How To Make a Good Audio Story And Where To Post Them

An audio story is a form of storytelling that has been evolving since the times when radio broadcasting was invented. Nowadays, the pipeline for creating audio stories has developed quite a lot.  All you need are audio creating and editing tools that are available free and online. The questions remain in which form you should apply your creativity to create a good story and where you should post your stories to be heard. Let’s figure it out together.

How to make a good audio story?

To create the perfect audio story you should brainstorm and come up with an idea that is good for recording. However, it is not always easy to do that, so we prepared a couple of recommendations for you.

Do research

Go deep into the question or the topic that you are going to explore in your audio story. You should be sure that you know the essence of the topic so that you can succeed in telling a story remarkably. It’s during the research that you get the interesting or funny details to include in your script.

Define the main concept or question

The next step is sorting out the main target of your story. Ask yourself what will you and your audience investigate in this story? What is this episode’s main goal? What should the crowd tune in for?

Use those questions to mark the start of your story. This way you’re setting off to a journey in search of answers and taking your audience members along with you. In the beginning of your episode, it doesn’t matter as much where exactly your journey will take you, it’s simply good to let your listeners know that there’s a destination point.

Questions spark curiosity. Keeping your listeners in anticipation will bring them the same sense as being engulfed in a mysterious detective novel.

Conduct interviews

Interviews with people relevant to your story is a great element to include in your audio recording. Bringing someone’s personal experience can be of great value to your podcast episodes making any story more complete and enchanting.

Listen to other podcasts and stories

If you are a newbie that’s creating their first audio story you can check out other podcast shows for examples. Be attentive to the storytelling styles and techniques and develop your own manner.

Have a written script

It is a good idea to have a script prepared before you start recording. Whether you record audio or video, when you have an outline to follow, it is much easier to concentrate on your tone of voice, volume and speaking style. So after you collect all the information you need it’s best to organize it into a written script.

Find the perfect recording and editing software

Now it is time to record your audio story. For that, you need recording hardware and software. Luckily, it doesn’t matter whether you can afford renting a recording studio. Nowadays you can record high-quality audio for free using your laptop or even smartphone with no special equipment. For example, Podcastle is an all-in-one free podcast creation platform that is just as appropriate for professionals as it is for beginners. This AI-powered podcast platform offers way more than just recording.  Without having to switch platforms you can access a variety of tools and features that make the editing process easy and fun. Its main features are an audio recorder, an interview recorder as well as revoicing and noise cancellation tools. The platform also serves as a text-to-podcast and speech-to-text software. You can even add the latter to your Google Chrome extensions. As you can see, all is available and convenient for you to launch your podcasting career.

How to post your audio story?

There are many podcast directories such as Spotify, Stitcher, Podchaser and more. So, which one to choose? Actually, the more podcast directories you have your story posted in the more chances you have to make your story popular. So post it in as many podcast directories as you can. Let us just point out the most popular podcast directories and figure out how to submit your story to them.

Apple podcasts

Apple Podcasts is a podcast directory available for iOS platforms. It provides podcast creators with many interesting features. You can not only create playlists and channels, set subscriptions for your show, but also have some statistics about your listeners. The analytics feature of Apple Podcasts provides you with the opportunity to learn which part of your listeners are regulars and which part of them skims through your podcast show. So you will be able to get minimal feedback on your show and understand the range of your listeners which will help you when promoting your content.

With about 28 million monthly listeners, you do want your story on Apple Podcasts.

How to submit to Apple Podcasts?

  1. First create an Apple ID and verify it on the iTunes app;
  2. Then log in to Apple Podcasts Connect and create an account by following all the required steps;
  3. Finally, you should add an RSS feed and upload your story by filling in all the necessary information.

Your audio should be approved by Apple to be published and the latter process may take about 1-2 days.


Spotify is a quickly growing podcast directory. It is expected that it will soon surpass Apple Podcasts by monthly listeners numbers. Additionally, the well-known music-playing application has analytics tools that make it a great choice for posting your audio story.

How to submit to Spotify?

  1. Firstly, carefully examine Spotify’s requirements for podcasts and see if your podcast meets these requirements;
  2. Then, create an account on Spotify for Podcasters;
  3. Add your RSS feed;
  4. After that, Spotify will send you a verification email. Just enter the code from the email;
  5. Finally, fill in the necessary information about your podcast show and submit it.

Google Podcasts

If Apple Podcasts is particularly famous among iOS users, Android users’ favorite is Google Podcasts. Though it is relatively new and not so popular in comparison with Spotify or Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts has good chances to gain a lot of popularity with the resources that the Google search engine offers. For instance, if you enter a podcast name you will see that  links to Google Podcasts will come up at the top of your search results.

How to submit to Google Podcasts?

  1. Firstly, log in to your Google account if you have one;
  2. Then, go to Google PubSubHubbub Hub, add your RSS feed URL, and click “Publish;”
  3. Afterward, go to Google Podcasts Manager and enter your RSS feed URL;
  4. Finally, you will receive a verification email on your Gmail, just enter the code you got and click “Submit.”
    To create a good story you need to explore relevant topics and identify questions and the answers to which are going to lure your listeners in. To master the latter it’s best to create an outline  to guide you while recording your story. When it comes to the technical parts of the recording and editing processes,  Podcastle and its easy-to-use tools got you covered. As for publishing it, the best solution is to make your audio story available on as many podcast directories as possible, so that podcast fans can come across it or access it through different devices and apps.
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