Podcast Platform Comparison: Podcastle vs. Riverside vs. Squadcast

Hey there, fellow podcast enthusiasts! Jamie Kennedy here, your friendly neighborhood podcast expert and the founder of Brave Moon Podcasts. Today, I'm super excited to dive into the exciting world of podcast platforms and compare three top contenders: Riverside, Squadcast, and my personal favorite, Podcastle. So buckle up, grab your favorite taco (because they’re my favorite), and dive into the ultimate showdown of podcasting greatness!‌‌

If you didn't already know…‌‌

Podcast platforms are the backbone of every successful podcast. They can make or break the recording process, affect audio quality, and ultimately impact your listeners' experience. In this blog post, let's explore the features, quirks, and overall performance of Riverside, Squadcast, and the amazing Podcastle, my secret weapon in the world of podcasting.‌‌

Riverside: A Scenic Route for Remote Recording‌‌

Riverside claims to offer a seamless remote recording experience, even if your guests are in different time zones or galaxies (just kidding!). Their platform operates entirely in a browser, eliminating the need for downloads or installations (which, by the way, is the case for Podcastle and Squadcast, too!). Let's highlight some of Riverside's main features:‌‌

High-Quality Audio: Riverside prides itself on providing excellent audio quality, even with low internet bandwidth. No more robotic-sounding guests or choppy interviews; it's all about smooth sailing!‌‌

Video Recording: If you're into video podcasts, Riverside has you covered. Capture those precious podcast moments on camera and bring your audience an extra level of connection.‌‌

Automatic Backups: Fear not the digital monsters that haunt podcasters' dreams! Riverside automatically backs up your recordings to the cloud, ensuring that your hard work won't vanish into thin air.‌‌

Despite Riverside's appeal, it has its quirks and is definitely missing some key features that Podcastle covers.‌‌

  1. The user interface can be tricky to navigate, especially for newbies.
  2. Also, while the real-time editing feature is a life-saver, it's essential to remember that it's not a substitute for post-production magic. For example, you can't edit using multiple tracks like you can in Podcastle! That's a major reason I would choose Podcastle over Riverside.
  3. Inviting a guest isn't as easy as Podcastle makes it. You have to invite a guest via an email and provide a link, whereas, with Podcastle, you can invite the guest to the recording studio at a specific time via Podcastle's platform. The best part is that Podcastle will keep the guest updated as the interview gets closer and even provides awesome tips to look and sound great during the interview. Genius!‌‌

Squadcast: Uniting the Podcast Avengers‌‌

Squadcast has gathered quite a loyal following, and it's no wonder why. This platform is known for its reliability and excellent sound quality, making it ideal for podcasters looking to record remote interviews or co-hosts. Let's explore some of Squadcast's features:‌‌

Studio Quality Sound: Say goodbye to frustrating audio hiccups and echoes. Squadcast ensures your recordings sound like you're all sitting in the same cozy podcast studio.‌‌

Separate Audio Tracks: For all the perfectionists out there (including yours truly), Squadcast records each guest's audio on separate tracks. This feature is gold when it comes to post-production and editing (you should note that Podcastle and Riverside have this feature, too!). Squadcast doesn't have a multiple-track editor, so you'll need to take your multiple audio tracks elsewhere (like Podcastle)!‌‌

Real-Time Collaboration: With Squadcast, you can invite others to join your recording session remotely at a specific time. Something Riverside doesn't offer, but Podcastle does!‌‌

However, Squadcast's platform comes at a price—literally. Here's why Podcastle is lightyears ahead of Squadcast.‌‌

  1. Squadcast is on the expensive side, especially for those on a tight budget (as of July 2023, it's $20 per month for the plan you want). Podcastle is the least expensive option by far (as of July 2023, it's only $12 per month for the plan you want).
  2. Squadcast doesn't even do simple editing, so you can't even do simple social media clips or anything else fun through the platform. Podcastle, on the other hand, has all your editing needs, which means you save time and energy!
  3. Additionally, while Podcastle and Riverside give you free transcriptions (key for writing great show notes!), Squadcast does not. Boo!‌‌

And the Winner Is... Podcastle!‌‌

Podcastle, my podcaster friend, is the best-kept secret in the podcasting world. It's as if it was designed to prioritize what podcasters like you truly need (fancy that!). ‌

So why should you choose Podcastle over the competition? Let's dive into what makes it stand out:‌‌

Multi-Track Editing: I keep harping on this because it really is the biggest thing that sets Podcastle apart from the rest. Whereas Riverside and Squadcast may let you record multiple tracks (where every participant's voice records separately), Podcastle is the only platform that enables you to edit all those tracks in one place.‌‌

Text-to-Edit Editing: This cool AI editing feature puts Podcastle above the rest. The AI tool transcribes your entire episode, and then you can simply delete the text to delete that part of the audio. For example, you can delete an "umm" from the audio track by deleting the text! It's genius. The only other platform I know that does this is Descript, but hello, Podcastle is better for all the other reasons, too.‌‌

Royalty-Free Music Library: I'm also obsessed with Podcastle's music library, which lives inside the editor and makes it easy to select the music track that feels just right for your podcast. You can add the music exactly where you want it to go, fading in and out as you see fit.‌‌

Open-Mindedness: The platform is open-minded and embraces podcasters of all levels. Whether a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll feel right at home with Podcastle because it's so easy!‌‌

High-Quality Audio and Video: Crystal-clear audio and video quality make your podcast sound and look fantastic. Your listeners will thank you for that!‌‌

Examples and Case Studies:‌‌

Meet Megan, an executive leader who coaches managers to be the best manager they can be via her podcast Leadership Revolution. She started on Riverside but quickly switched to Podcastle when I explained the benefits to her. Now, she easily interviews guests, inviting them to join her at a specific time, and they come prepared after reading Podcastle's comprehensive guest recommendations. She pays less than the other platforms and is loving her Podcastle experience!‌‌

And let's talk about me (*giggle humbly*) because I created a podcast called Start a Podcast from Home, and guess what? I record and edit everything in Podcastle! It's my one-stop shop for recording, editing, transcribing, creating social assets and more. ‌‌

Let's wrap this up:‌‌

As a podcast expert and passionate solopreneur, I've explored various podcast platforms, but nothing compares to Podcastle. With its stability, high-quality audio, and supportive community, it's the perfect platform for beginners and experienced podcasters. So, my fellow podcast enthusiasts, choose wisely and join the Podcastle family today!‌‌

Are you ready to blast off with Podcastle?‌‌

Embrace the magic of Podcastle and experience the joy of stress-free recording. Join the vibrant community of Podcastle podcasters, and let's create something amazing together! ‌‌

Click the ‘Get started’ button to create your Podcastle account!‌‌

Until next time, keep podcasting and spreading the joy of tacos, music, and game nights to the world! Cheers!‌‌

A little more about Jamie:‌‌

Jamie Kennedy is the founder of Brave Moon Podcasts and a true podcast expert and creator. With a heart as sweet-tempered as it gets, she's always ready to support her fellow podcasters. As a health and fitness enthusiast, you can often find her striking a yoga pose, sipping wine, or embarking on epic road trips while jamming to her favorite tunes.‌‌

Growing up as an overthinker, perfectionist, and people pleaser, Jamie faced her share of struggles. But those challenges sparked a fire within her to shine a light on voices that often feel afraid to share their powerful stories with the world. Through Brave Moon Podcasts, Jamie is on a mission to amplify those voices loud and clear, spreading inspiration, laughter, and wisdom far and wide.‌‌

You can learn more about Jamie at www.bravemoonpodcasts.com or check out her podcast here.



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