10 Podcasts You Should Listen To Before Packing for Travel

Exploring foreign countries with that diverse nature and culture isn’t always possible for different reasons. Travel podcasts will teach you the skills and give you the confidence to get wherever you want to make amazing adventures. In addition to destinations, you’ll also learn some helpful tips about what to do when things go wrong and about the best places to travel solo. There are a lot of travel-related podcasts over there, but not all of them are binge-worthy. Here is our pick of the 10 best travel podcasts covering everything related to traveling to get inspiration, motivation, and practical information.

1. Zero To Travel

Zero To Travel is one of the podcasts that will get you into long-term traveling, after which you’ll figure out that you can travel on a tight budget if you need to. This podcast is hosted by affable Jason Moore, with more than 15 years of traveling the world under his belt. Jason uncovers a myriad of ways that you can travel no matter what your financial circumstances. He delves into how you can travel long term by becoming location independent with your work. Jason interviews fellow travelers who have figured out clever ways to hit the road. Tune in to this podcast if you want to know how to travel for free, what are the best budget travel strategies, backpacking, how to plan your next epic adventure.

2. The Travel Diaries

If you want to learn about other travelers, check out this podcast. You’ll get the back story from fascinating guests, from famous TV stars to travel editors of huge publications, about their most memorable travel experiences with host Holly Rubenstein, entertainment and travel journalist. During each episode, the host goes through her list of travel-related questions, which are always guaranteed to give its listeners a real feel of each guest’s travel likes and dislikes and induce serious wanderlust.

3. Extra Pack Of Peanuts

The Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast is hosted by engaging host Travis. He offers simple escapism to cities around the world, talking about everything from the food, people, and unforgettable experiences, providing a spark of wanderlust. He makes top lists of the best breweries, where to get the best ice cream in Philadelphia, and lots of other travel-related places. He always tries to give his listeners a more intimate knowledge about destinations that they cover.

4. Armchair Explorer

The podcast is hosted by award-winning travel writer and journalist Aaron Milla. This engaging show takes you around the world to explore exciting adventures and introduces some interesting cultures that you may not get a chance to see for yourself. Plus, it has beautifully produced storytelling. From the Himalayas to Tibet, visiting the most dangerous countries around the world with Drew Binsky, hiking across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo with explorer Mario Rigby, these unique stories are so inspiring and motivating, and the way Aaron Milla interviews his guests make listeners feel as they are experiencing these mind-blowing adventures alongside them.

5. Explore The World Travel Podcast

Explore the world with travel blogger, writer, photographer Matt Long’s weekly travel podcast. New episodes are released each week on all things related to adventures across the world. This podcast series range from different destination reviews to interviews with travel experts giving useful travel tips for all types of travel - from unique shopping experiences around the world to dark tourism around the world.

6. Amateur Traveler

Amateur Traveler is an award-winning and one of the most popular and longest-running travel podcasts hosted by entrepreneur Chris Christensen. With more than seven hundred episodes, if you are going someplace and want to get an on-the-ground idea on where to eat, what to do, the Amateur Traveler is your podcast. It’s a weekly audio podcast and a twice-monthly video podcast showcasing hundreds of travel destinations.

7. Jump With Traveling Jackie

Jump With Traveling Jackie podcast is one of the most popular travel podcasts with its most engaging host Jackie. She explores travel, adventure, lifestyle in the mix of solo and guest interviews. You feel like you’re eavesdropping in on a nice conversation. She focuses on off-the-beaten-track travel highlighting tips.

8. The Big Travel Podcast

The Big Travel Podcast is hosted by Lisa Francesca Nand. In each episode, the host explores the lives of her guests through their personal travel experiences, digging deep into unique stories, some of which are really down-to-earth, while others are about being pushed out of their comfort zone. Among guests, there are politicians, journalists, celebrities, etc.

9. Greetings From Somewhere

Greetings From Somewhere travel podcast is hosted by Zach Mack. He is road-tripping through America, taking his listeners on a fascinating journey through the country’s most attractive destinations. Tune in and learn about the newest and best places to go as well as not to go. Find out what’s happening and get the latest trends in travel, plus travel tips and deals to help you make the most of your future travels.  

10. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, launched in March 2016, is hosted by Amanda Kendle. In every episode, she interviews two or three fellow travelers regarding a specific topic sharing their travel experiences, delving deep into stories about meeting locals, talking about slow travel, tackling foreign languages, getting lost, and anything related to travel.

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