Best Podcasts on Financial Markets

With more than two million podcasts out there, one will find tonnes of very insightful and informative podcasts covering just about every topic. The same goes for financial markets. The following list includes five of the best podcasts on financial markets you won't want to miss.

1. Fast Money with Melissa Lee

"Fast Money with Melissa Lee" Created by CNBC and hosted by Melissa Lee, is a podcast that covers financial and stock market-related news, including financial markets, stock markets, economics, actionable news, current market conditions, etc. Being among the very best of the daily finance podcasts, it's like a "roundtable of top traders." To make informed investments, it is essential to keep up with the current stock trading news. "Fast Money with Melissa Lee" offers great insights and is a great informative medium for those looking to become an economist or a research analyst. Melissa Lee and her guests analyze markets on a daily basis, looking at what happened overnight in Asian or European financial markets, what is driving the markets, and based on those insights, they predict what is likely to happen in the period ahead. The latest episodes cover topics such as Powell's inflation alarm and inside the Disney discord, how Powell successfully threads the needle, and why one fintech firm may have just put in a bottom, the European contagion risk, and China fires back at the U.S., etc.

Tune in to this podcast if you need to be up on the financial market events of the day and get actionable news.


2. The Disciplined Investor

"The Disciplined Investor" is a weekly podcast hosted by Andrew Horowitz. The host dives deep into granular detail about what is happening in the financial markets and where those are likely to head next. Stories are intertwined from different angles and with different topics like currency fluctuations, investment portfolios, which stocks are most likely to be affected, etc. This podcast is aimed at experienced and professional investors but is also accessible to novice investors looking for podcasts with more technical content. The latest episodes include topics such as selective isolationism, Benzinga, etc.

3. Masters in Business

"Masters in Business" is a weekly podcast by Bloomberg hosted by Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz, aiming to feature profound and higher profile guests and less of the daily swings in markets that sometimes give volatility to the quality of daily financial markets-related news podcasts as opposed to a daily podcast called "Bloomberg Surveillance." Each week the host chooses new topics related to financial markets, economics, or business and dives deep into them by interviewing experts on that topics. Among guests, there were Darren Palmer (previously Ford's head of battery-electric vehicles), Brian Deese (BlackRock's Global Head of Sustainable Investing talking about ESG stocks), Michelle Seitz (chairman and CEO of Russell Investments Group LLC), David R. Kotok (co-founder, chairman, and chief investment officer of Cumberland Advisors), Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller, Catherine Keating (CEO of BNY Mellon Wealth Management), etc. This podcast is perfect if you want to explore the ideas that shape the financial markets, business, and investing.

4. Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

"Exchanges at Goldman Sachs" is a podcast that keeps its listeners apprised on macroeconomics through sharp and in-detail conversations on deal-making in the investment banking channel, financial markets, political changes that move markets, featuring experts from Goldman Sachs. Tune in to this podcast and get market updates from Goldman Sachs pros. Recent episodes were about The next tech battleground of online Gaming and the Metaverse, how corporate financing strategies are evolving, what the Russia-Ukraine conflict means for the global economy and markets, and more.

5. Business Daily

"Business Daily" podcast by BBC provides a daily update on the world economy, in-depth reporting, interviews, and opinions from industry experts. The show dives deep into a particular topic each day, varying from the worrying levels of consumer debt in China to shareholders' growing impatience with Uber. Recent episodes include topics such as how European businesses are helping Ukrainian refugees, emotional and financial complications of fundraising during the war, Pacific islanders building climate resilience, and more.

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