Top Paid and Free Video Editing Software for Your Podcasts

Video is one of the most actual and engaging content formats today, and most professional podcasters use it to gain more success. It is not surprising that Facebook has 8 billion views a day, and the global video traffic is 80%. If you are using videos for your podcasting and want to improve your videos, you will certainly need good and handy video editing software. There are multiple video editing tools in the market with different features and interfaces, and picking up one that fits your personal workflow will save your time, making the editing process smooth and fast. Video editing software is a tool that will let you make additions and adjustments to your videos and video clips and upload or export them to your preferred channel. The video editing process is a post-production step, and without it, your video will not meet the video content standards of 2022. Each podcaster or entrepreneur has their own needs and budget, so we have compiled a list of the handiest video editing software for your review today.


1. Pinnacle Studio 21

Pinnacle Studio 21 is a perfect video editing software that is capable of high performance and is easy to use. Besides the simple editing features, it offers plenty of options like stop-motion and 360 – degree editing. Pinnacle Studio is accessible and intuitive with its effective drag-and-drop interface. This handy software includes a creative toolset that stands out among other tools. Pinnacle Studio is available for Windows, supports 4k, has motion tracking, and supports Multicam editing.

2. DaVinci

Another best video editing software option is DaVinci. Its free version for beginners is great, though it is a paid tool. This professional-grade tool merges several tools into one and allows editing, audio post-production, and calibration, mixing and producing a high-quality video. The key advantage of DaVinci is its built-in feature for project collaboration and data storage.

3. iMovie

The video editing software iMovie is an excellent choice for anyone using Mac, and it has the top ratings among other tools. IMovie has a user-friendly interface and has everything you will need to make a qualified video at a medium-professional level. It is possible to create trailers, clips, and movies in 4K resolution. It comes with audio editing, color grading, soundtracks, movie templates, and greenscreen effects. It is available on iOS and macOS.

4. Movavi

Movavi is a perfect podcast video editing software for beginners. To create a spectacular podcast video, you need to drop your video on the Movavi timeline and customize it as you prefer. With its handy interface, it is possible to cut, trim and rotate your podcast video. Movavi offers multiple stickers, filters, transitions, and special effects to use during your editing, making your editing process enjoyable. With the help of its Magic Enhance feature, your video quality will be automatically improved, and some parameters like contrast, brightness, and saturation for clarity will be adjusted. You can upload and export your final video from any source, including TV Tuner, VHS, Webcam, or Camcorder.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing software and is part of Adobe Creative Cloud tools. It is popular with professionals and includes advanced tools like motion graphics, animation, and visual effects. This outstanding editing tool allows you direct access through a video acquisition source and is frequently used by TV studios. The Adobe Premiere Pro supports 4K Multicam editing and is available on Windows and macOS. It is mega responsive stable and includes all professional features you may need for creating a high-quality video.

6. Lightworks

Lightworks is a perfect video editing software and fits more advanced users. It requires high-level technical knowledge for using it. Lightworks offers an intuitive and straightforward interface. It includes four tabs with all necessary tools – edit video, add effects, video files and edit audio files. The free version of Lightworks includes many professional-quality features, including a cross-platform feature, customizable interface, advanced color correction, advanced sharing options, and other real-time effects. A toolbar provides access to audio or video, and the stream capturing tool helps import and export windows (sound, video, and image). Lightworks is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

7. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Another option for advanced video editing software for Mac users is Apple Final Cut Pro X. Apple’s enhanced video editing software has a user-friendly interface and includes several high-powered features that will be helpful for both beginners and professionals. The outstanding features of this high-level software are a trackless magnetic timeline, high-speed performance, and all-powered cropping for sharing on social media (Instagram and Facebook). It is available on macOS and iOs, supports 4k, and supports Multicam editing.

8. Clipchamp

Among the free options for helpful video editing software, you can check browser-based Clipchamp. It is a user-friendly online video editor and will integrate with your storage tools like Google Drive and DropBox. It is handy for cropping, clipping, trimming, using different filters and transitions, and adding graphics and text. Clipchamp is available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers and supports 4k.

9. Vegas Pro

The most professional video editing software Vegas Pro was first developed by Sony and later taken over by Magix. Professionals use vegas Pro for TV shows, movies, and more. This tool has an intuitive interface and special effects like 3D titles. You can even use it to copyright your discs. Besides the most up-to-date options, it offers the creation of a video montage on a professional level. Of course, there is a vast variety of free and paid video editing software, as the tech world is developing rapidly, and everything is upgraded each year. When choosing a video editing software, you should make sure it fits your needs and budget, and we hope our options above will help you while making your decision.

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