10 Best Yoga Podcasts to Learn and Practice at Home

Yoga is an excellent way to keep the body and mind healthy and harmonious. For many of us, however, finding the time to attend yoga classes can be a challenge in the current fast-paced world.

Fortunately, there are plenty of yoga podcasts that make it easy to fit yoga into your schedule. From experienced yogis who want to deepen their practice to beginners just starting out, these are the top 10 best yoga podcasts that provide a range of lessons appropriate for all skill levels.

What is the best yoga podcast to listen to?
Stay tuned and find out for yourself.

1) The Yoga Life

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Yoga Life is one of the best yoga podcast

The Yoga-life podcast is a must-listen for any yogi and its focus is how yoga can influence different life aspects of life. Whether you are new to yoga practice or have been doing it for years, this podcast has something to offer everyone. Hosted by dedicated yoga practitioners, this podcast provides an in-depth look at the world of yoga and its many facets.

Get inspired by stories of self-discovery, healing and transformation through yoga, or learn more about topics such as anatomy, nutrition and even philosophy! With such an array of knowledge available, listeners can take their practice to the next level with the Yoga life Podcast.

2) Yoga Girl Daily: Conversations From The Heart

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Yoga Girl podcast

If you’re looking for a yoga podcast as a way to find peace, strength and balance in your life, then "Yoga Girl Daily" is the perfect source of guidance for you. Hosted by Rachel Brathen, known as a Yoga Girl, this podcast provides inspiring conversations straight from the heart.

As an international yoga teacher with a large online following, Rachel has made it her mission to provide accessible content that encourages self-expression and wellness. Through interviews with amazing people from all walks of life, she dives into topics like gratitude practices, self-love mantras and cultivating purposeful living.

Tune into Listen To Yoga Girl Daily for powerful stories about personal transformation that will help guide you on your own path of growth.

3) Yoga Is Dead

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Yoga is Dead podcast

Yoga is dead. This isn't a morbid observation, it's the name of an incredibly popular podcast. If you are looking for deep insights into overlooked issues in the yoga community today, but also for something which will strengthen your personal growth, then this yoga podcast is just the thing for you.

Hosted by Tejal Patel and Jesal Parikh, this popular podcast focuses on discussing the philosophy behind yoga and how it can help enhance modern life. The hosts also feature interviews with various yoga practitioners as well as discussions on how yoga can help improve your overall well being. Not only that, they also offer practical advice on how you can make small changes in your life to practice yoga more effectively. If you’re ready to take your understanding of the practice up a notch or two, tune into Yoga Is Dead for all kinds of insight into the world of yoga!

4) The Lucas Rockwood Show

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The Lucas Rockwood Show yoga podcast

Hosted by Lucas Rockwood, this is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping people improve their flexibility and strength through yoga. It features expert interviews and yoga instructions, as well as inspiring stories from people who have used yoga to transform their lives.

Lucas has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 20 years in the US and abroad. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his podcast that draws on his extensive experience with different types of yoga practices across different cultures. He approaches each episode with an open mind, respect for others’ perspectives, and a commitment to helping his listeners restore balance in their bodies and minds.

5) Yoga by Nature Podcast

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Yoga by Nature Podcast

Yoga by Nature is a perfect way to bring the ancient practice of yoga into your daily life. This weekly podcast brings together some of the best yogis from around the world to share their teachings, stories and experiences with beginners or advanced yoga practitioners.

Listeners can tune in as guest speakers to explain how they use yoga to help them meditate and find inner peace. They'll also get tips and advice on how to better integrate mindful practices into their lives, like breathing techniques and active listening exercises. Plus, with inspiring interviews from experienced teachers and special guests, listeners can learn more about different styles of yoga and how they have impacted people's lives in both positive and meaningful ways.

If you share the same belief that Yoga helps overcome stress, insomnia, depression, back pain, cancer recovery, weight loss and much more but don’t have time to attend daily classes, “Yoga by Nature” is a great choice to fill this gap.

6) Jivamukti Yoga With Jessica Stickler  

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Jivamukti Yoga with Jessica Stickler

For those who are looking for an inspiring way to practice yoga that combines physical postures, meditation, chanting and more, Jivamukti Yoga with Jessica Stickler can answer all the questions.

Jessica Stickler is a yoga teacher who has been practicing and teaching Jivamukti Yoga for over 20 years. On her podcast, she offers an in-depth look at the styles of yoga, and about how it can benefit your life both on and off the mat. She shares valuable insights from her own personal practice, as well as interviews with other teachers who are passionate about Jivamukti Yoga.

7) Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation

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Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation - Yoga Podcast

This yoga podcast hosted by Katya Greer is a great source of knowledge in the fields of yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Her podcast is perfect for those looking for an enjoyable way to relax, destress or simply take some time out for themselves.

The show includes guided meditations and breathing exercises that can be tailored to suit each listener’s needs. Each episode provides access to the latest information on using yoga, as well as practical tips for living a healthier life. This podcast is the perfect place to start or continue your journey into mindful living.

8) Yogaland Podcast

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The Yogaland podcast brings wellness into focus. It's the perfect place to learn more about the practice of yoga, no matter your experience or skill level. Hosted by international yoga teacher Andrea Ferrett (former executive editor of Yoga Journal), Yogaland Podcast promises to bring an authentic approach to learning more about the ancient discipline of yoga and how it can help improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

On each episode of Yogaland Podcast, listeners can expect inspiring conversations with experts in the field, as well as energetic debates around some of the most pressing topics within yoga communities such as breath work, meditation, mindfulness and self-care practices. Additionally, Lina explores her own journey into spiritual healing, and answers questions from listeners looking for help on their own journeys.

9) Redefining Yoga

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Redefining Yoga

Redefining Yoga is hosted by Lara Heimann, who has over 25 years of experience in Yoga and is the creator of the LYT Method. Also, she is one of the most influential yoga trainers online, and has much to offer yoga enthusiasts.

LYT (Lara’s Yoga Teaching) method is a modern adaptation of the teaching of physical therapy and neuro-developmental treatment, described in detail on her yoga podcast. In each episode of Redefining Yoga, Lara dives into topics such as mindfulness, spirituality, meditation and more.

10) Triyoga Talks  

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Triyoga Talks  - Yoga Podcast

Genny Wilkinson, the host of this yoga podcast, started practicing Ashtanga Yoga herself 22 years ago while working as a journalist in NYC before moving to the UK.

This podcast is bi-weekly, and contains interviews with the world's most experienced yoga instructors. For yoga fans, this show is a great opportunity to learn about holistic wellness, and receive guidance and inspiration.


From an improved sense of self-awareness and calming of the mind to learning the necessary skills for home practice, yoga podcasts offer a great chance to practice yoga while not distracting you from your daily schedule. This type of content is accessible and convenient for both beginner and experienced yogis alike.

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