Top 4 Podcast Classes in 2022 [with bonus free guide]

Are you interested in  starting a podcaster's career?
We understand you perfectly, as podcasting is trending!

Firstly, it's becoming increasingly demanded globally. In 2021 alone, around 222 million Americans responded that they were aware of podcasts, and around 80 million of them listened to podcasts weekly (check more podcast statistics here).
Secondly, the podcasting industry has a low entry barrier. It's considered one of the most  low-cost mediums, as the modern audio recording and editing tools cut down the costs  of expensive podcast equipment.
So, if your eyes light up when you imagine having your own podcasting channel, you're halfway there. A genuine passion for podcasting is one of the key success factors. Digging further, you need to learn some podcaster tips & tricks to make your debut in the podcasting world genuinely striking. And here, we are going to help you! We've collected the top podcast classes that will teach you the ins and outs of this medium in simple language.

Note: the below courses do not include Udemy classes that you can find yourself with a few taps. We're focused on revealing the podcast classes from top podcasters, who proved they know what they teach in practice.

#1 Power-Up Podcasting by Pat Flynn

Payment: $ 799
Structure: Seven distinct course stages
Bonus: weekly office hours with Pat Flynn

Access the course here
Pat Flynn has been into podcasting starting from 2010. Back then, he launched his first successful show, "Smart Passive Income Podcast," which is consistently ranked on the list of top business podcasts on iTunes. Besides, he is the author of 4 other trending shows, including "AskPad Podcast", "All of Your Beeswax", "Foodtruckr Podcast", "1-Day Business Breakthrough". As you might guess,  in Power-Up Podcasting Pat is offeringall his rich experience and  giving thorough guidance to starter podcasters. The course includes lessons about all aspects of podcasting, from the pre-launch stage to post-publishing practices like SEO optimization of the show. At first sight, you might think the price is a bit higher compared to other podcast classes. However, this one-time investment will make you kickstart your career without any additional podcast training. So, we highly recommend you to check out the course.

#2 Proffitt Podcasting by Krystal

Payment: $ 197
Structure: 4 modules
Bonus: Tech Library, Social Media Strategies Masterclass

Access the course here
If you have no clue where you should start your podcasting entrepreneurship, Krystal is up for helping you. She had three kids and almost no career when she started trying herself in audio content creation. So, she's definitely someone who knows how to start from scratch and nail it!

As you take Proffitt podcast production classes, you learn podcast creation ropes in the following separate modules.

-- Laying a podcast foundation, where you learn the essentials of your show's branding, such as choosing the podcast format, title, etc.

-- Creating the podcast content guides you through the tech aspects of podcasting, such as choosing the right software, recording and editing the audio, etc.

-- Launching a podcast is all about choosing the launch date and publishing the show with the appropriate podcast description.

-- Marketing the podcast, where you learn that publishing the podcast is not the end of the battle, you need to apply promotional techniques to your show.

The course has a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is ideal for testing it.

#3 Podcasters' Paradise by John Lee Dumas

Payment: $ 97 monthly, $997 yearly
Structure: Podcast journal + access to video materials + networking
Bonus: Monthly live Q&A with John Lee

Access the course here
Podcasters' Paradise offers a unique format of podcast training. It's not a one-time course you buy and get everything at once. Instead, Podcasters' Paradise is a community where you can receive ongoing support and training for any duration you want.

You can join the community with a monthly or yearly plan and get regular training materials such as:

-- Podcast journal shipped to your home
-- Podcasting resources and templates
-- Video tutorials
-- Live Q&A with Podcasters' Paradise hosts

Investing in this podcast course will provide you with support in the initial stages of your podcasting journey. Some shows might take months to succeed, while others might require a year or more. In this regard, having constant support in your all day-to-day podcasting practices is invaluable. If you don't feel it will fit your needs, you can test the community for 30 days and have a 100% money-back guarantee.

#4 Podcast Production Course by Mike Russell

Payment: $ 695 one-time
Structure: 10 segments
Bonus: Podcast Pro Presets v3.0

Access the course here
Mike has been working in UK radio starting from 1990. So, he has a vibrant portfolio of audio productions, with  his most favorite part beingpost-production. By joining the course, you will learn all the main steps in podcast production and distribution. However, the main emphasis of the podcast course is on getting the highest possible audio quality through accurate editing. There are ten main segments inside the podcast training. You will go through the stages of pre-recording, software and hardware usage, recording and post-production, etc. Mike will teach you the essentials of having the most competitive sounding for your podcast. You will learn the best way to organize the podcast setup before recording and get recommendations regarding the equipment you should use. The only cons here is that there is no opportunity to talk with Mike and ask questions directly. However, the detailed video tutorials make podcasting dead simple for podcasters of any level.

Check the course now.

#bonus Podcastle's FREE Complete Guide on Podcasting

Payment: Free
Structure: 10 blocks
Bonus: Free audio recording and editing software

Access the guide here
As we've promised in the beginning, here is a bonus step-by-step FREE guide on starting a podcast. In this detailed guide, we cover every single step you need to start a podcast:

  • The podcasting industry analysis
  • Defining purpose for your podcast
  • Choosing a podcast topic
  • Picking up the suitable podcast format
  • Coming up with a catchy podcast name
  • Designing some cool podcast graphics
  • Writing the script for the first show
  • Audio recording absolutely for free
  • Audio editing absolutely for free
  • Publishing the first episode

The guide is ideal if you don't want to break the bank on advanced courses yet but want to understand the industry thoroughly. In fact, if you're tech-savvy, this guide could even help you successfully launch your first show without additional podcast classes. On top of that, you can learn how to use Podcastle's user-friendly interface for audio recording and editing for free. That's an excellent opportunity for a starting podcaster to launch a show without any investments, so wait no longer and check the guide now!

To wrap up

It's one of the best times to start a career in podcasting, as the industry is becoming more and more popular. Meanwhile, there is a wide availability of resources that help you kickstart your career without heavy investments. So, if becoming a pro podcaster is included in your 2022's wish list, it's high time to go for it!

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