Top 20 #Podcast Hashtags to Grow an Audience on Instagram

As you might know from our previous blog posts, podcasts are not distributed like most other content types. They are mainly submitted to unique audio content platforms called podcast distributors. So, if you want to make a show visible to many podcast listeners, you should start from the main podcast directories. The key podcast submission platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others do not have a structure similar to what we are accustomed to seeing in social media. Listeners can not comment on published episodes or like them. In podcast directories, you can write some podcast descriptions, upload a podcast cover art, and that's it.

But what if you want more interaction with your audience?

Correct! You should find a way to publish your podcast on social media or, more specifically, on Instagram. Interested in how you can do it?

Well, let's see…

How can podcast hashtags support your show's visibility?

Many podcasters use social media to drive traffic to their podcast shows. Users usually don't hang on podcast directories as they do on Instagram. So, it's easier to catch an interested audience on Instagram by posting a fragment of your podcast there and inviting users to explore the rest of the show on your podcasting channel. In this regard, podcast hashtags help you promote your publications without spending an advertising budget. Interested users can find you organically by putting a relevant hashtag for your podcast in your post's caption.

What should you consider before choosing podcast hashtags?

Hashtags should make it easy for your target audience to search for your podcasts. Therefore, you should have two types of hashtags: general hashtags for finding podcasts and unique hashtags developed by you for your shows.

Mixing those two types of hashtags is essential as they carry different functions and provide your shows with varying levels of visibility. General hashtags are more searchable. There is a high probability your target audience searches for those hashtags regardless of whether you promote your individual show or not.

However, you should be careful when using too popular hashtags, as you don't want your show to be lost in thousands of publications. If you are unsure of which hashtags to start with, we suggest you some good ones.

#newpodcastalert | around 141K publications

This hashtag is used to post some fresh podcast or start a completely new show. Therefore, if you're just starting to publish your podcasts on Instagram, this hashtag should be one of your must-haves.

#podcastrecommendation | around 99K publications

Want to recommend your peer podcaster? This is a great hashtag to do so. If you're going to promote some of the other podcasters' shows, this hashtag will help you appear in the top podcast recommendations that users search for.

#podcaststudio | around 113K publications

Here's what everyone loves, a backstage. Under the podcast studio hashtag, you can post behind-the-scenes images and videos that happen while recording your show. Listeners love seeing behind the curtains sometimes even more than the final result you show them.

#podcastcommunity | around 253K publications

Creating a community of like-minded people is key to having a loyal listener base. Use this hashtag if you post on interesting podcasting forums, meetings, and other networking events.

#podcasterthoughts | around 19K publications

Want to become a coach for those who want to start podcasting? Maybe interested in having some professional discussions with your colleagues? Either way, podcaster thoughts is an excellent hashtag for sharing your ideas about recording and promoting audio shows.

#podcasttips | around 25K publications

If you want to go beyond pure discussions and focus on teaching some podcasting tips, that's an ideal hashtag to use. The hashtag has yet got fewer publications but is very popular as many people want to enter an increasingly growing podcasting medium.

Unique podcast hashtags

As you saw, the hashtags we suggested to you above are already used by thousands of people. They are not personalized and tied to a specific podcast host or show. On the contrary, those hashtags are related to the industry in general and aim to gather as much podcast information as possible in one place. Using general podcast hashtags is a must. However, those hashtags alone can't help you get loyal followers and listeners. You should also have some original hashtags invented by you or your podcasting team, which are strongly associated with your podcast and are used only by you. Those hashtags can be anything from #[your podcast name]podcast, #[your podcast name], to any other wordings invented by you.

Why does it matter?

Unique podcast hashtags help you stand out among thousands of podcast publications on social media. As those hashtags are specific, the chances are close to zero that any competitor can also use them. Therefore, when searching for those podcast hashtags, the users will see only your shows, which is a good gesture from the user experience perspective.
After all, if you can make it easier for your users to find your publications, why not do it?

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