How To Write A Podcast Intro That Will Blow The Listeners' Minds?

Even with a perfectly crafted script, and the highest quality recording, your listeners might leave your show in seconds if you don't know how to write a podcast intro that grasps attention from the very first second.
Тhe opening of your show should be catchy and engaging—that's a must. If you're stuck at this point wondering how to invent such a great podcast introduction, no worries. We will provide you with some useful tips ;)

What should your podcast introduction have?

Podcast intro should provide the listener with a complete introduction of the show and the host. Your listeners should understand what they have clicked on in mere seconds and whether they want to continue streaming your podcast.

Here are the main elements a good podcast intro should have.

Podcast name

We know your podcast name is written in your Spotify account, mentioned in the podcast description, and pretty much in any other possible place. However, stating it one more time at the beginning of your show will make your listeners remember it better.  

Episode title

What will your listeners get from the episode? State it in the beginning and add some intrigue so that listeners think there is no way they can miss such exciting content.

Music or sound

No matter how friendly your voice sounds in your show's intro, music will cheer your listeners up better. Choose a track that matches your podcast's topic and overall feel. You can choose podcast intro music for completely free in Podcastle.


Podcaster's personality plays a crucial role in the listeners' loyalty. So, don't miss your opportunity to introduce yourself in front of your audience, and create a friendly atmosphere from the very start.

Warning, if necessary

If your podcast's content contains sensitive information for a specific age or social group, you must warn your listeners. Such cases include but are not limited to horror podcasts, adult content, etc.
Now, when you know the must-have elements of your podcast's introduction, let's jump into the main podcast introduction options you can choose from.

Main types of podcast intro

Do you want to welcome your listeners yourself or want to have a recorded speech/sound?

Let's take a look at the two main types of podcast introductions.

Self-recorded intro

Many hosts prefer to greet listeners at the start of the podcast. You might not even hear introductory music accompanying the host's speech in such podcast introductions. Instead, hosts will introduce themselves and move on.

The main benefit of a self-recorded intro is that it adds authenticity to the show. Nowadays, listeners appreciate when the podcaster is trying to build a personal connection with them, especially if he is famous.

Another advantage of this type of podcast is that hosts have a chance to set the show's atmosphere right from the start. Remember, we talked about the host's passion for the podcast's topic as one of the success factors of any show. With that being said, you have an excellent opportunity to transfer your mood and love toward the topic you will be discussing in the podcast from the start.

How to have a high-quality self-recorded introduction without much hassle?

You can record your intro script via Podcastle in a few clicks. And there is no need to have pro equipment for that. If you don't like some parts of your recording, use magic-dust to remove all the background noises and a FREE audio editor to cut the parts that you don't like.

Prerecorded intro

You will meet many podcasts starting with machine-recorded speech or without any speech at all. Quite often, podcast intros contain only a few seconds of the track, which are repeated repeatedly in the episodes and become an essential branding component of the podcast.

You might find it a bit more challenging to have a prerecorded podcast intro compared to the self-recording, as in this case, you should care that each element of the introduction has a strong connection with the show.

So, if you write a script and use revoicing tool to read it, you should consider how similar the machine voice is to yours and whether it fits into the show's overall atmosphere.

Similarly, when choosing a podcast intro music, you should choose the one that transfers your show's overall drive from the beginning.

The main benefit of prerecorded podcasting is that it adds some diversity to your show, and the listeners are not bored to hear only your voice during the whole length of the show.

How to write a podcast intro without your voice?

If you want another voice to read your podcast introduction instead of you, or you want to add some cool music to your show, here are tips for both options.

Podcastle allows you to choose different voices for the text revoicing. The available voice skins sound very humanlike and natural, so that you are sure to find one be closer to your communication style. Also, if you want to add music to the show, keep in mind that you should choose royalty-free music, which is not protected by copyright and is allowed for public use. Podcast offers 30 copyright-free music tracks of different moods and lengths, available once you do a project inside the platform.

Some final tips before you go
When writing your podcast's intro script, keep in mind that you have one minute at most to make your listeners fall in love with your show. Therefore, be unique in every detail of your introduction and make sure you manage to intrigue the listeners from the start so that they are interested in continuing listening.

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