Ideas For Podcast Segments

Podcasting is a fun way to talk about your industry topics and express yourself. However, when it becomes a routine work, there can be times when you run out of fresh ideas for podcast segments that can keep your audience engaged.

Even if you have a particular podcast topic and an established format, you can still try to add new parts for making your episodes more diverse, fun and engaging. But we know: brainstorming new episode ideas can sometimes be challenging.

No worries. We are here to help you. We have put together a list of segment approaches that you can incorporate into your coming episodes to increase the variety of your show.

Q & A

You can collect questions from your audience and followers via your social media accounts and answer them during a podcast episode. Q&A videos and podcasts are widely popular because they give the audience personal insights about a host. Those Q & A formats are very fun and entertaining, especially if the host has a bright personality. In fact, when the audience knows you better, they develop a more genuine connection with you, and they feel like they know you. So, not only is it fun answering your listeners’ questions, but it is also a valuable investment for the long run.  You audience can be a good source for ideas for podcast segments.

Guests and co-hosts

New voices can give a fresh touch to your episodes. Depending on your podcast topic, you can invite industry influencers, experts, and notable individuals to discuss hot topics. You can make it in an interview format or ask your guest to take over an episode of your podcast and make a solo-episode. You can also ask another host from a similar podcast to join you. These kinds of co-operations also help to increase your audience base when your guests share those episodes on their pages.

If you want your audience to get to know you better, you can invite a friend or family member and have personal talks with them. They can share some fun facts, experiences, and memories related to you.

If you don’t have an extra set of recording equipment for your guest, don’t worry. You can use Podcastle’s online audio-recording tool or try to record the podcast with your mobile device and in a relatively quiet place, which you can later professionally edit with the online tool.

Reviews and recommendations

Before purchasing a product or service, many people like to learn about the real experiences of others. That is why so many online shopping and entertainment websites have review parts, where anyone can find comments and ratings. Famous people have even more valuable voices when it comes to reviews because they have trust and respect from followers.

So, your audience would definitely like to learn about your experiences regarding some new products or services, especially those related to your field of expertise. For example, if you have a tech podcast and a new Mac was launched, you can make a one-time review episode on it, discuss new features, and give your opinions and recommendations.

You can also make comparisons between similar products or services by discussing the features, pros, and cons. It will help your audience to make informed choices.

News reporting

Yes, there are podcast channels primarily focused on news reporting. However, it does not mean that others can’t do that. You can discuss some topical news of your industry related events, forums, changes, etc.

If you succeed in reporting hot and fresh industry news on your podcast on time, your audience will  also come to your podcasts for quick updates.

Social media minute

Your social media accounts can support your podcast growth. They also can help you to find  content ideas for your podcast segments. For example, you can ask a question or start a specific topic in your social media posts with a particular hashtag. Your followers will share their ideas and use that hashtag in their posts. Then you can create an episode where you read the posts with that hashtag.

Your audience will feel that they engage in two-way communication. Their interest  will increase when they feel involved.

Facts and information

Have you recently learned an interesting fact or information that you believe your audience would be interested in? If yes, then share it with them.

People like learning facts and getting new information. Just make sure that the content does not turn into a boring lengthy technical lecture. Keep it fun. Use examples of real-life scenarios to make them enjoyable for listeners.

To sum up

Occasionally trying new segments can turn your podcast into a much more engaging and entertaining one. You can now and then use segments as a tool to break your long and sometimes heavy episodes, to avoid boring out your audience.

The important thing is to make sure that the segments you choose are somehow relatable or connected to your main topic and appeal to your audience.

Happy podcasting!

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