Preparing for Vacation? Check Out the Top Travel Podcasts to Go Around the World

Traveling is a perfect way to better understand and contribute to the world, have a great rest, and change your reality for a short period. Nevertheless, planning a trip is a process that needs proper preparation, from packing like a pro to finding a cheaper ticket and hotel to optimizing each vacation day. With our daily routine and busy schedules, it is hard to find free time to do detailed research and check all the ins and out of each country. And here podcasts come in. With the help of travel podcasts, you can learn various stories about exotic travel from amateur and professional travelers, tips on how to manage a trip to a specific country, visa arrangements, detailed sightseeing, get advice on making great photos, get information on finding cheaper flights, accommodations, and tour packages, and more. Because of Covid restrictions traveling has become stricter recently, and travel podcasts will take you away from reality to a world of adventure and exploration. By listening to a travel podcast, you can have a new experience in a new country each day while driving a car or doing your household chores. Podcastle has researched and picked up the best travel podcasts that will inspire your wanderlust.

1. Let’s Go together

Let’s Go Together is a travel + leisure podcast that celebrates diversity in travel. The host Kellee Edwards is an award-winning travel expert, scuba diver, licensed pilot, TV host, and a great adventurer who has visited more than 50 countries. During the weekly episodes, you can hear from various expert travelers with different stories, tips for each country, and tricks.

2. The TravelPulse Podcast

Hosted by Executive Editor Eric Bowman, this travel podcast will provide you with helpful information on the latest trending topics concerning the travel industry. While listening to this TravelPulse Podcast, you'll learn everything and more about the best tips for online booking, the future of guided tours, the dos and don'ts of animal tourism, high-ranked hotels and tours, and much more.

3. Travel with Rick Steves

When it comes to European travel, Rick Steves is the leading authority with his travel podcast Travel with Rick Steves. This travel podcast aims to inform, inspire, and equip people to have European trips that are affordable, culturally broadening, and fun. This helpful podcast features European guidebooks, DVDs, maps, travel consulting, and trip planning services.  

4. The Trip

The full title of this travel podcast is The Trip: Drinking with Exceptional People Around the World ."What could be better than conversations with excellent, innovative, and funny people over drinks? The concept is exciting, the superb title, and the episodes are endlessly fascinating. The host Nathan Thornburgh is a fan of slow travel. Listeners can experience a deep dive into the food and charms of Chiang Mai, sparkling winemaking in Catalan, Tijuana's creative revolution, the art and wine of Porto, and discussions on high-profile foodies from around the world and more.


5. Atlas Obscura

The Atlas Obscura is another excellent travel podcast that will take you to incredible, wonderful, and strange places in our world. If you are interested in unusual, esoteric, and exotic aspects of travel, this show is for you. From Monday to Thursday, during the short episodes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a hilarious journey and meet various fascinating people, and hear their stories.

6. Women Who Travel

It all started from the Facebook group, where women discussed different traveling topics and shared their stories and advice. It is an excellent travel podcast with a perfect supportive community and resource that embraces women on travel with helpful tips and tricks. The hosts of Women Who Travel, Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu go deep into various traveling topics, which is great to know before packing.

7. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

This travel podcast, hosted by Jackie Nourse, recently reached up to a million downloads. Jackie talks about everything from photography to travel budget, from sponsorship to hotels. Jump with Traveling Jackie will inspire you with exciting topics like camera packing tips for professional adventure photographers, learning languages before traveling, etc. If you are an enthusiastic adventurer, check out this travel podcast.

8. This Week in Travel

This Week in Travel, hosted by Gary Arndt and Jen Leo, delivers weekly discussions on the travel industry and travel news with leading travel podcasters, writers, and bloggers. When traveling guidelines are continuously changing, this travel podcast provides essential information about what’s going on in the travel world.

9. Travel Tales Podcast

During this lighthearted travel podcast, the comedian Mike Siegel highlights the best and worst parts that offer traveling. Siegel chats with a different guest to hear their true travel tales worldwide in each episode.

10. The World Nomads

The World Nomads is another excellent travel podcast for travelers who like testimonials and real-life stories about the unique parts of the world. You will discover more than you can imagine by listening to these exciting travel podcasts.

We've revealed the top 10 travel podcasts for each type of traveler, from beach hoppers and fastidious foodies to packing freaks and culture buffs.

Have a nice trip!

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Good Luck!

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