Onboarding Gen Z? Here's Why You Should Use Video

Gen Z is the new kid on the block in the workforce, bringing their own unique experiences, values, and expectations to the table. They've grown up in a fast-paced, tech-driven world, which has shaped the way they approach work and communication. That's why many Gen Z-ers are tech-savvy, crave meaningful work, and are open to new ways of getting things done.

So, how can you make sure your Gen Z new hires feel excited and engaged from day one? The answer is simple: create an onboarding video that speaks their language.

Video is a powerful tool for capturing the attention of Gen Z, who are used to consuming a lot of visual content. So let's take a deeper look into what makes Gen Z tick in the workplace, and how you can use that knowledge to create an onboarding video that will resonate with them.

Table of Contents:
1) An overview of Gen Z in the workplace
2) This is why you want an onboarding video
3) This is how to create an onboarding video
4) Create onboarding videos with Podcastle


An overview of Gen Z in the workplace

If your workplace is primarily made up of millennials and boomers, Gen Z will bring a fresh perspective to the office, infusing it with new energy and innovative ideas. However, they may also be the ones who don't quite grasp why taking a 2-hour break during work hours for their yoga class might raise some eyebrows. So here's a rundown on what motivates Gen Z employees in the workplace and what might drive them away.

What motivates Gen Z in the workplace?

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z thrives on flexibility, craving the freedom to work where and when they're most productive. They also prioritize work-life balance, seeking harmony between their professional and personal lives.

Remember, this is the generation that grew up in the digital age and never really experienced the concept of clocking out at 5 PM sharp and being truly disconnected from work-related calls or emails. With many Gen Z employees already experiencing burnout in the early stages of their careers, they've started prioritizing their mental health and demanding better work-life dynamics.

So, how does this relate to your onboarding flow? By understanding what motivates Gen Z the most, you can create an onboarding experience that Gen Z will love. You can do so in a few ways:

  • – Show them right from the start that your company is on the same page as them. Let them know that you value their ideas and values.
  • Is your office remote-friendly? Flaunt it! Gen Z loves the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • – Don't forget to mention all the fun stuff you do together as a team. Happy hours, team-building activities, you name it.

Side note: Don't just pay lip service to these ideas if your company isn't actually going to follow through. If you expect your employees to be present in the office, be upfront about it! Yes, you might lose some of your Gen Z new hires, but at least those who stay will know exactly what they signed up for from the start.

Common problems with Gen Z in the workplace

While Gen Z brings many strengths to the workplace, there are some challenges you may encounter:

  • – Short attention spans: Gen Z grew up in a world of constant stimulation, making it challenging to focus on tasks for extended periods.
  • – Desire for instant gratification: With the rise of technology, Gen Z has become accustomed to instant results and may struggle with patience in the workplace.
  • – Need for constant feedback: Gen Z craves feedback and may feel disengaged if they don't receive regular communication about their performance.
  • – Difficulty with face-to-face communication: Due to their reliance on digital communication, Gen Z may find face-to-face interactions challenging and prefer virtual communication channels.

Here's what the "Gen Z learning style" is like

If you want to create an onboarding experience that Gen Z will love, it's important to know what makes them unique. Here are four things to keep in mind:

1) Interactive and visual content
Gen Z is all about content that grabs their attention and keeps them engaged. Think of videos, infographics, and quizzes that are fun and easy to follow. The more interactive, the better!

2) Bite-sized information
With their short attention spans, Gen Z appreciates bite-sized chunks of information they can digest quickly. Break complex topics into manageable segments and deliver them in concise, easy-to-understand formats.

3) Personalized learning paths
Gen Z values individualized experiences. Let them pick and choose what they want to learn based on their interests and goals. One size doesn't fit all, so give them some freedom to explore.

4) Gamification
Gamified learning experiences appeal to Gen Z's competitive nature and desire for entertainment, so why not make onboarding feel like a game? Add some friendly competition with points, badges, and leaderboards. It'll make the whole experience a lot more fun and engaging.


This is why you want an onboarding video

So, you're probably wondering what's the best way to create an onboarding experience that Gen Z will actually enjoy. Well, we think the easiest and most effective option is using videos. Here's why:

1) Videos enhance memory retention

When you watch something, it tends to stick in your brain more than just reading about it. It's like when you read a movie script versus watching the actual scene - you're more likely to remember what was said if you see it played out. So, using videos for onboarding can help new hires remember important stuff about your company more easily.

2) Videos keep things engaging

Let's be real, nobody wants to read a long, boring document about company policies and values. But if you watch a fun, quick video that one of your coworkers made, it's way more engaging. Videos keep you hooked and make the whole onboarding process less of a snooze-fest.

3) Videos are convenient for everyone

The great thing about videos is that once you make them, they're there whenever you need them. New hires can watch them anytime, anywhere - which is super helpful if you have remote team members or people with busy schedules.

How to create an onboarding video

So you know for a fact you want to go ahead and create some captivating videos, how do you make onboarding content that Gen Z will love? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Tell stories: Use storytelling techniques to make your videos more engaging. Share real-life examples, success stories, and testimonials from current employees. This makes the content more relatable and helps new hires connect with your company culture.
  2. Make it fun to play with: Gamify the experience. Even millennials will love having their learning process turned into a fun little game. Interactive videos keep new hires entertained and make the onboarding process smoother.
  3. Keep it Short and Sweet: Nobody likes a long lecture, right? Keep your videos short and snappy. Break down the info into bite-sized pieces. That way, new hires won't get overwhelmed, and they'll stay focused.
  4. Look Good on Your Phone: Gen Z loves their phones, so make sure your videos look great on mobile! Make sure that the videos are compatible with various devices and screen sizes for better accessibility.

Create onboarding videos with Podcastle

If you’re worrying that creating video content for onboarding might take too much time, we’re here with some good news: it won’t. Podcastle offers a bunch of easy-to-use video editing tools powered by AI technology and available right in your browser. Use it to quickly create branded content, trim and cut your clips, or even just put your existing onboarding text and turn it into audio with just a click.

The best part? You can do this with your team in real time – for free. Not only will that make the video production process easier and quicker, but also we promise you’ll enjoy it to the maximum. So give it a shot, and let us know how your new onboarding video worked out!

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