Why Should You Add The Podcast Intro Music To Your Show?

You are reading the introduction to this article not only because it’s located at the top of the page but also because you intuitively scan the intro first to understand whether you should spend time on the rest of the content.

Similarly, your podcast listeners play your podcast intro first to figure out whether they will like the whole podcast or not.

The intro is the first impression you make on your audience. It should be well thought out and engage listeners from the first seconds. Otherwise, listeners might turn your podcast off without even giving you a chance to impress them with your show’s main content.

It’s up to your creativity how you  organize the beginning of your podcasts. It might be a word, an expression, a mini-speech, or anything else you’ll come up with.

Whatever you choose, we recommend also adding a podcast intro music, and we’ll tell you why it’s a good idea.

The benefits of including music in your podcast intro

  1. Who doesn’t love music? It adds emotions to your show and makes it more engaging. So if you want to grab your audience’s attention, add music to your podcast. It’s one of the best hooks out there.
  1. With the right music, you can easily communicate your podcast content to your audience. The first notes of your podcast intro music create the overall mood of the show.Include upbeat to awake positive emotions, or choose slower tunes to prepare for a  sad or serious content.
  1. Intro music can become an essential part of your show’s branding. Listening to the same composition at the beginning of each of your episodes will create strong associations with your podcast. To get your intro music stuck in your listeners’ brains, you can also use it as sound beds (background music) throughout the show.

How to choose a good podcast intro music?

The podcast intro music should create clear associations with the podcast content and the host’s overall communication style. Usually, that’s not an easy thing to do. Podcasters test many options until they are sure they’ve found the perfect track for their show.

Well, we can’t find the perfect music for you, but we can help you to find it yourself with a couple of our tips and tricks.

Avoid computer-generated sounds

One of the strongest sides of podcasts is that they feel very authentic , and that’s what  listeners like so much. Your audience does not expect perfect content, they just want it to be natural.So artificial sounds and effects are not encouraged.  Therefore, try to avoid tracks that are machine-made and sound too contrived. Unless, of course, you’re doing a sci-fi podcast and want to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Do not choose vocal music

Podcast intro is not only about music. You should also say something to your listeners when welcoming them to your show. That’s why you need to choose music which will go well both with and without your speech. Simple tracks, which do not include many instruments or vocals, are a great option. That kind of music will not interfere with your speech and will go smoothly as background music if you decide to use it in the rest of the show as well.

Avoid mainstream music

There are free sources of podcast music that the majority of podcasters use. Most probably, your research will also take you to those platforms. And while having good music without a charge is a great solution, you should be careful when using the top free sources.

Why? Well, there probably be many podcasters who have used them as an intro music for their show.. So, if you want to stay original, free stock music is hardly the best choice.

This does not mean you shouldn’t use the free platforms. Justcheck the number of track downloads and avoid the most frequently downloaded ones.

Where to find original and free podcast intro music?

Podcastle offers many free podcast music tracks, most of which are under 30 seconds, which is an ideal length for your  podcast intro music.

Unlike other free sources, Podcastle  does not offer the tracks to a large public. They are accessible only to registered users who record podcasts in Podcastle.

To get the tracks, follow  these simple  steps:

  1. Sign up  on Podcastle.ai
  2. Press Start a project.
  3. Record or upload a podcast to which you want to add your  intro music.
  4. Press the<< sign on the upper left corner of the project dashboard.
  5. Choose Free library.Press on the music icon and choose any of the available tracks.

Later, you can cut the music as you wish and insert it in any part of your show. Podcastle’s library includes sounds for different moods and styles so that each user can find the one they’ve been looking for

If you still need help, here is a more detailed instruction on how you can add free music to your podcasts in Podcastle. Enjoy!

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