fresh perspective and communication style. So, even if you have a solid base of loyal listeners, trust us, they would love to listen to a new person every once in a while. If you are an avid podcaster, chances are high you have already applied this technique and experienced its positive impact on the show's statistics. So, now you might need another piece of advice; how to find podcast guests that will boost your listenership? You asked we answer. Let's jump into seven tips for finding podcast guests that helped many podcasters and will probably come in handy to you too!

1 Start with your close ones

Why? Because it would be easier to get them to your show. This tip is precious for newbie podcasters, who may fail to attract famous guests to their show at the initial stage. Your friends and relatives would love to be hosted on your podcast and help you no matter what! Besides, on your very first podcast interviews, it might be significantly more convenient for you to interview guests that are familiar to you. So, filter the list of your close people and find the ones that would be interesting for your audience.

2 Pick guests from podcasting events

Networking will never go out of fashion. Engaging in like-minded communities will help you grow professionally and find podcast guests for your show. The best way to connect with potential guests from your field is by attending face-to-face meetings. An email from an unknown pioneer podcaster may get ignored. However, presenting your podcast and ideas in person will get you higher chances to spark your colleagues interested. So, dress up and show up to all the podcasting events in your city. And don't forget to  have a pitch when introducing your show to the community for the first time.


3 Interview your listeners

Yes, you read it correctly! Picking podcast guests from your listener base is a great idea. It will help you boost your show's engagement and showcase your attitude towards your audience. There are several ways you can choose the listeners that can contribute to your podcast. They can be the most loyal fans of your show. As another option, you can invite those who are the most active in posting reviews about your podcast. Last but not least, you can run live podcasts and allow all participants to ask any questions they may have.

4 See how others do it

Why reinvent the wheel if someone has already done it for you? Head to your competitors' podcast episodes, and explore the list of guests they are interviewing. If you see the same person appearing on different shows, chances are this person really enhances show ratings. So, why not reach out to them and propose your podcast as the next platform they can appear in? However, keep in mind that you should avoid "mainstream" podcast guests. We mean those who have appeared in way too many podcasts and will not give a sense of exclusivity  to your show.

5 Use podcast guest directories

Yes, there are magical platforms that have already collected relevant guests for your show. All that's left to you is to carefully research the databases and find suitable podcast guests for your audience. PodcastGuests.com may be one of the best platforms to start from. It has more than 30,000 users and allows mutually beneficial cooperation for those who look for guests and those who search for podcasts to appear in. You can also use this platform if you want to appear in someone else's show.

6 Ask advice from your audience

Learning who your listeners would love to see at your show may help you filter the list of potential guests. You will spend your time conducting highly targeted reach outs that are more effective. You will also overcome the fear that your audience wouldn’t enjoy the episode. Use any channel at hand to ask your listeners whom they would like you to interview. Don't forget to consider the feedback for the future.

7 Watch out for the news

In the current world, someone can become a superstar overnight. Many industries are dominated by such hype, so regularly tracking new faces appearing in the news headlines might be a good place for finding podcast guests. If you get on the wave earlier than others and interview someone notable before your competitors manage to do it, the podcast statistics can surprise you! It will also work if you interview some celebrities on their shocking career or life events.

8 Be open for pitches

Podcast pitches are short emails that are written by people interested in becoming podcast guests. So, if you want to find podcast guests easily, be open to suggestions from anyone. Craft some user-friendly sections on your website, inviting interested people to apply for participating in your show. The results will not make you wait. There are so many people constantly looking out for some great interview opportunities. You found some great podcast guests; what's next?

The above steps will help you attract great individuals. Further, you need to make sure you have the necessary setup to craft a great podcast interview.

If it’s your first time recording a show with someone else, look no further! Podcastle's remote interview software is easy to use and provides you with studio-quality recording without any professional gear. On top of that, editing your show on Podcastle is absolutely free.

So, wait no longer and follow our remote interviewing guide to get started. We're so sure you're going to rock it!

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