AI Terms of use

These Terms and Podcastle's Terms and Conditions apply to your use of Podcastle’s Revoice/service. By using it, you agree to Podcastle’s collection and use of your biometric data – voiceprint, in accordance our Privacy Policy.

Your Rights to the Content generated by the Revoice:

You own and you are responsible for the content you input/record (Your Input/Your Record) using the Revoice. You also own and are responsible for the content /output generated by the Revoice (Your Output/Your Content). You are responsible for the use of Your Input and Output, including for generating, editing, privately saving, publicly using, sharing, or otherwise making it available to others. You shall not use the tool and Your Input and/or Output in any manner that may violate any Intellectual Property, Privacy, Publicity or other rights, or may lead or result in unlawful and/or harmful Output and conduct.

You understand and acknowledge that due to developing nature of AI technologies, the generated Output and its use may create risks of misuse and unwanted exposure. You acknowledge that you will use Your Output at your own risk and shall not share it with third parties that may misuse it, or use it for harmful, unethical, and/or illegal purposes. You must keep and protect Your Output from unauthorized use at all times. If such unauthorized use of your Output takes place, you may notify us a [email protected].

Your Output is generated and provided to you “As Is”: Podcastle does not warrant or make any representation that Your Output is fit for a particular purpose, and Podcastle is not liable for any claim that is related to or arising out of Your Output’s use.

We may use Your Output to improve the service and your experience, and we may use it for research and further development of the tool.