Most Popular Shows on Apple Podcasts to Follow in 2023

Apple podcast is an excellent app for searching, listening to, and following the most popular podcasts in the world. Here you can find all kinds of new shows with the help of professional suggestions and expert recommendations. The Apple podcast app is reachable to everyone for free. It gives you the possibility to share your Apple podcast subscriptions with your friends or your family. By downloading your favorite episodes, you can listen to them in offline mode later. It gives a possibility to record your own Apple podcasts.

There are numerous popular Apple podcasts, and we compiled the list of the ones that are popular now below:

1. The Bill Simmons Podcast
This is one of the most popular sports Apple podcasts hosted by Bill Simmons. He is doing the most downloaded sports podcasts ever with an enormous army of celebrities, media members, and sportsmen also together with his family and friends. Recorded by the Ringer.

2. The Thing About Helen & Olga
This Apple podcast is about two old and very kind ladies, who are very open-hearted and willing to help ruined men and seem to be two angels sent from heaven. But later one of these men is killed by a driver and the second follows him, it becomes horrifying. This podcast is recorded by NBC News.

3․ Strangeland
Strangeland is a new and the most popular Apple podcast that is about different stories of immigrant blocks. Ben Adair, an investigative journalist, and Sharon Choi, a world-known interpreter, examine neighborhoods that the police couldn't reach. The Western Sound records it.

4. The Ramsey Show
Another top-rated Apple podcast is The Ramsey Show. It is a three-hour podcast hosted by finance specialist and author Dave Ramsey. He does live calls on different financial themes, discusses money-related stories with the callers. He is famous as a debt collector. Ramsey attempts to go deep into the mathematical mechanism and support his audience at a high level.


5. The Daily
This is the most popular informative Apple podcast, recorded by The New York Times, about the hottest news told by the best journalist. It is hosted by Michael Barbaro. You can start your day at 6. am with the freshest news with this podcast.

6. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel
This is another popular Apple podcast that is about family therapy.  Esther Perel is a therapist who examines different couples and reveals the most personal, intimate, and complicated problems of relationships and tries to help them recover, going deep into the problem. Recorded by Gimlet Media.

7. This American Life
This apple podcast is a public radio show that has 2.2 million listeners on around 500 stations. It is about different kinds of stories. Most of the subscribers download the podcast. The host is Ira Glass. It is produced in cooperation with Chicago Public Media, broadcasted to The Public Radio Exchange stations. It has won the most major award in broadcasting.

8. We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle
This Apple podcast is done by Glennon Doyle, who is the author of the book “ We Can Do Hard Things”, released at the start of the Pandemic. It was a disaster for everyone and a stressful period for all people and this podcast is meant to reveal each hard story to the audience, help each other, give advice, support or just hear the story, not leave alone the person with the problem.

9. Fresh Air
Fresh air podcasts belong to the contemporary art category of Apple podcasts. It is one of the most popular programs hosted by Terry Gross. It was the most popular and downloaded podcast on iTunes in 2016.

10. Radiolab
Radiolab Apple podcast focuses on topics of political, scientific, and philosophical nature. It intends to approach difficult spheres of life such as “time” and “morality”. It is hosted by Lulu Miller, Jad Abumrad, and Latif Nasser. It is also known for creative sound design and merging information with music. Radiolab won  National Academies Communication Award in 2007 "for use of radio to spread science to broad audiences".

11. Drink Champs
N.O.R.E, a former Queens rapper, and DJ EFN, a hip-hopper from Miami, founded this Apple podcast for informal conversation and storytelling. The guests and hosts have a light-hearted conversation about the past paths of their success, live episode, friendship, and epochal moment of their careers.

12. BiggerPockets
Biggerpockets is a real estate Apple podcast that has an educational form for real estate investment. The founder is Joshua Dorkin, the co-hosts are David Greene and Brandon Turner. They host different investors and other real estate professionals every week to provide professional advice on financial strategies for different spheres. 13. The Breakfast Clubs
The Breakfast Clubs belongs to the comedy category of Apple podcasts. Hosted by Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne the God, every morning with the fresh gossip of celebrities, especially within the hip hop industry, as well as dating, politics, and other daily important issues.

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