15 of 2022’s Most Powerful and Best Podcasts

There is no better way to kill time and learn new things simultaneously than listening to a podcast episode; especially when you've got this list of best podcasts.

Podcasting has occupied a prominent space in people’s lives and is growing the fastest among millennials. With over 2 million active podcasts today and 140 million listeners in the US only, the future of this multi-billion dollar industry sounds very promising.

People listen to podcasts almost everywhere, whether at home, park, driving, or working out. Ultimately, there is no better way to kill time and learn new things simultaneously than listening to an hour podcast episode.

And since finding the most valuable podcasts to listen to can be confusing in such a podcast-saturated world, we’ve gathered a list of the best podcasts in 2022.

The Ramsey Show

  • Host: Dave Ramsey
  • Topic: Education, Financial Talk
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 3 hours live show, Monday through Thursday

David Rasemy started the show in 1992 and has reached more than 18 million listeners. David discusses life and money topics, takes listeners’ calls during the live show, analyses their problems, and provides practical solutions.

He also wrote seven bestselling books about that. What distinguishes David from any other podcaster is that he reaches his listeners on an emotional level.

Planet Money

  • Host: Bryant Urstadt
  • Topic: Economics, Culture, Business
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 15-30 min, Twice weekly

The Planet Money show started on September 6th, 2008, due to the financial crisis in 2007-2008. It introduces simple explanations of the popular complex economic issues. The goal is to make those issues easy to understand by listeners from different educational backgrounds. The podcast guests are academic experts, business professionals, and the general public. They discuss various economic topics such as taxes, international trade, and others.

This American Life

  • Host: Ira Glass
  • Topic: General
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: Weekly

The American Life podcast started in 1995, introducing a new type of journalism and entertainment based on stories. The topics include real-life stories and exciting ideas. The podcast is an excellent choice for those looking for motivation and role models from the real world, not Hollywood movies.

Office Ladies

  • Host: Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey
  • Topic: Comedy, Office Re-Watch
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 40- 120 min, Weekly

Suppose you are a loyal fan of the television sitcom “The Office,” the Office Ladies podcast gives you special, behind-the-scenes access for each episode. The show was launched in 2019 by the co-stars of The Office, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. They deconstruct each episode and provide exclusive behind the scene stories. Some episodes have guests, such as co-stars, writers, and producers.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

  • Host: Conan O’Brien
  • Topic: Comedy
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 30-90 min, Weekly

For 25 years, Conan couldn’t build a real, lasting friendship. Therefore in 2019, he found the real friends he was seeking were his show co-workers. Consequently, he decided to spend more time with them and started sharing his experience through the podcast episodes.

7Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast

  • Host: Clyde Lee Dennis
  • Topic: Health & Fitness
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 7min, Daily

7Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement is an excellent way to start your day. It provides exclusive self-improvement and life skills for high achievers to help them reach their goals. The tips are provided by the best teachers such as Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty, Lisa Nichols, and many more.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

  • Host: Jay Shetty
  • Topic: Health & Fitness
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 30-60 min, twice weekly

With a busy lifestyle, most people lose track of their goals. So the former monk and English author Jay Shetty, who had the same bad experiences, ups & downs, and obstacles, decided to start a podcast where he could share his knowledge and “wisdom” -according to him- to be available for everyone.

By hosting the most insightful people in the world and sharing valuable conversations, he helps people reassess their lives and concentrate on their goals.

This Week in Tech (Audio)

  • Host: Leo Laporte
  • Topic: Technology
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 3 hours, Weekly

Today’s technology is used in every aspect of life; therefore, being up to date with the latest technology trends is essential for everyone. The creator of This Week in Tech provides people with what they need by giving deep analysis and discussion of current news, trends, and niche topics in the tech industry.

They have tech experts to talk about relevant topics such as trending technology, technology companies, the latest tech products, technological advances, technology’s impact on society, and more.

Giant Bombcast

  • Host: Jan Ochoa
  • Topic: Technology
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 3 hours, Weekly

If you are a video gamer, this podcast is for you. Giant Bomb provides comprehensive insights about the video gaming industry, news, and new releases. As it started as a “fun video gaming website,” it provides those insights in a smooth, attractive way, making it understandable for everyone.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

  • Host: Alaina Urquhart; Ashleigh Kelley
  • Topic: Crime, Adventure
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 1 hour, Twice Weekly

If you like horror and crime stories, Morbid is an excellent choice to get an Adrenaline rush. The show was launched in 2018 by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. They provide a high dose of “weird” excitement mixed with some humor. The stories are usually about murders, scary myths, creepy history, and haunted places.

Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer

  • Host: Neal Schaffer
  • Topic: Digital Marketing, Social media
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 30 min, Weekly

Digital marketing is the new revolution for personal or business use. So, Neal Schaffer provides professional tips about digital marketing by having expert guests such as marketing professionals and agencies.

If you want to elevate the ROI, use social media, SEO best practices, etc., then you must make the most of your free time or gym time and boost your digital presence with Neal Schaffer.

Search Engine Journal Show

  • Host: Loren Baker
  • Topic: SEO, social media
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 40-80 min, Weekly

Search engine optimization is a familiar term for everyone who has a website. And since it’s essential to level up the website rank on Google Search, search engine journal founder Loren Baker came with many advice and expert SEO tricks.

Through the podcast, he covers all aspects of SEO trends, such as technical issues, content marketing strategies, tourism marketing, Google Search, and Maps features.

The Massive Agent Podcast

  • Host: Dustin Brohm
  • Topic: Lead Generation & Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 30-60min, Weekly

The real estate market can be very competitive, but smart strategies and marketing solutions can make a difference. To help real estate professionals, Salt Lake City realtor Dustin Brohm provides some practical and actionable marketing and lead generation tips that help realtors level up without trial and error. He also offers one-on-one personal coaching, monitoring, and Facebook Ads training.

The Moth

  • Host: Catherine Burns; Sarah Austin Jenness; Jenifer Hixson; Meg Bowles; George Dawes Green
  • Topic: Storytelling
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 60min, Weekly

While we used to tell a story around the campfire, friends gathering, family evenings, etc., now some of the best stories are shared by storytelling podcasts like The Moth. It’s a non-profit organization that shares great real-life stories to inspire and motivate others.

Stuff You Should Know

  • Host: Josh Clark; Charles W.;  Chuck Bryant
  • Topic: General
  • Country: USA
  • Episodes: 20-60min, Triweekly

Get to know a thing or two about everything! It’s a free podcast covering various general topics. The hosts use popular culture as a reference to educate listeners about the issues in a comedic style.


Podcasting is the new trend in self-education, whether just a few minutes or hours. Many podcasts have gone viral, almost covering every topic that might come to mind. Whatever your interests are, there is probably a podcast to fulfill them.

In this article, we’ve gathered the top 15 podcasts in 2022 covering various topics such as financial, adventure, self-improvement, digital marketing, etc. Check them out and start your podcast journey now.

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