10 Best Finance Podcasts To Listen To On Spotify

There is a wealth of insightful, analytical, and informative podcasts out there covering just about every topic. Almost all of the largest financial publications and financial experts now have a finance podcast, giving insight into a topic of your choice when you’re on the go or at rest.

We have rounded up a list of the 10 best finance podcasts to listen to on Spotify that could be a great way to stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

1. Millennial Investing

Millennial Investing is hosted by Robert Leonard and Clay Finck.

The purpose of this finance podcast is to promote and improve literacy in the fast-changing world of finance for millennials by breaking down the industry jargon to be clear for any novice. Through interviews with successful business people and industry leaders, the show covers investment industry basics, topics like stock investing, bitcoins, behavioral finance, personal finance, index investing, and more. Each episode is around 50 mins.  

2. Ditch the Suits

This finance podcast is hosted by Steve Campbell and Travis Maus. They take their listeners into the stuff that no one wants them to know about in the financial world. With successful business owners, Steve and Trevis cover in-depth financial topics like FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) investing, multi-generational financial planning, wealth protection from financial exploitation, and a lot more. If you are interested in this, then stick around and follow Ditch the Suits’ thought-provoking shows.

3. ChooseFI

Choose FI (Financial Independence) podcast is hosted by Jonathan and Brad. They discuss economic and financial topics through interviews with ordinary people having financial independence and providing actionable tips. They cover topics like tax planning, procrastination and preparation, how to market yourself, and other interesting stuff during the show. Each episode of this finance podcast is an hour-long.

4. DIY Money    

Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno host the DIY (Do It Yourself) Money podcast. They take a look into a range of topics from budgeting, savings, investing, wealth management, debt to tax-loss harvesting and personal finance. You can add this podcast to your favorites list if you are looking for a bite-sized quality takeaway. The episodes length is around 15 mins each.  

5. Invest Like the Best

Invest Like the Best finance podcast is hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. He interviews industry leaders with exciting success stories exploring new ideas, methods, and strategies to better invest your time and money. He covers topics like Amazon aggregators, digital assets, fintech, internet economy, and more. Succinctly, if you are looking for a podcast to learn more and stay up-to-date, join Invest Like The Best podcast. Each episode is an hour-long.

6. Odd Lots

Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway host Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast. They discuss and analyze complex issues, strange patterns, the latest economic and financial news, the newest market craze and more with their guests in a well explained and easy to follow way. If you want to be in the loop, then be sure Odd Lots is the right choice for that.

7. The Rich Dad Radio Show

The author of the worldwide best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the kahuna of the investment world Robert Kiyosaki covers topics from business, economics, investment to personal finance and development during his The Rich Dad Radio Show giving conventional advice. In his 45 min long episodes with his professional guests, you’ll hear new ideas and various viewpoints on how listeners should set them up for financial success.

8. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income (SPI) is hosted by Pat Flynn. Having insightful talks with business professionals, industry experts, entrepreneurs, the show will take you inside their minds and behind the scenes of successful people. Each episode is a new journey to a completely different but insightful story behind businesses with applicable strategy and recommendations. Adding Smart Passive Income to the list of your favorite finance podcasts will be the right step in the right direction.

9. Bloomberg Surveillance

Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, and Pimm Fox cover the latest news and trends in financial markets, investments, and economics keeping it under their surveillance. They bring insights on the top booming financial and business stories of the day with their guests with the leading voices during their show. Episodes length varies from 20 to 45 mins.

10. Fast Money Podcast

Fast Mօney Podcast was created by CNBC and is hosted by Melissa Lee and, as they describe, a “roundtable of top traders”. Every day, Melissa analyze the markets, like what happened in Asian or European stock markets and what are the predictions, discuss actionable news and break down earnings for example from Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, give insights on Facebook’s metaverse and much more with her guests that matter to investors. So if you want to be up on the daily news with your cup of coffee, then Fast Money Podcast covers you with that.

To wrap it up, if you are a finance enthusiast and are looking for an easy-listening and insightful finance podcasts on the economy, finance, investments, personal finance, and other interesting stuff, there is plenty of shows with great analysis, content, and guest, just make sure to find what fits your needs best.

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