Best Places to Get Free Podcast Music

All we know is that we can't live without music, and it plays a significant role in our lives. We listen to music in cars, restaurants, stores, at work, and everywhere and it helps shape our experiences. So, podcast production, like everything in our lives, will be more colorful, more expressive, and higher quality if we add podcast music. It will help you to boost your audience. Music adds the tone and affects how we feel in a particular moment. For instance, watching your favorite movie without background music won't have the same effect. Very often, we don't realize the impact music has. Selecting proper podcast music will create a vibe for your listeners, connect with them, and provide familiarity. Adding podcast music is not difficult and will make your podcast more meaningful.

Where to use podcast music?

You can use music in different parts of your podcast episodes and in different ways.

Intro/Outro Music

Your podcast show will start with an introduction, and using impressive podcast music as a means of welcoming will grab your listeners' attention. Intro music usually becomes iconic to your show.

Outro music is used at the end of your show as a conclusion.

“Sound beds”

It is natural to hear background music while listening to a podcast. These "sound beds" are mainly used for a smooth transition between the interview questions or multiple topics and advertisements. It helps to switch from one thing to another in a natural way and serves as a guide for your listeners. It is essential to select music that will not overpower or deceive your audience.

What kind of music can you use?

All artists want to protect their music and require payment when used. It is not legal to use Copywrite music for your podcast. Recording companies hire professionals to search for people who violate their Copywrite and very often sue for violation. So, if you are interested in podcast music, you should know which type of music you are allowed to use.

Creative Commons Music

Creative Commons means that the music creator sets some terms on how their music can be used. First, you should carefully check the terms and conditions and use the music publicly and commercially.

Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music provides you rights and licensee to use the music as your podcast music without paying royalties for its use. Most often, royalty-free music means that the company you selected to buy the music from has already paid the creators royalties, so you can use those works without paying royalties yourself.

Public Domain

Public domain works are no longer protected from their original copyrights as they have already passed a certain period (around 70 years). It means you can freely use the song material (composition and lyrics) to record and produce them like podcast music. Currently, the safest and easiest way to add music to your podcast is with the help of royalty-free music. So, let's observe the best free platforms to find the needed podcast music. Each platform has its advantages, terms, and agreements, but they will automatically help you get the licenses and not bother about legal consequences.  

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a large selection of royalty-free music and provides unlimited downloads and usage for free. You can search for music by genre, artist, track name, and mood. You need to have your account on YouTube and easily download the preferred music and use it for your podcasts music.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is a famous free resource that provides quality, royalty-free music, videos, and images. This platform also offers various sound effects that will perfectly fit for narration and audio drama podcasts. You can easily browse music according to your mood or genre needed. All the site content is released under Pixabay’s license and is copyright-free so that you can select an appropriate work for your podcast music without any worries.  

3. 909 Music on Soundcloud

909 Music has a quality library for royalty-free music. Though it offers a small variety from a few artists, it provides more modern and cutting-edge options for perfect theme songs, intro, and outro music. You can find a track you need, download the appropriate file, and incorporate it as perfect podcast music. It is possible to do unlimited downloads for free.


Incompetech is a well-known royalty-free music platform. It is also one of the older platforms and comes from a single artist Kevin MacLeod. You should know him from his YouTube videos and his songs. This platform offers hundreds of songs of all genres and types, but you need to credit the artist to use the track for free.


Musopen provides a large variety of royalty-free music and is mainly focused on classical tunes. This platform has a very flexible search function, and you can easily search for music by a composer, an instrument of a time period (Baroque, Renaissance, etc.). You can download a track for your podcast music for free without an account.


Free Music Archive is an "open source" platform for searching for high-quality royalty-free music. The archive offers a library with a large variety of songs that you can use as podcast music, but make sure to read the FAQ of each song to figure out how exactly it can be used. It is also possible to access the library on iOS or Android devices via the FMA app.


CCMixter will be an ideal choice for searching for podcast music as it is a global music community with more than 45 000 musicians worldwide. This site provides a wide variety of music, samples, and remixes and allows users to download, cut, edit, and preferably share the music. The users can also upload their music into CCMixter. Choosing the right podcast music that fits your show's feelings will make it more effective, engage more listeners, and impact the overall quality of your production.

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