Top 5 Voice Actor Tips For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

Voice acting is your most remarkable talent and your favorite hobby but you are still a beginner in recording voiceovers? If you need some valuable tips on how to record and edit your first voiceovers, how to sound better in your projects, and get acquainted with some important tricks, continue reading this article.

Let’s start.

Some vocal warm-ups to sound better

When preparing to record a new voiceover, make sure to do some vocal warm-ups. Breathing exercises, tongue twisters, etc. are several good examples of vocal warm-ups that can keep your voice in shape. Even a few minutes will give good results. Warm-ups are especially crucial if you feel tense and your voice lets you down.

How to Do Breathing Exercises?

Stand in a comfortable position, inhale deeply, and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Then, exhale deeply and hold for another 5 seconds. Repeat this a few times and you’re done.

How to Do Tongue Twisters?

As for tongue twisters, concentrate especially on a letter or a voice you have trouble with. For expert pronunciation, exercise for different troublesome letters. You’ll find thousands of tongue twisters on the Internet, but here are some examples for you:

1) Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
2) She sells seashells by the seashore
3) Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?
4) Near an ear, a nearer ear, a nearly eerie ear

Some More Tips for a Good Voice

1) Stretch your throat, and try smiling and yawning at the same time.
2) Keep yourself hydrated: drink enough water and try to avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol that will dry your mouth. Water will help you decrease the mucus as well. Don’t drink too much water though, as you may feel bloated and uncomfortable while you record.
3) Never underestimate proper sleep or you’ll sound sleepy in your voiceovers.

More acting classes

Voice acting is not only about reading texts with a powerful or funny voice - it is almost the same as acting but without the stage. You must gain good acting skills and proper technique to be able to voiceover for different characters and projects. Hire an acting coach, and take some acting classes, then you will notice how your skills have changed for the better.

Ready to record a masterpiece?

After you have done some game-changing exercises and got relaxed, make sure you are technically ready to record a great voiceover.

If you are a beginner, there are some starting tips you should know; how to sit, how to find a comfortable position for a long recording, etc.

While recording a voiceover, even the way you sit or stand will influence the way you sound.

Basically, one of the best positions to record a clear voiceover is standing. But if you record some long projects, standing might feel exhausting. So sit in a comfortable posture, and make sure you have that feeling of an open rib cage when you can speak and breathe comfortably without making an effort.

Another important thing for a clear recording is your professional equipment. Get the best headphones and microphone you can afford. Do a little research and check which type and model of headphones and microphone is the best for a convenient recording.

Then, remember to put your microphone right in front of your computer screen or use a stand to hold your scripts while you record. This will help reduce voice vibrations and will adjust your voice volume.

Learn from the professionals

Never underestimate the power of learning from professional voice actors. When you have free time, pick some voiceovers from your favorite actors and listen to them. Try to repeat after them, concentrate on their technique, and gain some insights about how they deliver different parts of the script and how they sound in different roles.

Choosing a trustworthy and smart tool: Podcastle!

A good software tool for voice recording is the voiceover artist’s best friend. Finding a smart and multifunctional tool is half of the work done. So, we invite you to test Podcastle - an all-in-one audio recording and editing software, that helps artists perfect their sound without technical skills or heavy equipment.

And, there is also a magic trick; Podcastle has AI voices that can read the text instead of you. Fred, Vincent, Sunshine, and other AI speakers from Podcastle are ready to voice over any script provided by you!

Well, let’s explore everything in more detail.

Record and Edit With Ease!

Good news! You don’t need to go to a studio anymore - your studio is with you everywhere. You just need your laptop and a quiet place. Recording voiceovers and creating new projects with Podcastle is easy as ABC - just a few clicks and you have your raw material.

Additionally, Podcastle has AI-powered smart tools for quick editing. For example, if you used too many filler words in your voice-over, Podcastle has a filler word detection that will save you time and eliminate redundant expressions from the recording.

You can also remove the background noise in a few clicks - it’s just a matter of minutes to get a clear recording. The silence removal tool is another great option to make your voiceover flawless. To do the final touch, choose the Magic dust tool and get an incredible quality for your recording.

Try Podcastle Now!

Ask Vincent to Speak Instead of You, or Fred, or Sunshine

Don’t have enough time to record a voiceover from scratch but still need it done?Choose an AI option, one of the gifts of modern technology. With Podcastle’s Revoice function, you can type or paste a text inside Podcastle's dashboard, and then choose any of the available voices to read the text.

The pasted text will be turned into speech with the selected voice in a few seconds. You have an AI-generated voiceover - it sounds amazing with no effort at all.

Final thoughts

Plan your recording, relax and go create a cool project. Don’t worry - your favorite voice actors were all newbies once. We hope our tips will help you record and edit good material - so keep these in your mind and never stop trying. Good luck creating a masterpiece!

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