Top 10 Accounting Podcasts for Professional Accountants

It is very tough to find free time to absorb valuable news and insights in this fast-moving world. Podcasts are the most efficient way to provide art, entertainment, information, and, most importantly, education. Accounting is not an exception. Fortunately, multiple accounting podcasts on the internet will be helpful for everyone interested in accounting. It could be a student, who wants to go deep and listen to different experts after the lectures, or a professional accountant, that wants to keep up with the latest updates while driving home or running in the morning. The accounting podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including trending ones like cryptocurrency and blockchain and complex ones like tax. Listening to an accounting podcast, you will get inspired and motivated by people who have already passed their way and have experience listening to their tips and tricks on achieving success. The best advantage of accounting podcasts is that you can learn the latest news and updates, listen to professional experts and be part of a discussion while doing your daily work. Podcasts' entertaining and concise content will make your listening exciting and accessible. Today the Podcastle team has selected the best accounting podcasts that will immensely help you enlarge your skills and take you to a higher level.

1. CFO Weekly

If you want to collect an efficient account team that will focus on your business and strategy growth, the CFO Weekly podcast will be your right choice. This accounting podcast is hosted by Personiv, a suitable solution for all your accounting needs. Listening to CFO Weekly, you will participate in different discussions with the industry veterans who will share their experiences and show you how to establish efficiency, streamline accounting processes, move to data-driven models, and more. You will go deep in order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, record-to-report, transactions, cost-saving models, and more.

2. Grow My Accounting Practice

Another beneficial accounting podcast is Grow My Accounting Practice. This podcast is dedicated to bookkeepers and accountants who are eager to grow their practice. The hosts, Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan, dive deep into the theory and steps needed to grow your practice and reach success. The podcast explores such topics as management, hiring, sales, marketing, pricing, and more. They aim to give you business skills to drive your accounting skills correctly. So, tune in to enlarge your practice.

3. Cloud Accounting Podcast

One of the most popular accounting podcasts is Cloud Accounting Podcast. During their weekly episodes, the hosts David Leary and Blake Oliver will provide the news roundup about the latest accounting technologies. During an hour, you will dive deep into such topics as remote work and cloud tools, online sales and marketing, accounting app updates and features, modern practice, emerging tech, cryptocurrency, and much more. You will have the opportunity to join the leader of client accounting services (CAS), VCFO practices, and outsourced accounting practices. If you are a professional, this podcast is a must to listen to stay updated on the current and latest industry trends.  


4. Accounting Influencers Podcast

Accounting Influencers Podcast is one of the top accounting podcasts that will grow your knowledge immensely. The hosts Rob Brown and Martin Bissett provide best practices, critical insights, market intelligence, and occasional rants of the accounting world. Each episode features engaging interviews with accounting top leaders, influencers, experts, advisors, coaches who will teach, advise, inspire and train you. The topics include winning work, talent, culture, sales, growth, digital, leadership, cloud, trends, strategy, performance, and more. The hosts discuss such questions as differentiation, trends/stats, career/talent, futureproofing, etc. New episodes come out every Monday. So, if you want to gain more accounting and fintech skills and stay informed, you should tune in to this podcast.

5. Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

The host of this accounting podcast Steve Bragg is the founder of AccountingTools, Inc. He is the author of courses and around 160 business books, including bestsellers The CFO Guidebook, Cost Accounting Fundamentals, Payroll Management, etc. The Accounting Best Practice Podcast provides essential information on a wide range of business subjects like controls, financing technology, and more. The short episodes are full of helpful information for those who want to know short about the most important. This podcast has already been downloaded around five mln times.

6. The GBS Masterminds Podcast

The GBS leaders created this accounting podcast because they wanted to build effective, shared services functions and help others to figure it out. The HighRadius CEO Sashi Narahari interviews professional BGS leaders to share their learnings, stories, and experiences every two weeks. They go deep and explore why some global services work and have massive value, and the others stop just a few months later, what leads the people to those functions and how and much more. During the 18-minute lasting episodes, you will have the answers to your essential questions.

7. PwC's Accounting Podcast Series

This accounting podcast features PwC specialists who discuss the most pressing accounting, financial, and regulatory reporting issues. The host, Heather Horn, dives deep into different topics like revenue standards to CECL, Libor rate replacement, new leases, and more. He gives the listeners the essential takeaways to stay informed on the latest accounting matters. Listening to PwC's Accounting Podcast Series podcast, you will remain current in this rapidly changing business world.

It’s never late to learn something new. So, next time you are on a long commute or have some free time to yourself, check out a new accounting podcast. You will gain more knowledge and discover new tips that will restructure your practice.

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