The Best Tech Podcasts for Developers to Follow in 2023

Since there are plenty of resources available out there for getting started in web development, having some truly motivating web development podcasts in your bookmarks is really a great way to learn and grow, being one of the most portable ways to consume content.

We collected a list of the best podcasts for developers that you should follow in 2022.

1. Talk Python to Me

"Talk Python To Me," hosted by developer Michael Kennedy, is a weekly podcast for developers passionate about learning the language, i.e., Python and related technologies. Each week the host explores the ecosystem of Python with his listeners, showing them how Python applications are used in the real world. Kennedy interviews Python enthusiasts from a wide range of fields, including engineering, web development, finance, machine learning, data science, and more, simultaneously helping young engineers and programmers in general prepare for their Python-focused careers. The show has over 300 episodes to listen to. The latest episodes include tips for ML and AI startups, machine learning ethics and laws panel, running Python in production, building a database in Python, and more. Tune in to the "Talk Python to Me" podcast to expose yourself to Python's powerful packages.

2. The Changelog

"The Changelog," hosted by developers Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo, is a weekly podcast about open source technologies and the amazing people behind them. The show started in 2009 and has published over 400 episodes since then. Being one of the best and most influential podcasts for developers, it covers almost all programming languages, communities, and platforms and has interviewed the creators of different open source projects. Hosts interview the people behind the open-source developments. Among guests, there are software engineers, leaders, hackers, and innovators from every corner of the world. They also have a weekly companion newsletter listeners can sign up for. The show covers topics on web development from JavaScript and CSS to Ruby and node.js, and other wide range of development tools. If you are interested in open source technology and looking for in-depth interviews and conversations with the best innovators, then this podcast is perfect for you.


3. Developer Tea

The "Developer Tea" podcast is hosted by PBS engineering director (and trained airplane pilot) Jonathan Cutrell aiming to help enthusiastic software developers reach their ultimate goal and excel at their work by sharing tips for developers. It is one of the best shorts and insightful programming podcasts to listen to. The host covers the latest trends spanning from technology and communication to human psychology during the show, interviewing many interesting people. Out of his 650 episodes, many are monologues focusing on a specific aspect of developers' experience; the rest are interviews with developers exploring themes of purpose and craftsmanship. If you have plans to become a developer, you'll surely benefit from listening to "Developer Tea," which will leave you energized and ready to get your coding done.

4. SyntaxFM

"SyntaxFM" podcast is hosted by a break dancer-turned developer who runs the LevelUpTuts YouTube channel Scott Tolinski and Canadian developer Wes Bos. It's one of the most and highest rated podcasts on Apple Podcasts. The show has over 320 episodes, during which Scott and Wes share development techniques and tools through in-depth discussions on a range of topics, including technologies, libraries, frameworks etc., and interview the field's top developers. If you are a junior developer or a pro, this podcast will grow your skillset. The latest episodes cover differences between SSR, JamStack, and Serverless, how best to explore and contribute to code on GitHub repos, new proposed features coming to JavaScript in 2022 and more.  

5. Full Stack Radio

"Full Stack Radio" tech podcast is hosted by the creator of Tailwind CSS, Adam Wathan, introducing new ideas in an engaging, approachable, and fun way. In each episode, Adam interviews an industry expert discussing building great software products delving deep into issues rooted in day-to-day developer life from UX and product design and software delivery, and discuss technologies like Svelte, Next.js, and – naturally – Tailwind.

If you love to build software products and aim to become a more well-rounded developer and leader, make sure to tune in to the "Full Stack Radio" podcast.

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