Top 10 Podcasting Blogs for 2022

Podcasting blogs are a great way to connect podcasters with the most up-to-date tricks and strategies and news from industry experts. Some newbie podcasters might not take advantage of the written words found on the best podcasting blogs. Others include articles and blog posts in their episodes to reinforce their message and attract more listeners through improved SEO. Some podcasters may simply use the transcripts from each new episode for a Q&A post, while others will go through the process of editing the transcripts to create an instructive essay with tips and tricks. All formats have their own set of benefits, but it's up to you to find out which type of content will perform effectively for your brand, voice, and podcast topic. Podcasting blogs may provide helpful information about challenges that podcasters frequently confront. You can find a blog for almost every aspect of podcasting, whether you want to be in the know on monetization strategies, uncover fresh material, or get suggestions for gear and associated equipment. We've collected some of the top blogs you need to follow for great podcasting information.

1. Podcastle is not only one of the best podcast mediums where you can create and edit a show from the very start, but it's also one of the most informative podcasting blogs where you will find top-notch updates on podcast topics.

Whether you're looking for podcast apps to listen to your favorite shows or if you're wondering how to find your podcast ranking,  Podcastle is the best choice for you.

2. The Buzzsprout

This is a podcasting blog that beginner and experienced podcasters can use. Buzzsprout provides tools and recommendations for podcasters to expand their audience. The blog examines how podcasters may track their programs' growth and monetize their material. Buzzsprout seeks to help podcasters develop their chosen expertise by providing frequent material updates for podcasters to learn the newest in the field.

3. Fizzle

The blog offers practical advice on doing meaningful work and building an audience. Fizzle will assist you in learning more about creative entrepreneurs and their business skills. You won't have to worry about pricey and inefficient money-making programs and courses since these podcast writers make sure to discuss unique ways to start a business in a fun, engaging, and educational manner.

4. Backtracks

Backtracks is focused on podcast advertising and analytics. Backtracks will give you an idea of how podcasts and companies interact. The blog provides easy-to-implement ad campaign strategies for companies targeting the proper market. Following Backtracks podcast blog will provide you with insights into the client-side of podcast marketing, budgeting for your podcast ad campaign, and measuring your podcast advertising ROI.

5. Transistor

The blog is full of interesting ideas and information for podcasters. It provides monthly updates on new features for new users as well as general advice on staying ahead of the competition. Transistor's Blog is a must-read for beginners, with a simple 5-step guide on starting a podcast and advice on the finest equipment to use in the field.

6. Castos

Providing its Private Podcasting Solution feature, Castos is one of the top podcasting hosting providers with information on private podcasting. You can also find the basic steps to carry out on the blog before starting a podcast, such as developing a podcasting business plan, episode ideas, and the finest podcast mics. Castos automates podcast transcription so that podcasters may reach a larger audience.

7. The Podcast Host

This blog will teach you all you need to know about podcasting. You will discover current news on podcasting as well as valuable resources for podcasters and listeners. The Podcasting Host has decades of expertise in the podcasting industry and is well-versed in all aspects of producing a successful podcast. The Podcast Host's articles are undoubtedly valuable for those seeking knowledge on the technology, the tactics, the growth, or anything else related to podcasting.

8. School of Podcasting

Being one of the greatest podcasting blogs, School of Podcasting will teach you the fundamentals of podcasting and how to avoid the most typical mistakes. The blog covers everything from planning, producing, and promoting. There are also articles about the tools and strategies you may use when recording your podcast. School of Podcasting contains detailed information on anything from how to start a podcast blog to how to expand your show in simple steps.

9. Podcaster's Studio

Being one of the top podcasting blogs, it has a lot of industry insights. But what gave it an advantage are the video tutorials included in the Blog. Podcasters' Studio provides tutorials and articles on podcast processes, such as how to record, edit, post, and promote podcasts. With this blog, you'll learn how to establish and host your own show in no time. It also keeps you posted on the newest podcasting news and offers unique perspectives on various podcasting topics.

10. The Audacity to Podcast

The blog provides podcasters with valuable tools and ideas for creating an audience, constructing podcast strategy, and marketing tactics. You can find here articles on how to get started, what software to use, what equipment to use, and various other topics relating to podcasting. If you're having trouble with the more challenging aspects of podcasting, it's helpful to have someone who understands the area well and can break it down for you.


While you can surely find many other blogs on the internet, this was our list of the best podcasting blogs you need to follow if you want to improve your content or remain up to speed on all podcasting aspects.

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