Corporate Podcast Ideas - All New Tips 2024

Starting a podcast within your company might feel like stepping into unknown waters, but the payoff can be incredible. Nowadays, corporate podcasts have moved beyond mere marketing tools, offering a direct line to enhance communication and collaboration within companies. So whether it's to keep team members informed and connected or share the stories behind your company’s successes, these internal communications are simply too versatile and engaging to skip out on.

Let’s take a look at 6 powerful internal communications podcast ideas to help you get started.

What is a Corporate Podcast?

A corporate podcast, also referred to as an internal podcast or company podcast, acts much like an internal radio station for your company. It's a dedicated channel where you can discuss current events within the company, celebrate achievements, and dive into topics that impact your industry.

The content you share across these corporate podcasts can shape how employees perceive the organization and reinforce your company's values and mission. And as a content format, it’s also an excellent way to:

– Keep everyone in the loop with the latest news and strategic goals
– Highlight outstanding employee contributions and success stories
– Offer insights and training that align with company values and operational needs
– Feature engaging interviews that add a personal touch to professional topics

Without a doubt, these internal comms can be much more than just a means of communication, considering that there is the potential to transform how information flows in your organization – making it more dynamic and accessible.

How Does a Corporate Podcast Work?

Just like any podcast, the process begins with planning the content that aligns with your goals and audience needs. In this case, your goals are company-aligned, and your primary audience are likely your team members or key stakeholders. Once the topics are set, episodes are recorded, often featuring hosts from within the company or special guests who bring additional expertise and perspectives.

These episodes can be easily distributed through a variety of platforms, such as the company’s intranet for private podcasts or public platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts for the public. In either case, employees and stakeholders can tune in at their convenience, making it an adaptable and user-friendly medium.

But the major question you should ask yourself is: will you go public, or stay private? Let’s take a look at what each entails.

Private Internal Podcasts

Private internal podcasts are designed for the eyes and ears of company members only. Access to these podcasts typically requires a login or other security features to keep sensitive and proprietary information secure.

This exclusivity can enhance communication safety and make employees feel more involved and valued since they’ve got access to exclusive content that isn’t available to the outside world.

These private internal podcasts come with their fair share of benefits, including:

– Secure sharing of sensitive company updates and strategies.
– Enhanced engagement by providing a direct, clutter-free line of communication.
– A personal touch in delivering onboarding materials and internal training.

Public Internal Podcasts

Public internal podcasts, on the other hand, are accessible to a wider audience which might include customers, clients, and other external stakeholders.

These podcasts are an excellent tool to extend your brand's reach and transparency. They showcase your company’s ins and outs, inviting external audiences to connect with your brand on a more personal and engaging level.

Some key advantages of public internal podcasts are:

– Increased brand visibility and marketing opportunities.
– Sharing of company culture and values with a broader audience.
– An effective platform for corporate announcements and industry insights.

While a public format may require some extra work, publishing your corporate podcasts publicly has become a lot easier over the years. Thanks to tools like our Hosting Hub, companies can share their internal comms across all major platforms using a single RSS link, rather than manually uploading to each platform.


What Companies Use Internal Corporate Podcasts

Corporate podcasts are a powerful communication tool for businesses of all sizes, including:

– Large companies, especially those with more than a thousand employees.
– Companies that are rapidly growing by adding new employees regularly.
– Organizations that need to address sensitive internal issues.
– Companies that want to build their own unique culture.

In short, you won't be limited due to how big or small your company is, as these company podcasts provide value whether you're a startup with a team of ten, a sizeable SMB, or a global enterprise.

The Best Corporate Podcast Examples

First, a great corporate podcast requires engaging content that speaks directly to your audience. You'll want to ensure your topics hit relevant industry trends and provide actionable advice that your listeners can use for growth. But you'll also want to interview experts or thought leaders who offer unique perspectives and valuable insight into the topics at hand.

Let’s take 2 examples of corporate podcasts:

ZipRecruiter’s business podcast is hosted by Daymond John. Its focus is on helping businesses to find the right people to fill specific roles. The podcast focuses on learning from hardworking, talented, and successful people from various fields.
– Another great example of an internal podcast is an American Airlines podcast hosted by Ron DeFeo. The podcast publishes several five to ten-minute episodes every month for 122,000 employees, covering topics like new changes.

Best Corporate Podcast Ideas

When deciding on which internal communications podcast ideas to pursue, keep one thing in mind: know your audience. In this case, it's your clients’ or employees' requirements. You'll want to know them well enough to tailor your content efficiently. For example, if you’re targeting your employees, get some of their details from your HR team.

This helps you know your team members better and decide which type of podcast is more helpful for them and how to engage them more efficiently.

With that said, here are some of the most engaging internal comms podcast ideas to either get you started or try out for your next recording session.

1. Focus on Company Culture and History

Sharing stories from the company’s past can emphasize the values it holds. Moreover, it can build team morale and connection. Also, consider talking a little bit about corporate policy. Do this in a friendly manner and don’t dive too much into the details.

For instance, a corporate communication podcast can feature interviews with employees, or focus group interviews about their experiences at your company.

An episode can focus on an employee’s success story and how they got a job promotion.

Another great idea for corporate podcasts can be tutorial interviews with different employees. Ask them to talk about their challenges and how they rise above them, how they communicate with other employees, their partnerships and time management strategies.

You can also talk about the different parts of your corporate offices. For instance, introduce your new employees to the corporate landscape by showing them how each department operates.

2. Highlight Employee Achievements

Go beyond just issuing awards and certificates and provide a creative platform for team members to be recognized for their hard work, dedication, and growth within the organization.

Employee recognition and appreciation are essential for boosting morale and fostering a rewarding work environment. Acknowledging the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of employees is an important way to boost engagement among employees and encourage them to continue striving toward excellence.

Highlighting employee accomplishments is also beneficial for showing new team members what success looks like within the organization. One effective way to recognize such achievements is by honoring dedicated employees with years of service awards, which not only acknowledges their commitment to the company but also encourages them to stay with the company for the long term.

You need to stay up to date in today's business world, have enough information about all the new trends related to your niche, and be prepared to update your employees.

By sharing new information in your corporate podcast, you will save everyone a lot of time and employees will not miss anything because they can listen any time.

4. Share Company News and Updates

Creating podcasts about corporate news and announcements is a fantastic way to enhance your internal communications. Providing your personnel the opportunity to discuss and learn about the company's values and vision will help them become closely familiar with the organization they represent.

5. Q&A Sessions with Executives or Other Employees

When employees or managers sit in a hypothetical hot chair and the podcast host starts asking questions from the audience, things can get interesting.

These kinds of podcasts can make the atmosphere of your company more friendly and fun, but you might want to do plenty of prep so that the interviewee has time to prepare for any potentially difficult questions.

With Podcastle for Teams, handling Q&A sessions, and other internal corporate podcast ideas, has never been easier. This collaborative content creation hub allows your marketing, communications, and HR teams to quickly create professional audio and video content. It's also capable of bringing everyone's tasks together in one online workspace through AI tools for recording, editing, and publishing.

6. Training

Using podcasts for communications in large companies is great for ongoing growth and improvement in your enterprise.

Based on your employees' needs, make different sets of internal training podcasts. Train them completely about the tools used in your company, the strategy, and the services that you use or offer.

It’s a great way to communicate information in a less text-heavy way.

All in all, by following these steps you can decide which type of content can keep your employees engaged and interested.

The Easiest Way to Create Your Internal Corporate Podcasts

Not every company owner knows how to record high-quality podcasts, and many also can’t afford a recording studio or expensive hardware.

However, Podcastle is the ideal solution for both.

By using Podcastle software, you can easily create podcasts in different places remotely. You can record yourself and your podcast guests on separate tracks, remove background noises, add music to your podcast, have focus group interviews, and more.

Take a look at our content creation suite in action:

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