10 Best NFT Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

The NFT marketplace is huge, and everyone seems to be talking about it recently. But if you don't have an NFT fan friend who can thoroughly explain it all to you or time to skim through the hundreds of blogs, listening to NFT podcasts can be the best way to understand it and be updated on the industry news. And if you've been following it, you have probably seen how upset was everyone lately when a user named "maxnaut" traded the Bored Ape NFT for $3000 instead of $300.0000. In case you're entirely unaware of NFT-s, you might be surprised to know that the Bored Ape NFT looks like this:

And yes, you can literally right-click on it and save the same image someone would buy for thousands of dollars to your computer. To know why someone would spend so much money on it and what is all the buzz around this bizarre but at the same time oddly intriguing new market, follow the ten most popular NFT podcasts we've picked for you. But before you start skimming through our list of NFT podcasts, here's a quick definition to make sure we're all on the same page.

What is NFT?

To keep it simple, NFT is a non-fungible token. Yes, we know, it still sounds confusing so let's make it all a little more clear. A non-fungible token is something you cannot replace with something else. For instance, the dollar is fungible; if you replace one dollar with another dollar, you'll have entirely the same thing because the fungible tokens are identical to one another. This, however, is not the case with NFT tokens, as they cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency. Now back to the Bored Ape NFT. As you saw, in its essence, Bored Ape NFT was just a digital image. That's because the NFT marketplace is all about transforming digital art (like drawings, 3D art, music, etc.) into an asset that can be easily traded on the blockchain. The excitement around the NFT market is immense: some even call it the future of digital art as it opens new opportunities for digital artists to sell their work. But of course, not everyone agrees with this statement. As The Guardian's journalist Jonathan Jones mentioned in his article, buying a Bored Ape NFT has nothing to do with supporting digital art; it's more about ego and money. No matter what your take on it, the fact remains that many collectors have spent millions to acquire an NFT. In Christie's auction house, Beeple's (Mike Winkelmann) NFT artwork was sold by $69.3 million, putting Beeple's artwork side-by-side with works of Monet and Van Gogh as the most highly-priced art pieces sold in the auction.

Now you might wonder why you are sitting reading this blog when instead, you could create an NFT yourself, and who knows, maybe get lucky to earn millions of dollars and spend the rest of your life in yachts and expensive restaurants.

So if you're curious to learn how to create an NFT, learn more about the NFT market, or buy an NFT, follow these best NFT podcasts to get the juiciest industry news and insights.

10 NFT Podcasts You'll Love


If you're looking for an authoritative source to get information on all the things regarding DeFi, Bankless is the place to go. The best part about this crypto podcast is that it not only talks about the ups and downs of the crypto markets but examines other topics in the blockchain and NFT space that promise to impact and even change the Web architecture itself.

NFT Catcher Podcast

In NFT Catcher Podcast, Jennifer Sutto and Michael Keen keep their podcast audience updated on all the relevant NFT projects by focusing on market dynamics and turning a profit. This show is perfect for seasoned NFT traders or those who simply want to learn what's going on in the industry .

NFT Talk Show

As they put it, the NFT Talk Show gives all the "tea about NFTs." Here you can find all the NFT related topics from news to how-tos. This podcast series is full of exciting interviews with NFT artists and collectors who will give answers to all of your questions. Check their latest podcast episode, which discusses Opensea and Looksrare marketplaces while pointing out some common issues people have with Opensea.

Two Bored Apes

The Two Bored Apes podcast is one of the best sources for insightful reflections and discussions on some of the most popular NFT projects. Although their newest episodes are around 2,30 minutes in length, the amazing hosts of the show, Jamie and Roy ( also known as Zeneca in the NFT space), will ensure you enjoy every single second of it!

Edge of NFT

If you want to learn the top 1% of the NFT news, then the Edge of NFT podcast is your place to go. It can also be your guide in understanding which elements and trends in the NFT market will stand the test of time and which will disappear shortly.

Modern Finance

The Modern Finance podcast is relatively new in the NFT podcast space but has already proved to be one of the best crypto podcasts out there. It is about all the things bitcoin, finance hacks, cryptocurrency, yield farming, DeFi, and of course, NFTs. The podcast creator Kevin Rose was included in Time Magazine's "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web" list. Join Kevin as he interviews the different industry experts building modern finance tools.

The Nifty Show

The Nifty Show is one of the first podcasts about NFTs, as it was launched back in the mid-2020s. Here you can find interviews with some of the best NFT pioneers. This podcast is really fun to listen to, as you're just following how the two hosts are having a casual conversation about the NFT space and the latest news.


Another good show in the NFT podcast space is Unchained. The host, Laura Shin, explains how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are changing the current financial system, the concept of digital ownership, and overall our culture.

The Mint Condition

The Mint Condition is packed with in-depth interviews on various NFT topics with prominent people from the space. From NFT flipping to helpful tools for launching NFT projects or general market reviews: this podcast has it all!

Zima Red

Andrew Steinwold, a venture capitalist and the host of Zima Red, takes you to the future by exploring the virtual worlds, metaverse, and NFTs.

This was our list of podcasts on NFT. We hope you enjoy listening to them. And if one day you turn into an NFT guru, don't forget to create your own podcast on NFTs and guide the beginners — Podcastle will always be here to help you out!
By the way, you can also sell your future podcast as an NFT. But that's a story for another time.

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