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Transform any written text into audio content like podcasts or lifelike voice-overs effortlessly using our advanced AI-driven voice creation tool.
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How to Convert Text into Audio with Podcastle?

With Podcastle, converting text into speech is simple. Just follow these three easy steps.
Enter some text
Log in to Podcastle and click on ‘Generate AI Speech’. From there, you have the choice to either copy and paste your text into the provided text box or type it directly.
Select your AI voice
Choose the appropriate AI voice from the drop-down menu. If you want to use your own voice, read more about our Revoice feature to find out how.
Export your audio files
Edit the audio file using our in-built audio editor and then click ‘export’ in the top right corner. You can then select your file format and audio quality.

How to Convert Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech Software

Hassle-free User Experience

Our easy-to-use text to speech tool is perfect for people that want to quickly convert text into audio content. Our UI is very user-friendly and you can start and finish in minutes! Convert lecture notes, articles, social posts and more into a range of audio file formats.

Voice Generation

AI-generated Human Voices

Our voice skins use AI technology to replicate real voices as naturally as possible. Select from a whole range of AI voices including men and women, different nationalities, different ages and different tones!

Voice Cloning

Multiple Tools in a Single Platform

Get access to text-to-speech, speech-to-text, recording, editing, transcription and an AI voice maker all in one! No need to sign up to different tools and create multiple accounts, get everything you need in one place.


More About Podcastle

  • Podcastle is an AI-powered, collaborative audio creation platform
  • We help professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts effortlessly
  • Our mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling
  • We offer a range of easy-to-use tools that are professional yet fun
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