Want to Get Smarter? Here are Our Top Smartest Podcasts For 2021

Whether you want to grow your professional business skills or just want to dive into universe-related topics, we've got you covered. There is literally a podcast about everything, but it can be challenging to find an amazing show which you can binge on the weekends.

We have gathered our list of the top smartest podcasts you'd like to listen to.

Stuff You Should Know

This is an award-winning podcast show having more than 1K episodes, including topics but not limited to the use of MDMA to treat mental illness, Ouija boards, alligators, asteroid mining, space hurricanes, the mystery of the Grand Canyon, and much more. Stuff You Should Know is one of the most popular podcasts ever and has grown beyond the podcast to include a video series. So if you are interested in this kind of topic, then look no further; this podcast can be a great start on your way to getting smarter.

Science Vs

Science Vs podcast is from Gimlet Media that pits facts against everything else, finding out what's a fact, what's not, and what's somewhere in between.

UFOs, Snake Bite Cures, Magic Mushroom, Supervolcanoes, Astrology—these are just a few of the topics covered in weekly shows from Science VS. The goal of each episode is to replace any preconceived notions you have with hard science.

Part-Time Genius

Part-Time Geniuses Will and Mangesh dive into ridiculous topics and find out pretty smart stuff along the way. They take you through a world of fascinating questions. It wades into topics you didn't know you were curious about, like Ninjas, the hidden secrets at the Vatican, the Secret Rules of the Royal Family, and even the Correct way for a Queen to eat a banana.

Science Rules! with Bill Nye

At one point we've all wondered why the sun is yellow, what causes the waves in the ocean or are there other universes. Well Bill Nye is on his mission to change the world reminding us why science rules! Bill and science writer Corey Stevenson Powell take our curliest questions on anything in the unverse you can't even imagine and answer those questions inspiring all of us to believe in science as power and possibility.

If you're a scientist, you may be surprised by Mind the Graph visual solutions. Illustrate any topic or subject you need by browsing through the world's largest scientifically accurate illustration gallery - curated by scientists and researchers.

99% Invisible

The show's name was derived from a quote by Buckminster Fuller that, "Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable." With his show Roman Mars focuses unnoticed and overlooked parts of architecture and design, showing that design is everywhere in our lives.

The 99% Invisible show invites us to ponder over all the thought that goes into the architecture of things we don't really think about.

Business Wars

There is a broad spectrum of different kinds of business podcasts. When it comes to stories about businesses, the first podcast on our list that comes into play is Business Wars. Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes between giants like Netflix vs. HBO, Nike vs. Adidas, or the 'Blood Feud' between Coke and Pepsi, Business Wars goes into the companies themselves to kind of get a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in these battles of the century for our attention.

Dear HBR

There is another business-related podcast on our list - Dear HBR. It's produced by the people over at Harvard Business Review, which comes relatively highly recommended. And that one's really focused more on the workplace, whether you're a manager, a leader, or just a driven professional that wants to get the most out of your workplace environment. So they'll dive into things like how do I approach an unapproachable boss, how to really get the most out of your coworkers, how to inspire your team when morale is low, and many other practical things like that with a unique spin on it. So if you're looking to sharpen your skills in the workplace or as a manager, definitely recommend Dear HBR.

The School of Greatness

What comes to interview shows - everyone seems to have an interview show, but a few are doing it really well.

The 1st one is The School of Greatness, and it's a podcast that's really filled with the who's who of guests, people like Kobe Bryant, people like Tony Robbins. Lewis is a fantastic interviewer with a knack for just pulling gems out of his guests. You'll never be disappointed listening to an episode of The School of Greatness podcast.


The other interview podcast on our list is a little different from what is considered to be an interview podcast, and that podcast is Peripheral, which hists Justin. He covers a wide range of what we consider taboo topics, things that you normally don't talk about in polite dinner conversations. He can really draw out people's expressions and stories and tell them in a way that's respectful to the person who went through the worst day of their life while also making it really engaging. Not your typical interview podcast, but definitely something that can become your next favorite podcast.

Well, as per scientists, genetics indeed have an influence over our level of intelligence at the time of birth. However, your attitude and behavior make a more tremendous difference. It is possible to become much smarter through your commitment if you devote yourself to developing your own brain.

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