Who Are the Most Popular YouTubers? And Why?

If you want to win the content creation game, you need a good strategy. Thankfully, there’s lots to be learned from those who came before.

Keep reading to meet eight of the most popular (and well-respected) YouTubers currently uploading to the platform as we break down why they’re so popular — and what we can take away from their strategies.

MrBeast (290M)

Who are they? MrBeast isn’t just one of the most popular YouTubers; he is the most popular YouTuber, uploading blockbuster-style videos with high stakes and even higher production values.

Why are they popular? Jimmy Donaldson’s title as the King of YouTube is well-deserved. He’s been consistently posting and experimenting with his content style for many years, finally landing on his unique brand of short yet intense videos that people just can’t look away from.

What can we learn from MrBeast? Don’t be afraid to try new things — and keep an eye on your analytics. Donaldson has been open about evolving his content based on which videos his channel analytics indicate perform best.

Most popular video: $456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

Marques Brownlee (19M)

Who are they? Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, has been creating tech review content on YouTube for 16 years. Now, he’s one of the most highly regarded and sought-after figures in the space.

Why are they popular? Well, while Brownlee’s star power, production budget, and wealth may have grown, he hasn’t gained an ego. Brownlee always prioritizes authenticity in his reviews, allowing his passion for tech to shine through.

What can we learn from Marques Brownlee? Focus on topics you are truly passionate about. When, like Brownlee, you care about the topics you’re speaking about, you’ll not only feel more motivated to create but also come across as authentically passionate.

Most popular video: Retro Tech: Game Boy

PewDiePie (111M)

Who are they? PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg, is a true YouTube OG. He found fame and fortune with Let’s Plays in the 2010s, and while he soon moved into the commentary world, he’s remained a gamer at heart.

Why is he popular? What sets Kjellberg apart from his contemporaries is his unique personality, sense of humor, and bold editing style. His fans have stayed loyal not just to his content but to Kjellberg as a person.

What can we learn from PewDiePie? The best growth strategy is to be yourself. While there are other Let’s Play and commentary channels out there, there’s only one PewDiePie.

Most popular video: b*tch lasagne

Markiplier (36.7M)

Who are they? Markiplier, real name Mark Fischbach, is a legend on gaming YouTube. He rose to popularity in the 2010s thanks to his horror Let’s Play videos.

Why are they popular? Like PewDiePie, Markiplier is a drop in the ocean of gaming content, but his viewers have stayed loyal over the years because of the genuine connection he’s built with them by advocating for mental health awareness and other philanthropic efforts.

What can we learn from Markiplier? Embrace difficult conversations. Even if you create humorous content, your platform offers an opportunity to spread awareness on issues close to your heart. This can help foster a sense of familiarity with your audience.

Most popular video: MEOW

Chloe Ting (25.3M)

Who are they? Chloe Ting is the It Girl of the online fitness world.

Why are they popular? There are thousands of fitness creators on YouTube, but Ting has found a new level of fitness fame because she understands what her audience wants from their at-home workouts and delivers just that. Most videos are short, avoid using equipment, and are neatly organized into series because she knows her audience wants easy-to-navigate yet effective workouts.

What can we learn from Chloe Ting? Give your audience the content they want. Keeping an eye on comments and feedback from your most loyal followers will give you a better idea of what they’ll find valuable, allowing you to create more relevant content.

Most popular video: Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Philip DeFranco (6.54M)

Who are they? Philip DeFranco is one of the most highly regarded figures in the commentary and news community, best known for his show, The Philip DeFranco Show, which has become many people’s go-to source for current events and pop culture.

Why are they popular? If we had to describe DeFranco in three words, we’d say he’s consistent, engaging, and articulate — all values that are integral to building a news and commentary platform.

What can we learn from Philip DeFranco? Practice your delivery. If, like DeFranco, you speak directly to a camera, your manner of speaking becomes ten times more important. Focus on perfecting your delivery style, keeping it clear and authentic to you.

Most popular video: WOW... We Need To Talk About This...

Emma Chamberlain (12M)

Who are they? In just a few short years, Emma Chamberlain went from vlogging in her bedroom to interviewing celebrities on the famous Met Gala red carpet, placing her into the small category of YouTubers who exist on a higher plane of internet fame.

Why are they popular? Chamberlain is the down-to-earth antithesis of TikTok’s Clean Girl, drawing in legions of followers thanks to her relatable vlogs, unique editing style, and candid attitude.

What can we learn from Emma Chamberlain? Work with what you’ve got. Part of Chamberlain’s charm is that her content is raw and free of frills. If you don’t have a fancy camera or microphone (yet), don’t worry. You can get started with whatever you have now.


Casey Neistat (12.6M)

Who are they? Casey Neistat is a filmmaker first and a YouTuber second. YouTube is simply the medium through which he shares his documentary-style films and vlogs.

Why are they popular? Neistat is best known for his iconic sunglasses, his unrivaled production value, and his ability to tell a good story — a feat he achieves through a mix of high-quality equipment, complex editing, and solid scripting.

What can we learn from Casey Neistat? Optimize your video quality. Creating beautiful videos means investing in your craft. Take a leaf out of Neistat’s book and learn how to light your videos properly, experiment with camera techniques, and ace the art of the all-important post-production editing process.

Most popular video: THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT

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