Best Ways To Create A Podcast Landing Page

Unless you’re one of those artists who wants its creation to be burnt and never be seen or heard by anyone alive, you probably want to get more listeners for your podcast show. We get it; we’re all social creatures who need others’ appreciation. But how do you get your podcast out there? There’s one simple solution: you need to create a podcast landing page.

The right podcast landing page can boost your conversions, grow your podcast audience, help you monetize your podcast, and be the cornerstone of your show’s success.

If you’re not sure how to create a podcast landing page is, and what it is in general, let’s start with some definitions:

What is a podcast landing page?

Let’s first understand what a landing page in general is. A landing page is any web page that your users can land on. However, in marketing, the term refers to a webpage designed solely for a specific campaign. This is usually where the potential leads are eventually taken.

In other words, your landing page would be a follow-up of the marketing message conveyed through a social post, email, or any other medium.

So now, let’s understand how you could use landing pages for your podcast.

The podcast landing page is like the home for your show. Here is the place where your potential listeners will come to learn about your podcast and understand whether they want to subscribe or not.

As we’ve mentioned, you want your landing page to continue the messaging of your ads or promotions: ideally, it shouldn’t be the first thing your audience sees.

Here is a sum-up of what can be included in your landing page:

  • -- The description of your show to let your podcast listeners know what to expect
  • -- Some of your recent episodes
    -- A form for collecting emails so that you could send newsletters and offers later on
    -- The contact details and links to your social media, in case anyone wants to approach you

But this is just a rough outline. If you want your podcast landing page to convert, you need to spend extra effort on the copy, visual elements, and more.

So the question is:

How to create a podcast landing page that converts?

Although the success formula of a landing page will differ from podcast to podcast; some rules apply to all of them. Here are some of the essentials:

Come up with a catchy headline

The first thing your visitors will notice on the landing page is the headline. So you want to make sure it is something they won’t forget. Your headline should also make it clear to the visitors where they are and why they need to be here. You don’t want to include ambiguous messaging that does not say much about your show and scares the potential podcast listeners away.

However, you don’t need to give it all away either. Your visitors should want to scroll further, so your headline could be just a phrase related to your content that grabs attention.

Here’s an excellent example of it from the podcast Unladylike.

The catchline “Stay Curious, Build Empathy, Raise Hell” is more of a calling than a description of the podcast. However, it does catch your eye and makes you interested in what’s about to come next.

However, most of the podcasts will choose a more conventional approach by simply putting their podcast name as the headline. For example, that’s how Food Psych Podcast designed its landing page by simply including the title and a description of the show.

Here’s what it looks like:

The descriptive line below the title makes the visitors instantly understand what the podcast is all about.

Sprinkle some eye-catchy visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes, we know this is a worn-out saying, but guess what? Most of the time, it works.

Good graphics and other visual components set the mood of your landing page and should convey the overall theme of your show.

Take a look at Chris D’elia’s Congratulations podcast homepage. A simple glimpse at it makes it clear that there’s no way it’s a news podcast. The rough sketch of Chris D’elia and the light blue background suggest that the show will be a lot of fun.

However, this approach will certainly not work if your show is an in-depth analysis of recent political events. In that case, you should go with more strict stylistics to stay loyal to your primary messaging.

Include your recent episodes

Imagine a landing page for a shoe shop without any display of the shoes and many messages telling you to buy it. Wouldn’t it be too confusing? How can you purchase a product if you haven’t even seen it?

Well, the same goes for the podcast. If you don’t provide a sample of your work on the landing page, making a subscription decision will be a pretty tough decision.

So the best advice is to have your favorite episodes displayed on the page and let your visitors understand what your show is like.

End the deal with a powerful CTA

Finally, any landing page’s last and probably most important factor is a strong call-to-action.

Depending on what your end goal is, your CTA may differ. If you just want to grow your email list, you can have a CTA that asks for an email and a form right below it. If you want to convince your visitors to buy your podcast or subscribe to it, you might need to work a little harder on crafting your CTA.

Here’s a complete guide for writing the perfect CTA.

But remember, no matter how good your landing page is, if your podcast content is not engaging enough, you’ll soon be losing your audience. So working hard on content creation should always be your priority.

By the way, you don’t need to have much to create a good show.

In fact, with Podcastle, you only need  internet connection and a computer. Our audio content creation platform allows both easy recording and editing. You can record your podcast episode with the highest audio quality available online and quickly edit it using podcast audio editing software. There are also a couple of handy AI-powered features that make the entire process even more fun.

For instance, you can spice up your show with some fun AI voice skins using our text-to-speech converter. The tool also works vice versa as a speech-to-text converter; allowing you to get the transcript of your episode in seconds.

So with modern technologies; all you need to create a good show is passion for the topic, hard work, and… a good landing page. The rest will come.

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