12 Interior Design Podcasts to Keep You Inspired at Home

Interior design is more than just getting the right decor. Good interior design helps in boosting the aesthetic value of a given space and evokes happiness. It plays an essential role in our everyday life, making our lifestyle more comfortable and stylish. We have gathered the best 12 interior design podcasts to keep you inspired at home.

1. How to Decorate

This podcast is from Ballard Designs, with a series of expert lessons on decorating and design. The podcast hosts Markham Roberts, Joy Moyler and Katie Ridder will uncover your inner decorator with conversations and interviews with top interior designers sharing ideas and tips and answering questions submitted by listeners.

2. The Style Files

If you want to get ideas and hear thoughts of design luminaries, tune in to The Style Files hosted by Paloma Contreras. Since its launch in 2020, she has interviewed such well-known designers as Mark Sikes, Alexa Hampton, Bunny Williams, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Aerin Lauder and more.

3. The Chaise Lounge

Looking for a personal master-class kind of interior design podcast? Chaise Lounge got you covered. The host Nick May and his expert guests delve deep into the interior design business itself, talking about how to grow and profit from it, sharing their experience and processes. Among the guests, you'll find the Award-Winning Denver interior designer and passionate leader Andrea Monath Schumacher, Chad Esslinger, Scott Sanders and more.

4. A Well-Designed Business

Nowadays, design schools do not equip their students with the business skills they need to become successful designers running a successful business. If you are interested in running a profitable business in this industry, then Luann Nigara, the host of A Well-Designed Business podcast, have you covered with her 35 years of experience of success in interior design. She interviews top leaders in the interior design industry on how to design and run a profitable business.

5. At Home With Lauren Keenan

At Home With Lauren, Keenan podcast is hosted by a leading Australian expert and commentator on interior styling and design, an award-winning podcaster Lauren Keenan. This is the show you can trust to create your dream home. This podcast helps its listeners learn directly from top industry designers and interior experts to create beautiful spaces for them and their families.

6. Style Matters

Launched in 2014, the Style Matters podcast presents its listeners with how to bring their personal style into their homes and surround themselves with beautiful and comfortable spaces in a meaningful way. Co-hosts Karen June Grant and Zandra Zuraw are having conversations with experts like lifestyle icon Desha Peacock and other top stylists, tastemakers, and designers from around the world to explain why style matters and why the art of home-making is so powerful.

7. Affordable Interior Design

The Affordable Interior Design podcast is hosted by New York-based and nationally acclaimed interior designer Betsy Helmuth. Each episode sheds light on burning design questions you won't get answers from other professionals. Betsy Helmuth shares her knowledge and advice with the world of podcasting and design addicts.

8. The Great Indoors

Co-hosts Sophie Robinson, TV presenter and designer and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth, discuss and guide their listeners through the top industry trends. As they say, not every trendy design will make your house feel like home. With Sophie and Kate, you'll learn how to transform your space into a cozy place.

9. The Interior Design Consultant

The Interior Design Consultant podcast is hosted by its founder Timothy Murenzi. The aim of this podcast is to chat about the good, the bad and the dirty of the interior design business to help those getting into this industry and those who need help building their empire. Topics vary from the pros and cons of being a designer to managing costs.  

10. The Interior Design Business

This monthly interior design podcast is for professional designers working in the UK. During the show, hosts discuss the challenges that designers face and offer first-hand advice on how to deal with those issues. The Interior Design Business gives its listeners an opportunity to learn from others in the design community and develop the skills they need to succeed as interior designers. Conversation topics include ways to attract the perfect clients, how to grow the business, emotions in design and more.    

11. Dear Alice | Interior Design

Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast hosted by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the designers behind Alice Lane Interior Design. Hosts share their beautiful lifestyle approach to interior design breaking down all the essential elements. They talk about closet design during the show, and ways to add charm to a new build, etc.

12. David Thiergartner Interiors Podcast

David Thiergartner Interiors Podcast is about all the essential elements related to interior design. This weekly interior design podcast brings to its listeners' attention a new interview with industry experts on topics ranging from artwork and furniture to the psychology of color and home security systems, focusing on the benefits and rewards of creating beautiful and comfortable interiors.

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