How To Record A Webinar on Your Computer - The Basics

The pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, work and get things done. Companies have responded by providing the technology to make anything done remotely accessible, preferable, and feasible.

As a consequence, events like online shows, podcasts, virtual discussions, and webinars are attracting big audiences. As the pandemic slows down, companies that have done an excellent job at implementing innovative technologies to satisfy the new needs of the market keep standing out.

If you want to stand out for your professionalism and successful implementation of technology, it's wise to master online video and audio editing tools. Although this may sound scary or overwhelming for someone with no prior editing experience, we’re here to offer a simple yet effective solution.

This blog post prepares you for a smooth transition to the digital marketing workspace by diving into the question of how to record webinars on your computer.

How To Record A Webinar on Your Computer

Recording webinars is not a challenge anymore! After COVID shifted everything to the digital arena, platforms that enable easy webinar hosting have taken over the market, too. The simplest options are Zoom and Google Meet, which have become corporate favorites for organizing team meetings, holding discussions, assigning tasks, and even enjoying lunchtime with team members.

However, several issues frequently arise as a result of poor webinar recording. They include low audio and video quality, interrupted and incomplete recording of many participants’ videos, and, most importantly, slow video and audio loading.

To avoid issues like these and deliver professional and high-quality webinar recordings, Podcastle has extended its interview feature with a new video component.

Using Podcastle’s new tool you can record webinars with up to 10 participants. You can access and edit separate audio tracks for each of your participants, which will enable you to produce clean audio recordings with no fear of missing something important one of the participants may have said.

Before The Webinar…

To prepare for your webinar, schedule it in advance on Podcastle and send an invitation to participants by entering their email addresses. To do this, create a Podcastle account through the web application or download the iOS app. Before your webinar begins, ensure you are familiar with all the tools available on your screen. These include the different call reactions, mute and unmute buttons, etc. As the host, you would have to orient yourself quickly. Hence, accessing every tool fast and effortlessly will make your webinar more productive.

After The Webinar…

After your webinar is over, you want to edit your material as neatly as you can to share it with bigger audiences and enlarge your network with engaging interactive content. Therefore, editing your material professionally should be your primary goal.

Podcastle has a broad toolset to support you with this! For excellent audio quality, Podcastle’s audio editor will come to your help. If you want to remove unwanted noise to make your webinar sound cleaner and neater, you can use Podcastle's silence removal feature.

As an added benefit for webinar hosts, Podcastle is offering multiple ways in which you can transcribe your audio to text. This is especially useful when publishing your webinar on online platforms and sharing it with bigger audiences.

The good news is that your webinar recordings, along with all the edited audio and video drafts you may create while working on your projects, will be saved on your Podcastle account. It is a two-in-one portal enabling you to record and edit your material from one dashboard.


To host a meaningful, engaging and interactive webinar and have it recorded at high quality is difficult but possible. By implementing Podcastle’s new video component, you will be able to record webinars with neat and clear audio, professional video, and without any unwanted noise.

You can improve your webinar even further by transcribing the audio to text and making it accessible for guests with hearing impairment or people who prefer to have the text option available.

To conclude, moving in alignment with the technological trends of the market is essential for every type of business. As the pandemic has caused virtual platforms to become more accessible for people, events like webinars have gained much popularity and demand.

Therefore, responding to this growing trend and hosting a meaningful, engaging, and interactive webinar is what most companies currently want. Moreover, recording your webinars at high quality is absolutely essential to making your material accessible on various platforms.

By making use of Podcastle’s new video component, you will be able to record webinars without any unwanted noise, with neat and clear audio, and professional video. The recording and editing processes will take place on the same platform, and you will have full control over the material. Podcastle guarantees exceptionally high audio quality, which you could test by clicking on the Hear The Difference button on the video recording page.

In addition to this, to give your videos an advanced look and create a highly professional impression, you can implement Podcastle’s audio-to-speech transcription tool. This will automatically generate subtitles based on the audio material you upload to the platform.

For all your efforts, Podcastle will respond with valuable video content you can proudly share on your desired platforms. Webinars are no longer difficult or complicated. They are now as simple as one click on Podcastle!

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