30 of the Best Finance Podcasts On Spotify

There is a wealth of insightful, analytical, and informative podcasts out there covering just about every topic. Almost all of the largest financial publications and financial experts now have a finance podcast, giving insight into a topic of your choice when you’re on the go or at rest.

We have rounded up a list of the best finance podcasts to listen to on Spotify that could be a great way to stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

1. Ditch the Suits

This finance podcast is hosted by Steve Campbell and Travis Maus. They take their listeners into the stuff that no one wants them to know about in the financial world. With successful business owners, Steve and Trevis cover in-depth financial topics like FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) investing, multi-generational financial planning, wealth protection from financial exploitation, and a lot more. If you are interested in this, then stick around and follow Ditch the Suits’ thought-provoking shows.

2. ChooseFI

Choose FI (Financial Independence) podcast is hosted by Jonathan and Brad. They discuss economic and financial topics through interviews with ordinary people having financial independence and providing actionable tips. They cover topics like tax planning, mortgage loans, procrastination and preparation, how to market yourself, and other interesting stuff during the show.

3. DIY Money  

Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno host the DIY (Do It Yourself) Money podcast. They take a look into a range of topics from budgeting, savings, investing, wealth management, debt to tax-loss harvesting and personal finance. You can add this podcast to your favorites list if you are looking for a bite-sized quality takeaway. The episodes length is around 15 mins each.  

4. Odd Lots

Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway host Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast. They discuss and analyze complex issues, strange patterns, the latest economic and financial news, the newest market craze and more with their guests in a well explained and easy to follow way. If you want to be in the loop, then be sure Odd Lots is the right choice for that.

5. The Rich Dad Radio Show

The author of the worldwide best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the kahuna of the investment world Robert Kiyosaki covers topics from business, economics, investment to personal finance and development during his The Rich Dad Radio Show giving conventional advice. In his 45 min long episodes with his professional guests, you’ll hear new ideas and various viewpoints on how listeners should set them up for financial success.

6. Bloomberg Surveillance

Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, and Pimm Fox cover the latest news and trends in financial markets, investments, and economics keeping it under their surveillance. They bring insights on the top booming financial and business stories of the day with their guests with the leading voices during their show. Episodes length varies from 20 to 45 mins.

7. Fast Money Podcast

Fast Mօney Podcast was created by CNBC and is hosted by Melissa Lee and, as they describe, a “roundtable of top traders”. Every day, Melissa analyze the markets, like what happened in Asian or European stock markets and what are the predictions, discuss actionable news and break down earnings for example from Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, give insights on Facebook’s metaverse and much more with her guests that matter to investors. So if you want to be up on the daily news with your cup of coffee, then Fast Money Podcast covers you with that.

8. The Dave Ramsey Show

Hosted by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, this podcast offers practical advice on getting out of debt, building wealth, and achieving financial peace.

9. BiggerPockets Money Podcast

This podcast is part of the BiggerPockets network and focuses on real estate investing and achieving financial independence. Hosts Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen interview guests and share their own experiences.

10. The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is a consumer expert who provides tips on saving money, avoiding scams, and making wise financial decisions. His podcast covers a wide range of personal finance topics.

11. Afford Anything Podcast

Hosted by Paula Pant, this podcast covers a range of personal finance and investing topics. Paula interviews experts and shares insights on building wealth and creating a life you love.

12. Planet Money

This NPR podcast provides a light and entertaining take on economic issues, making complex topics accessible to a broad audience. It covers a wide range of subjects, from current events to historical economic stories.

13. The Indicator

A spin-off from Planet Money, The Indicator is a shorter, more frequent podcast that delves into specific economic indicators, trends, and stories, offering insights into the forces

14. World Business Report

The BBC World Service brings you this twice daily update on critical subjects related to the world economy. Includes everything fro US credit card debt to natural disasters in Iceland. Ideal for people who want regular updates on the most important news stories.

15. The Rest is Money

The podcast is hosted by Robert Peston and Steph McGovern, who follow the money to bring you insightful stories from the world of business and finance. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to the financial world, including the role of AI in the job market, inflation trends, and why wealthy countries are investing in sports. The podcast also covers the stories behind the business empires of famous personalities like Taylor Swift.

16. FT News Briefing

FT News Briefing is a daily podcast by the Financial Times that provides a rundown of the most important global business stories you need to know for the coming day. The podcast is hosted by Marc Filippino and is available every weekday morning, UK time.

17. Goldman Sachs Exchanges

How would you like to pick the brain of people working inside Goldman Sachs and get topical insights on business and economic matters? That's exactly what this podcast offers, inviting expert Goldman guests to discuss matters like "Why most Americans aren't saving enough for retirement" and the truth behind the Generative AI hype and what it means for business.

18. Everyone's Talkin' Money

Hosted by Shannah Game, a certified financial planner, entrepreneur, and author of the Money Mindset Journal. The podcast aims to help listeners achieve their financial goals by providing personal finance tips, money therapy, and techniques from people who have been there and done that. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to personal finance, including goal-setting, relationships, mental health, life, happiness, motivation, and entrepreneurship.

19. Fintech One-on-One

Hosted by Peter Renton, this podcast delves into the world of online lending and alternative credit. It features interviews with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts discussing the latest trends and developments in the lending space.

20. Unchained

Hosted by Laura Shin, Unchained explores the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts, covering a wide range of topics related to the decentralized economy.

21. Journey To Launch

Embark on a financial adventure with the "Journey To Launch" podcast, where host Jamila Souffrant shares inspiring stories and practical advice on achieving financial independence. Through engaging interviews with experts and everyday individuals who've successfully navigated their financial journeys, this podcast provides actionable insights, motivation, and a roadmap for taking control of your finances and pursuing your goals.

22. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Dive into the world of intentional budgeting with "You Need A Budget," abbreviated as YNAB. This podcast, an extension of the popular budgeting software, goes beyond mere number-crunching. Hosts Jesse Mecham and his team guide listeners through the principles of proactive budgeting, helping them align their money with their priorities. Expect practical tips, success stories, and a dose of humor as you learn how to gain control of your finances and build a sustainable budgeting mindset.

23. Inspired Budget

Allison Baggerly demystifies the world of budgeting and personal finance. This podcast is a supportive space for listeners seeking inspiration, actionable strategies, and real-life stories of financial triumph. From practical budgeting techniques to tackling debt and setting financial goals, "Inspired Budget" offers a down-to-earth approach to money management, helping you create a budget that aligns with your values and aspirations.

24. The Money Mindset Podcast

Explore the intersection of psychology and personal finance on "The Money Mindset Podcast." Hosted by Ashley Patrick, this podcast delves into the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that shape our financial decisions. Through expert interviews and thoughtful discussions, listeners gain valuable insights into how mindset impacts financial success. Whether addressing money blocks, overcoming financial fears, or embracing an abundance mentality, this podcast is your guide to cultivating a positive and empowering relationship with money.

25. Pitchfork Economics

Hosted by Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and David Goldstein, senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, this podcast challenges conventional economic thinking and explores solutions for a more inclusive and equitable economy.

Each episode of "Pitchfork Economics" features engaging conversations with economists, scholars, and policymakers who offer fresh perspectives on income inequality, the role of corporations, and the impact of economic policies on everyday people. The hosts bring a down-to-earth approach to complex economic issues, making them understandable and relevant to listeners of all backgrounds.

26. Motley Fool Money Podcast

Want to get into stock investing but don't know where to start? Check out Motley Fool Money, a daily podcast that breaks down the latest business news and gives you a long-term perspective on investing. During the week, their team of analysts dives deep into the markets. On weekends, you'll get a mix of investing classes and interviews with the experts. Hosted by the trio of Dylan Lewis, Ricky Mulvey, and Mary Long, this podcast is like having a friendly guide to help you navigate the stock market.

27. Afford Anything Podcast

"You can afford anything, but not everything". That's the motto of the Afford Anything podcast, and it goes beyond just talking about money and investing. Host Paula Pant takes you on a journey to explore the psychology behind our decisions and how we can make smarter choices. She interviews experts from all fields to help you think critically and recognize your blind spots. Whether you're looking to save more, invest better, or just make sense of your financial life, Afford Anything is here to help you think about how you think about money.

28. Money Guy Show

Meet Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, two financial advisors who are on a mission to help you fast-track your way to financial freedom. With over 40 years of combined experience, they've seen firsthand how smart money strategies can transform lives. Each week, they break down complex financial topics into easy-to-understand concepts through livestreams, full-length episodes, and Q&A segments. And people are listening – the show has racked up millions of views and downloads.

29. Optimal Finance Daily

Get ready for a daily dose of financial inspiration with Optimal Finance Daily, hosted by Diania Merriam, the mastermind behind the EconoMe conference. In each episode, Diania handpicks the best advice from top financial bloggers and experts and serves it up in a way that's easy to understand and apply to your life.

From budgeting and saving to investing and early retirement, she covers it all. And with her infectious enthusiasm and deep expertise, you'll find yourself looking forward to each new episode. So, if you're ready to take control of your money and work towards financial independence, hit play on Optimal Finance Daily.

30. Money for the rest of us

Ever wish you had a wise friend who could guide you through the world of personal finance? Meet David Stein, the host of the Money for the Rest of Us podcast. With nearly two decades of experience as a Chief Investment Strategist and money manager, David has a knack for explaining complex financial concepts in a way that just makes sense.

Each episode is like a mini-lesson in money management, from understanding how money works to developing a smart investing strategy. Whether you're just starting out or well on your way to financial independence, Money for the Rest of Us is here to help you make sense of it all.

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