Corporate Podcast Ideas - All New Tips 2023

Corporate podcasts these days are not limited to external marketing efforts. Providing a unique platform for communication and collaboration, corporate podcasts have proved to be highly beneficial for both employee engagement and knowledge sharing.

If you want to create podcasts to share news and updates, or stories of success and topics relevant to a company or niche but have run dry with ideas, this article is for you.

Let’s look at 6 great corporate podcast ideas to help you get started and grow your own podcast.  

What is a Corporate Podcast & How Does It Work?

A corporate podcast (sometimes called a company podcast or internal podcast) is an audio format of communication used by companies to share their knowledge, experiences and updates with employees or customers.

This communication format allows organizations to record audio messages or conversations on topics related to their industry, company or products.

In some cases, corporate podcasts are private and organizations share them only with their employees, where each listener requires a username and password to access the audio files.

Private podcasts have their own advantages too. Here are a few:

- They are less likely to get lost in the shuffle among the hundreds of emails that employees receive each day.
- Statistically, audio is more engaging than text, especially when you’re trying to provide insights into a topic.

However, many companies tend to share their corporate podcasts on social media and allow a larger number of audiences to access them. This can be useful for promotions, tutorials, announcements and updates, and many other purposes.

Overall, here is how corporate podcasts (private and public) play different parts in a company.

  • - Make announcements
    - Notify employees about deadlines
    - Promote upcoming events
    - Build culture by sharing stories
    - Provide updates on company strategies and goals
    - Teach valuable skills (e.g., time management)
    - Interview team members or stakeholders
    - Distribute onboarding information

What Companies Use Internal Corporate Podcasts

Which companies should create corporate podcasts?

  • - Large companies, especially those with more than a thousand employees.
    - Companies that are rapidly growing by adding new employees on a regular basis.
    - Organizations that need to address sensitive internal issues.
    - Companies that want to build their own unique culture.

The Best Corporate Podcast Examples

First, a great corporate podcast requires engaging content that speaks directly to your audience. You'll want to ensure your topics hit on relevant industry trends and provide actionable advice that your listeners can use to grow their careers. Interview experts or thought leaders who offer unique perspectives and valuable insight into the topics at hand.

Let’s take 2 examples of corporate podcasts:

  • - ZipRecruiter’s business podcast is hosted by Daymond John. Its focus is on helping businesses to find the right people to fill specific roles. The podcast focuses on learning from hardworking, talented and successful people from various fields.
  • - Another great example of an internal podcast is an American Airlines podcast hosted by Ron DeFeo. The podcast publishes several five to ten-minute episodes every month for 122,000 employees, covering topics like new changes.

Know Your Target Audience

Know your audience, i.e., your clients’ or employees' requirements, well enough to tailor your content efficiently. For example, if you’re targeting your employees, get some of their details from your HR team.

This helps you know your team members better and decide which type of podcast is more helpful for them and how to engage them more efficiently.

Best Corporate Podcasts Ideas

Here are the best ideas for corporate podcasts to keep in mind before recording the next internal podcast.

1. Company Culture and History

Sharing stories from the company’s past can emphasize values it holds. Moreover, it can build team morale and connection. Also, consider talking a little bit about corporate policy. Do this in a friendly manner and don’t dive too much into the details.

For instance, a corporate communication podcast can feature interviews with employees, or focus group interviews about their experiences at your company.

An episode can focus on an employee’s success story and how they got a job promotion.

Another great idea for corporate podcasts can be tutorial interviews with different employees. Ask them to talk about their challenges and how they rise above them, how they communicate with other employees, their partnerships and time management strategies.

You can also talk about the different parts of your corporate offices. For instance, introduce your new employees to the corporate landscape by showing them how each department operates.

2. Highlight Employee Achievements

Go beyond just issuing awards and certificates and provide a creative platform for team members to be recognized for their hard work, dedication, and growth within the organization.

Employee recognition and appreciation are essential for boosting morale and fostering a rewarding work environment. Acknowledging the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of employees is an important way to boost engagement among employees and encourage them to continue striving toward excellence.

Highlighting employee accomplishments is also beneficial for showing new team members what success looks like within the organization. One effective way to recognize employees is by honoring dedicated employees with years of service awards, which not only acknowledges their commitment to the company but also encourages them to stay with the company for the long term.

You need to stay up to date in today's business world, have enough information about all the new trends related to your niche, and be prepared to update your employees.

By sharing new information in your corporate podcast, you will save everyone a lot of time and employees will not miss anything because they can listen any time.

4. Share Company News and Updates

Creating podcasts about corporate news and announcements is a fantastic way to enhance your internal communications. Providing your personnel the opportunity to discuss and learn about the company's values and vision will help them become closely familiar with the organization they represent.

5. Q&A Sessions with Executives or Other Employees

When employees or managers sit in a hypothetical hot chair and the podcast host starts asking questions from the audience, things can get interesting.

These kinds of podcasts can make the atmosphere of your company more friendly and fun, but you might want to do plenty of prep so that the interviewee has time to prepare for any potentially difficult questions.

6. Training

Using podcasts for communications in large companies is great for ongoing growth and improvement in your enterprise.

Based on your employees' needs, make different sets of internal training podcasts. Train them completely about the tools used in your company, the strategy, and the services that you use or offer.

It’s a great way to communicate information in a less text-heavy way.

All in all, by following these steps you can decide which type of content can keep your employees engaged and interested.

7. Pro Tips

Not every company owner knows how to record high-quality podcasts, while many also can’t afford a recording studio or expensive hardware.

However, Podcastle is the ideal solution for both.

By using Podcastle software, you can easily create podcasts in different places remotely.

You can record yourself and your podcast guests on separate tracks, remove background noises, add music to your podcast, have focus group interviews and more with Podastle.

In addition, AI voices in Podcastle can read your script if you prefer not to use voice-overs.

If you don’t want to speak for yourself in your podcast, Podcastle lets you choose from a wide variety of AI voices to read your podcast script.

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