Tips on Using Email Marketing for Podcasting

Podcasting is a relatively new and exciting medium for the audience. You can change people's lives as a podcaster. You can educate, inspire, entertain, and do much more for your audience. However, to have a loyal audience, you'll need not only enchanting content and clear audio but also should possess marketing knowledge. Gaining a broad audience, you will transform your podcast into a profitable business. And as podcasting is becoming more and more competitive, you should know how to grow your revenue. Today, we will show how email marketing for podcasts can help you grow your listenership.

Email marketing is one of the marketing methods to send promotional emails or advertisements as it is very cost-effective. The most important privilage of email marketing is creating a relationship with potential listeners. With your email list, you will inform your listeners about the upcoming topics, episode launch dates, guests who will attend and attract their attention. Email is the only way to control your message to the right audience at the right time and make sure your message is delivered to your listeners' inboxes. Yet, to fit in as a successful podcaster who uses email marketing, you should know how to build an email marketing strategy and do it well. Ahead, we have revealed the essential steps to start and effectively market your podcast.‌‌‌‌Here are the key steps to create an email list building or lead generation.

1. Create a lead magnet.

A "lead magnet" is essential information you want to provide to people in return for their contact information - their email addresses.

-- Compile your existing content (articles, blogs) into a comprehensive resource.‌‌‌‌
-- Build a lead magnet concerning your podcast subject.‌‌‌‌
-- Know your audience. Your lead magnet should fit your podcast theme, and you should understand your audience's expectations.‌‌‌‌
-- You can add a landing page to your website for your lead magnet using a plug-in for page builder. Then, you will need a tool to help you create an appropriate lead magnet. As an effective eBook creating tool, you can use Google Slides.‌‌
-- Creating a sign-up for your email marketing is a very important step. An eye-catching sign up can help you to collect more subscribers. There are many ways to create a sign up, but the most important part is to make sure it’s easy for people to subscribe.

It’s worth focusing on lead generation best practices for B2B sales, especially if you’ve got a podcast to grow. Don’t forget that every lead magnet can perpetuate your subscriber base, so long as each one is of a consistently high quality.

2. Elaborate custom landing pages to get higher conversion rates.

When your lead magnet is ready, you should put it behind the email gate on a landing page and drive traffic to it.

-- Email gate is an email marketing tool that shares your lead magnet content after the people provide their email addresses.‌‌
-- A landing page is when you send your optimized page to people to access your lead magnet content.
-- Most podcasters use a landing page builder to create templates that are optimized for conversion.
-- Landing page optimizations include:
-- A selling point to make clear for your visitors what to expect from your lead magnet.‌‌
-- A CTA (call-to-action) will focus the visitor's attention, requesting them submit their email addresses to get your lead magnet.‌‌
-- Limited navigation versions so that the visitors don't get other links.‌‌
-- Visual signals, like bold or colored objects you want to highlight.‌‌
-- Click popup that will show when the visitor clicks on the CTA button, like “Get Free Demo”.

3. Drive more traffic to your landing page through social media.

After creating your lead magnet and when the landing page is ready, your next step will be driving traffic. Currently, the most effective way is to do it with social media. No matter what subject or format your podcast has, all podcast listeners use social media, and you can transform them into email subscribers. Create a Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram profile for your podcast, create exciting posts focused on your lead magnet delivery, and share them.

You can use Audiograms or Image Quotes to generate more traffic.

Email Marketing will help you to turn your subscriber into listeners.

1. Write a proper content

The users will open and subscribe to your messages depending on the quality of your email content. To have better content, you should:

-- Write the purpose: Share the value of your podcast at the very top of your email.‌‌
-- Write for your listeners: Knowing your audience, you should address them -- -- correctly, depending on their age, profession, or other factors, either in casual or formal form.‌‌
-- A/B test your subject: Make sure you’re using an email tool that enables subject line A/B testing.‌‌
-- Use emotions: People are attracted by emotions rather than neutral language.

2. Personalize your emails

Write the first name of your subscriber if you know, create high-quality and personalized content, and use a professional HTML email signature to link to your business and drive visitors to your website. A good email marketing strategy may hugely influence your email’s opening and increase the higher reply rate.

3. Send welcome and thank you emails.

When a person subscribes, you should send a welcome or thank you email with a CTA to subscribe to your podcast. Make sure your email guides them to check out your podcasts.

4. Track your misses and successes

With the help of some helpful tools, you can track how your emails are working, what subjects drive more audience, which CTA gains better engagement, which images work, etc.

-- Grammarly: Grammarly is a tool with the feature "set goals." Here you can describe what you're expecting to achieve and copy past your email. It will help you to figure it out.‌‌
-- MailTracker: MailTracker is a free and straightforward email tracker for Gmail that provides you with information like who opened your emails. Based on this, you will know which emails work better.

5. Reward Subscribers with a discount

Make your subscribers loyal, making additional value exclusive to them, like making them automatically premium members or any discount.

Helpful tools to turn your podcasts listeners into subscribers

You will need a flexible email marketing tool to send email signals or automate your emails. The top email marketing software tools are:


Mailchimp is the leading email marketing tool for entrepreneurs and business owners. They offer a wide variety of email templates and handy automation.


Hubspot is another option of email marketing platform that provides everything from CRM integration introductory emails to high-level marketing automation. Using email marketing can be the key to your podcast's booming growth, and we hope our article will serve as a helpful guide.

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