Top Metaverse Podcasts You Should Follow in 2022

The Metaverse is a modern concept of an online 3D universe that includes several different virtual spaces. It’s like a 3D replacement of the internet, including virtual reality in many circumstances. The Metaverse will allow the users to meet, work, socialize together in those 3D spaces. There are several games that will let you experiment with metaverse conception. Developers have enlarged the boundaries by creating virtual economies and hosting in-game events. Metaverse podcasts will help you understand this concept and let you go deep into each topic. Listening to metaverse podcasts, you will also learn how cryptocurrencies may be an excellent fit for a metaverse that will allow creating a digital economy with different kinds of utility tokens and virtual collectibles (NFTs). Blockchain technology may also provide reliable and transparent governance systems. Several blockchains and metaverse-like applications exist and provide people incomes, and it is swiftly growing into a prosperous industry. Besides gaming and social media, the Metaverse will include digital identity, economies, decentralized governance, and other applications. During the exciting episodes of metaverse podcasts, you will learn that some video games like Roblox, which is the favorite game of most children, let's them hold virtual events like meetups, concerts, dating with friends in cyberspace.

So, if you want to go deep and explore more about how the Metaverse works and how it will change our world, you should check out some of the best metaverse podcasts, which have rounded up the Podcastle team.


1. The Metaverse Podcast

A completely new web is developing across Ethereum and Bitcoin and promises a new computing paradigm and data economy. The Metaverse Podcast is a show that will help you understand the collaboration, technology, and influences around the Open Metaverse and gain actionable advice that will help you analyze the space deeper. The host Jamie Burke, the CEO & founder of Outlier Ventures, interviews different entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and more who are shaping the Open Metaverse, Web 3, and the future of digital interaction. So join these exciting discussions to go deeper into the Meta world.

2. Hello Metaverse

As our world becomes more digitalized, many of us have fears and anxiety for the future as we don't understand how the digital world will change our society and culture. It is difficult to understand that our physical barriers such as work, entertainment, learning, growing will be out of the physical world. But instead of fearing and waiting the day to come, it is better to explore and understand what it is and be ready for the changes. Hello Metaverse, hosted by Annie Zhang, is a perfect metaverse podcast that will help you to define and shape your future. Check out the weekly episodes for interesting discussion.

3. Building the Open Metaverse

The Metaverse will be an immersive and open network for social engagement, gaming, and enterprise collaboration. Listening to this metaverse podcast, you will learn how technologies like AR wearables, real-world scans, VR, and game engines will support to enable the Metaverse. The hosts of Building the Open Metaverse, Marc Petit and Patrick Cozzi, pass interviews with various experts to share their perceptions on the digital peculiarities and the community that will build the Metaverse.

4. GM Metaverse

Another popular metaverse podcast is GM Metaverse, covering the latest innovations in NFTs, web3, and the intersection of community and creators. The host, Josh Gordon, interviews early-stage investors, experts, and entrepreneurs to clarify and share how people and projects will build our future on the blockchain. So, join this essential metaverse podcast once a week to describe all about the GM Metaverse.

5. Welcome to Metaverse

As the internet changes our lives, the Metaverse will change it again, and we should be ready for it. Listening to the Welcome to Metaverse podcast, you will dive deep into such topics as NFTs, Crypto, the Metaverse, and everything in between. Every Wednesday, you can dive into the virtual world with the host Luke Franks.

6. Living in the Metaverse

This metaverse podcast comes from Business Daily and features some of the famous thinkers on the Metaverse, like Manuel Bronstein from Roblox, who shows us what it looks like living in the Metaverse with this game. Listening to the Living in the Metaverse podcast, you will augment the virtual world with a different object with a real-life equivalent. During each episode, relevant topics are explored and discussed, like how the virtual and real-world will bring new economic opportunities and much more.

7. The Money Movement

The Money Movement is a helpful podcast that explores the ideas and opportunities that will drive the new world of digital money. The global economy is experiencing massive changes, and hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs are searching for ways to transform their companies into digital and efficient. In parallel, a new global movement is coming around with digital currencies and blockchains, which will form a new economy and open new opportunities. The host, Jeremy Allaire, explores all these Money Movement during this metaverse podcast with different experts, economists, entrepreneurs, gamers, and others. Tune in to have the latest global updates.


The world becomes digitalized more and more, so check out our list of best metaverse podcasts and follow the updates to be ready for the changes. Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that the Metaverse will be a new successor to the mobile internet, and everyone will feel present with other people no matter the distance.

So, see you in the Metaverse!

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