Podcast Cover Art

What is the first thing you notice when meeting a new person? The face, right? It is the same for podcasts. The first thing that catches your eye is the podcast cover.

Cover art is for grabbing listener’s attention to the process of making an artsy podcast cover and to grab the listeners’ attention from the very first interaction they would have with your podcast.

There are numerous ways to create a strong, impactful, and memorable podcast cover, which will stay in the memory of your listeners for a long time. Remember that the cover of your podcast is not only illustrating what you are going to tell,but also stands as the  symbol through which the community of your listeners is going to remember you.

So, let’s dig deeper and try to look through some must-do steps to create a high-quality podcast.

Make sure to meet the image requirements

Although creativity is limitless, and one’s imagination can grow infinitely,  there are still barriers for podcast cover creation:specifically the size requirements. . Podcast covers  usually have the shape of a square. The podcast image size requirements might vary depending on which portal you are submitting your podcast to.

The minimum image size is 1400 x 1400 pixels, while one of the most popular podcast distributors, Apple, enables and prefers the podcasters to produce a cover with a maximum bare of 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Communicate the content of your podcast

Always bear in mind that all the visual outcomes you are attempting to produce for your podcast are for driving the viewers to become loyal listeners of your podcast. Therefore, it is essential for the cover to illustrate the content of your podcast.

Communicate your content in abstract and original ways. Illustrating content does not restrict you from getting creative and acquainting your listeners with the hidden sides of your podcast.

Nonetheless, make sure the most meaningful and valuable aspects of your podcast details are shown on your cover. Your podcast cover can either motivate or discourage people to become your listener . Try to limit the chances of discouragement by designing a captivating and impressive cover.

Focus on the style and typography

When designing a podcast cover, it is crucial to try to find the most suitable fonts that would perfectly match the rest of the content you have on your cover.

Keep in mind that your title should be clearly displayed on your podcast, otherwise it might become challenging for your listeners to recall whose unique podcast it was, with that alluring cover. To fit your title with the other attributes of your cover, try to synchronize the font and the color of the text you are using for  your cover. Furthermore, make sure your style and your font correspond to the main thought of your podcast.

Your podcast name should be standing out with special typography. You can have it bold, written in Italic, or whichever way you find it effective. Also don’t forget to give a catchy name to your podcast! In case of advice to choose the best name for your podcast, check out this blogpost on Podcastle.


An example of a successful combination of thematic illustration and text implementation would be “How I Built This” with Guy Raz. The cover has a form of a building. The building is built using the title itself. The font represents a solid basis for a building, and the colors are chosen in a way that the building (the title) can be effortlessly noticed and grab attention.

The background color has a shade of black, which makes the white and the yellow more visible and eye-catchy in the main structure.

The podcast talks about the stories of the world’s successful and well-known companies. Usually, the guest entrepreneurs or innovators are the ones who build the content of the podcast.

So, the podcast cover is for giving the message of the podcast to the listeners through a delicate typographical approach.

Keep an eye on the competition

The more creative you get, the more original your outcome would be! With this in mind, nevertheless, don’t forget that to maintain the loyalty of your audience you should work to always step ahead of your competitors.

It is useful to check out the competition before starting to design your podcast cover.

On one hand, this would help you understand what are the most used trends in your category and get an idea of what the listeners trust and like the most.

On the other hand, you would be able to grab the most common intentions of your competitors’ podcast covers and try to be different from them. The difference always catches the eye. Hence, the more unique you are, the higher your chances of being noticed.

Successful branding matters

If you are creating a podcast for a specific brand or a company, make sure to leave some space to mention the brand neatly on your cover. However, be careful for your logo or your brand not to take the space of your podcast cover. It might be the case that your podcast is being produced for some influential or successful company.

However, your podcast should be authentic by maintaining its originality in all areas, including the podcast cover. Use the logo or another symbol of the brand you are cooperating with wisely to boost your podcast. But remember not to overdo it: you don’t want to push you brand logo too much.

Use colors

What is the thing that your eyes are can’t miss? The colors! They either put you under pressure by excessive brightness or give you the feeling of harmony through the perfectly chosen combinations.

Your podcast should lie somewhere in between. You do not want to bother your cover viewers with the burning bright colors. However, you do not want to remain unseen with pastelle and delicate colors either.

So,  try to find the most pleasant shades of the bright colors and grab the viewers’ eyes, without being too extra.

This should be done in accordance with the theme and the message of your podcast. You do not want to name your podcast “Black and White” and have an absolutely gorgeous shade of red in the background. Choose your colors passionately and wisely!


To sum up, along with creativity, which is the first bullet point of any artwork you produce, you should carefully check the image dimension requirements, communicate the message of your podcast, pay particular attention to the typography and the style, check out the competition, cooperate with brands wisely and use colors generously when designing a podcast cover.

When all of this is done, you are good to host your show!

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