Top 10 Creative YouTube Video Content Ideas to Get You Started in 2023

More and more people are turning from content consumers to content creators. And what better way to do so than starting a channel on YouTube? As a marketing channel YouTube is well established as one of the top channels for businesses, with 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool. This is not surprising, given that the platform has 2.5 billion unique monthly visitors. Yes, the consumption of video content is higher than ever. And here we are, looking at creative YouTube video content ideas, be it for your business or as a side hustle.

This article discusses 10 different types of videos you can create for your YouTube channel. These ideas are designed to help you create engaging and exciting content for your audience. Let's get going!

1. Start a Video Podcast Channel

If you're a fan of podcasts, why not start video podcasting? You can interview guests, discuss current affairs or hot topics in your niche, and provide valuable insights and perspectives your audience will appreciate.

Video podcasts are a great way to convey your personality and build trust with your audience. After all, they'll be able to see and hear your voice, which will help them connect with you personally.

You may find it's not so easy to convince people to appear as guests on your podcasts, but you don't have to be Joe Rogan to be successful. You can always start by interviewing people you know to build momentum and then start inviting guests from outside your inner circle.

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2. Closing Points

These are only ideas on video content to get you started. The best way to come up with new and creative ideas is to start brainstorming. Once you have a few ideas, start experimenting and see what works best for you and your audience. Be consistent and diligent, and explore new avenues. Your audience will appreciate the effort you put in, and viewers will be more likely to stick around if they can see you are enjoying yourself.

Pro Tip: Use a free YouTube money calculator to figure how much you can earn from your content.

3. Inspire Your Audience With People's Stories

Whether it be a video of someone overcoming adversity or simply living an exciting life, stories have a way of captivating and inspiring audiences. There are countless examples of this type of video on YouTube, and for a good reason too! These videos make us feel good and leave us wanting more.

Try interviewing people with exciting stories to create content that will inspire your audience. You could also look for video footage of inspiring moments and combine them with narration or interviews. Either way, stories are a great way to connect with your audience and leave them feeling good.

Inspirational videos are some of the most popular forms of content on YouTube. If you can find a way to make your video stand out from the rest, you're sure to find an audience for it.

4. Make Funny and Engaging Shorts

One of the best things about YouTube is it's a great platform for short, funny, and engaging videos. If you've got a knack for humor, try making some engaging and entertaining shorts for your channel.

Given that the YouTube algorithm boosts short vertical videos, you have an excellent opportunity to produce some creative content that will give you a massive online presence. The more users watch your shorts, the bigger your business.

Take a look at Kallmekris's channel. Aside from her regular videos, she consistently makes comedic shorts, which make people laugh and even relate. All she needs is a story to tell in a funny tone, a phone camera, and a few outfits.

Not everyone is funny, but that's okay! Content doesn't always need to be funny to engage people. Think of something that will keep your viewers' attention glued to your content. Whether it's educational, comedic, storytelling, or insightful, you can always edit and present your videos in a manner that will engage people scrolling through random shorts.

5. Teach People What You're Good at in an Engaging Way

If you're good in a particular field or have a unique skill set, why not share your knowledge with the world? Millions of people out there would love to learn what you know.

One great way to engage your audience is by teaching them something new in each video. You can create how-to videos, educational videos, or even video tutorials. Whatever your teaching style may be, you can make videos that are engaging and easy to follow.

Remember, people are always looking for new information and skills to learn. If you can provide them with valuable insights in an engaging way, you're sure to find an audience for your video content.

That said, you don't have to be the best at making video content. You just need to be passionate about it and communicate your ideas well. Quick valuable insight - people connect better when they engage with someone on a more relatable level of expertise.

One good example that can inspire you is GothamChess. While the channel creator not a chess Grandmaster, he began by teaching people various chess openings and tactics. He may lose games or tournaments and recently retired from competitive chess, and yet he has grown into the chess YouTuber with the most subscribers, surpassing even GMHikaru.

6. Create Content From Your Hobbies and Interests

People enjoy watching videos of others doing what they love. If you have a hobby or interest you're passionate about, consider creating content around it. Not only will you share your passion with the world, but you can also inspire others to pursue their interests.

There are all sorts of video content ideas that you can explore, from gaming to cooking to beauty tutorials. Whatever you choose, make sure your video is high quality and engaging.

If you're unsure about what type of video to create, start by brainstorming a list of your hobbies and interests. From there, you can narrow down your list and start thinking about how you can consistently turn your interests into engaging video content.

7. Make Reaction Videos on What You're Passionate About

Reaction videos are a great way to engage with your audience and convey your personality. If you're passionate about a particular topic, consider filming your reaction to it. That can be music, TikTok videos, various personalities, etc.

Not only can you share with your audience how you feel about a specific topic, you'll also start some interesting conversations. The key here is to be genuine in your reactions. Don't fake it for the sake of getting views. Your viewers will see right through it.

Be sure also to film a variety of reactions. That way your audience will never get bored with your content. If you're unsure what to film, look at some of the most popular reaction channels on YouTube and see what they're doing right.

A great example is NoLifeShaq, a content creator who generally reacts to rap music. With nearly 4 million subscribers over six years, his consistency and attitude have gained him recognition from various well-known musicians, including recently from Eminem, one of his favorite rappers.

8. Do Product Reviews and Unboxing Videos

If you're into a particular type of product, consider reviewing it for your audience. You can also film yourself unboxing one if you want to add an element of suspense.

Product reviews are a great way to engage your audience because you're giving them valuable information about a product. You're also letting them know what you think of it, which can help them decide whether or not to buy it.

People love watching unboxing videos because they never know what will be inside. Unboxing videos are also fun because they add an element of suspense. It's a great way to engage your audience and keep viewers coming back for more.

9. Share Your Arts and Crafts Projects

If you're into arts and crafts consider sharing your projects with your audience. People love watching others create things, especially if they can learn from them.

Film yourself creating a project from start to finish, or film individual parts of the process. Either way, share your tips and tricks with your audience. They'll appreciate it, and you may even inspire them to start their own projects.

Be sure to experiment and find what works best for you. You can always be creative and unique with what you do.  Just because someone else is doing something doesn't mean you have to do it the same way.

10. Make a Vlog of Your Journey

Vlogging is a great way to document your journey and share it with your audience. If you're embarking on a new adventure, consider documenting it in a vlog for your viewers. They'll love following along and may even be inspired to start their own journeys.

The key here is to be genuine and authentic. Your audience wants to see the real you. Be sure to also vlog regularly so your audience can follow your journey.

When the COVID-19 outbreak caused a global pandemic, Mike Black started a vlog where he put everything aside to become a millionaire in a year, starting with absolutely nothing. His idea was to inspire people who had lost their jobs to keep going and do their best to achieve their goals.

Bonus. Offer Help Through a Productivity Channel

If you're into productivity, consider starting a channel offering others help and advice. Many people around the world seek valuable support in the online space. Many do indeed get inspired by creators whom they have never met in their lives.

Most people will not expect you to be superhuman. You may embark on a journey to make the best of what you can, be as productive as possible, seek advice, review related books, find tips and tricks, share your story and invite people to join you on your way. Thus, a productivity channel will not only inspire your audience but also benefit your own and productivity.

Take a look at Leon Hendrix, who started as a comedic YouTuber but switched to a productivity channel when it did not work out for him. Today, he tries various productivity routines and invites his audience to join him when there's no risk involved. He also does a lot of research on productivity themes to provide concise and insightful information to the audience while sharing his experiences and what he has learned throughout his journey. Chances are you have similar insights to share with the world too.

Closing Points

These are only ideas on video content to get you started. The best way to come up with new and creative ideas is to start brainstorming. Once you have a few ideas, start experimenting and see what works best for you and your audience. Be consistent and diligent, and explore new avenues. Your audience will appreciate the effort you put in, and viewers will be more likely to stick around if they can see you are enjoying yourself.

Be sure to also step up your YouTube game using Podcastle. Not only its making your day brighter by helping you out with remote interviews, but it also allows you to record and edit studio-quality audio for a more coherent and harmonious project in all fronts.

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