10 Best Educational Podcasts for Students

There’s almost nothing that can replace academic learning. No matter how much effort you put into practice, the basic knowledge must be laid down correctly. And there’s nothing like an experienced teacher properly explaining the topic to you. However, a diversified approach is fruitful in education just as much as it is in other fields. Therefore, we strongly advise you to use different methods to improve your knowledge, like searching for educational materials on Studocu.com. This approach will allow you to get the best results.

Podcasts are another progressive and very convenient way to gain new knowledge while spending minimal time on them. You can listen to podcasts in the car, walking around the town, at the gym - wherever you like.

Here, we have compiled 10 of the best podcasts to pump your brain and make you a polymath.

1) Ted Radio Hour

Listening to intelligent TED lectures can help you kill two birds with one stone — first, expand your horizons, and second, improve your English. TED conferences were first held in 1984. Today, TED talks is a project known throughout the world. It is dedicated to lectures by famous scientists, inventors, and cultural and political figures. From talks about robots and the universe to the secrets of human happiness, there are fascinating speeches on almost every subject, including ones by Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen Hawking, and Tony Robbins.

2) 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is probably one of the most interesting English-language podcasts about world design. The authors do not limit themselves to narrow topics, and for each broadcast, they find unique and uncommon stories and facts. Here you'll learn about how barbed wire was designed or the layout of livestock pens. There are also more simple entries on Cuban architecture and the design of skyscraper construction.

3) Stuff You Should Know

This podcast is designed for curious people who want to learn more about the world and how it works. The various topics and occasional use of technical language will definitely add quite a few terms to your vocabulary.

"What is hell?," "How does skateboarding work?," "Space weather," and "World's first electronic music" are some of the hottest and the most popular topics the two podcast hosts have tackled. Finding out the answers to questions like these will not only develop your general knowledge but also give you some creative ideas.

4) Here’s the Thing

This is one of the most fascinating radio shows and podcasts. American film actor and TV host Alec Baldwin interviews famous politicians and celebrities.

Here's the Thing is a helpful podcast for learning something new, as you can listen to discussions by people that are the most famous in their field. The podcast is packed with dynamic and engaging conversations. So if you're interested in the interview format, be sure to give it a listen.

5) This American Life

This podcast is an excellent choice for an introduction to US culture. It is a mixture of journalism and real-life stories from different parts of the country. The stories are varied and original, centered on compelling people, funny moments, big feelings, surprising plot twists, and exciting ideas — like short movies, only on the radio.

The show has 2.2 million weekly listeners on more than 500 public radio stations in the United States, with another 3.1 million people downloading each episode as a podcast. It's usually one of the most popular iTunes podcasts among the English-speaking population.

6) The Habitat

What’s The Habitat about? Space, science, and loneliness. Scientists from NASA built a dome in Hawaii inside which they simulated the conditions on Mars. Six astronauts went there for a year, unable to communicate with the rest of the world. The experiment was designed to see if the "red planet" was suitable for life. But in the process, much was learned about human relationships, psychological trauma, and true loneliness.

Host Lynn Levy chronicled the experiment from the moment the team arrived on the fake planet. Lynn Levy communicated with the astronauts through audio diaries detailing their discoveries, frustrations, and developing and crumbling relationships with each other.

7) The Cult of Pedagogy

Educator Jennifer Gonzalez interviews people on both sides: students, parents, teachers, and principals. Here they talk about everything that has to do with learning, from education reforms to starting your own school.

This podcast helps teachers teach more effectively, and students understand them better. Guests share secrets they don't write about in books.

8) Educate

Journalists from AMP talk about the difficulties of learning and the injustices of national and racial prejudice in education. Each episode is a professionally choreographed story with documentary inserts and audio effects.

This podcast's characters share real-life situations and how they learned to cope with difficulties at school or university, enter a new community and connect with the people around them.

9) The Guardian’s Science Weekly

The Guardian has a podcast about science. Isn't it great? The Guardian's Science Weekly podcast talks in interesting ways about the scientific phenomena around us.

For example, the podcast has an issue that tells what quantum computing is in a truly fascinating way. What happens when a particle can be in multiple places at once, and what does that mean for future applications? The podcast also talks about artificial intelligence and its applications. And trust us, it’s done in a way that you won’t get bored.

10) Revisionist History

In this podcast author and leading Canadian pop sociologist Malcolm Gladwell talks about little-known episodes in the history of our world. He talks about people, concepts, ideas, and events that have been ignored or completely forgotten by society.

For example, this podcast has a story about three people: a Vietnamese girl, a refugee from Nazi Germany, and a talented Russian immigrant. They all saw the same thing but acted differently resulting in each of the characters facing different consequences. Now that sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?


The list of the best educational podcasts for students is definitely not limited to the ones suggested here, but you’re sure to find something that’s your cup of tea.

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